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  • 2014 Toyota 4Runner (3" lift, 34" tires)
Colorado native who's always looking to explore new territory whether it's in Colorado or outside of it. My 4Runner is mainly built for "overlanding" but I usually find myself doing day-trips on trails with fun and challenging obstacles. Follow me on Instagram! @squatch.patrol

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2014 Toyota 4Runner

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Beaver Ridge (10/15/2022)
Easy trail with some great views. The only important thing to note is that at Waypoints 3 & 8, the Forest Service has put up barricades that close off a good portion of the trail. I'm not sure if it's a seasonal thing for wildlife (I did see a nice bull moose at Waypoint 3) or if it's permanent but I was bummed to not be able to go through the water crossings and explore the entire area. Also, parked in one of the campsites was a guy doing some target shooting and not only was he shooting across the beaver ponds (illegal), he didn't pick up any of his brass either. Don't be like that guy. Leave places cleaner than you found them.
Paradise Divide (09/27/2022)
Beautiful trail with incredible views but I'm confused by the rating; I saw several minivans and small crossovers that had no issues doing the whole thing. It's basically just a dirt road with the occasional bump or two. There were good opportunities for camping with most campsites being occupied even on a Monday (probably because I was here during peak fall-color season). I ended up camping somewhere else and still had some incredible views and solitude.
Schofield Pass (09/26/2022)
Ran this from Crystal over to Crested Butte and after waiting for an ATV rollover to clear (everyone was fine), I had a great time. I'm surprised that the obstacle right next to Devil's Punchbowl isn't listed on here (you can see the easier part of it in Tracy's review below) and although I had an easy time getting over it, I think it's still worth knowing it's there (didn't take any pictures but it's about 100 yards after the bridge if you're coming from Crystal). There was quite a bit of debris at Waypoint 5 and I had to reposition myself several times to get over it. I did this trail on worn-out 285/70/17 tires (32.7" when new so mine are probably closer to 32" right now, maybe even smaller) with 3" of lift and going off of my experience, I would not recommend doing this trail unless you have one of the following: 1) Someone in front of you who can tow/winch you out if need be because if you don't make it over Waypoint 5, you'll have no choice but to back up or 2) A minimum of 3" of lift AND a minimum of new (or close to new) 285/70/17 tires. I ran this solo and knew it was going to be a challenge with my worn-out rubbers but it was still a fun, beautiful trail and I'm excited to do it again next year with my new, larger setup.
Daisy Pass Road (09/26/2022)
Short, fun, easy, beautiful trail with some good campsites (there are technically 7 campsites but sites 3, 4 & 5 are basically all in the same spot so there are more like 5 campsites in total). Paradise Divide sees lots of traffic so getting away from that and back into the hills a little further was nice.
Crystal City (09/26/2022)
Absolutely loved this trail, mostly because I have lived in CO my whole life and this was my first time visiting the Crystal Mill after seeing countless photos of it. Unfortunately the fall colors were nowhere near their peak yet but the views were still just as good as I thought they'd be. The trail itself was fun and easy on 15psi (I finished Crystal City and then went over Schofield Pass - see separate review for that).
Adams Lake (09/25/2022)
Short trail that leads up to a beautiful lake with a few campsites on the shore. The trail itself wasn't too challenging (the most challenging obstacle is at Waypoint 4 but you can go around it without leaving the trail - I opted to go straight over it and had no issues) but there are a couple obstacles that were still fun to play around on. NOTE: There's an obstacle between Waypoints 4 & 5 that isn't shown in the trail guide but it's not difficult - it's pretty similar to Waypoint 4 and is immediately after it.
Blair Mountain (09/25/2022)
I'll be honest...I think other reviews have hyped this one up a bit too much. In regards to the terrain, there wasn't really anything challenging; it's mostly just bumpy/rocky with maybe one or two places that require choosing a line a little more carefully (Waypoints 11 & 13 specifically). In regards to the views, there are plenty of places where you can see for miles and miles and unfortunately I think I missed the peak fall colors by a week or two. What I really enjoyed was that it truly did feel very remote and like I was a long ways away from anything/anyone. I did half the trail in one day, camped for the night and then finished the trail the next morning and that was a fun way to split it up.
Coffee Pot Road (09/24/2022)
Lots of camping opportunities and spurs to adventure on. Some of the road is pretty wash-boarded but the majority of it is in good shape. I missed the peak fall colors by about a week or two but the views were still pretty good!
White Owl Lake (09/24/2022)
Easy trail with decent scenery but nothing mindblowing. There are a few campsites on this trail and they were mostly exposed/wide-open so if you want to camp here, make sure you bring a source of shade.
Webster Pass (09/11/2022)
Ran Webster this morning after camping nearby and didn’t run into anybody until after the summit (I ran it from the south to the north so I was going up the narrow portions). The entire trail is in great shape and the views are fantastic. I’ve now done Webster in both directions and I think going north to south is better (aside from having to back up the narrows should you have to - that would suck).
Beaver Creek (09/10/2022)
Easy trail with a few campsites. None of these easy trails are worth visiting on their own but if you’re killing time or looking for a place to camp to then hit Webster or Red Cone the next day, this is a great little network of trails.
North Beaver (09/10/2022)
Nothing special about this one. It’s a short, easy out-and-back with a couple of campsites at the beginning.
Upper Hall Valley (09/10/2022)
Easy trail but pretty rocky and bumpy; I aired down to 17psi and it was comfortable but still slow-going. Plenty of camping with the best site being the last one; it’s the only one that really offers any views.
Lininger Ditch (09/10/2022)
Nothing to really note about this one. It’s a little rocky but nothing difficult; just kind of annoying in a couple spots.
Lininger Cutoff (09/10/2022)
Extremely smooth, easy trail with a pretty good amount of dispersed campsites. The water crossing as of 9/10/22 was about 22” or 24” deep I’d say. I cruised through it in 4LO 2nd gear and had no issues.
Bear Town aka Kite Lake (08/30/2022)
Very fun trail that gets progressively harder as you go but I was easily able to make it up to the lake on wet (it was raining), worn-out 33" tires (probably closer to 32" as I write this). At Waypoint 9, the bushes lining the trail were a little overgrown so I received some nice pinstriping but other than this area, the trail isn't too narrow. The only downside (and this isn't even regarding the trail itself) to this trail was how much trash had been thrown into the lake; the water is amazingly clear so it was easy to see every piece of trash that some a******* threw in there.
Bolam Pass (08/29/2022)
The views at the top of this pass are pretty insane. Like other reviews have mentioned, there are lots of bugs! None seemed that interested in me (no mosquitoes or biting flies) but they were everywhere. It was also pretty windy but only at the top where the views were the best (which sucked because I was going to camp up there). I ended up finding a spot tucked into some trees that still offered great views and was not disappointed. Also, in the span of about three hours, about 12 whitetail deer went walking through my campsite which was pretty cool. Regarding the condition of the road, it's pretty smooth on the northwestern side but a little bit rougher and more obnoxious on the southeastern side (Purgatory side in other words).
Imogene Pass (08/29/2022)
Hands-down my favorite trail in the state. I've visited the San Juans in August for the last three years in a row and this trail hasn't changed much. I prefer to run it starting from Ouray/Yankee Boy as I think climbing the obstacles on the Ouray side is a lot more enjoyable than descending them. Once you start nearing the summit, there are some spots (Waypoint 11 specifically) where you can test your rig a little bit and take challenging lines if you'd like (the pictures don't really do this spot justice). My current tires (285/70's) are super worn so they didn't perform that great but next year I should be able to take any line without issue. Amazing trail that I always look forward to doing.
Gray Copper Gulch South (08/29/2022)
Incredibly short trail but if you're in the area, don't skip this one. It's fun, easy, has a couple of water crossings, one obstacle that was fun to try a couple of lines on (Waypoint 2) and feels pretty remote. When I was on this trail, the first campsite (right by Waypoint 2 and the small pond) was occupied and looked like a great spot. Some storms were rolling through which also made for some cool pictures.
Corkscrew Pass (08/28/2022)
Fun, easy, incredibly scenic trail. Rain was falling on and off while I was on this trail but all of the moisture added no difficulty. There are plenty of places to pass if need be and the scenery is what the San Juans are all about.
Owl Creek Pass (08/28/2022)
Nothing really special about this trail; however, driving it during peak fall-color season would be pretty stunning.
West Fork Cimarron River (08/27/2022)
Great trail with no real difficulty; if you don't bother to air down, expect to have a bumpy ride, though. I was in this area on a Saturday and was actually kind of surprised to see every single campsite occupied. The views are great the entire way and some of the campsites were great for small groups and huge groups alike.
East Fork Cimarron River (08/27/2022)
Easy dirt road with a couple of campsites and some scenery if you can spot it through the trees.
Middle Fork Cimarron River (08/27/2022)
Easy dirt road with a tooooon of people camping. If you're in this area to camp but want to be secluded, this isn't where you want to be. But, some of the sites offered some really good scenery of the surrounding jagged walls/cliffs.
Silver Jack Reservoir (08/27/2022)
Beautifully-maintained road with some great scenery. I was in this area during the last week of August but I would guess that just a few weeks later is when the fall colors would be at their peak so I'd like to come back next year. I'm giving it five stars for the scenery and the access it provides to other trails in the area.
Grizzly Gulch Road (08/13/2022)
As of 8/13/22, the avalanche blockage at Waypoint 10 is clear and I was able to go well past this point before being stopped by a boulder. The trail guide is pretty accurate in regards to the trail being difficult when wet. It was raining on me while I was out so even with my rear locker engaged, getting up and over the boulder with all the mud was a no-go. Also, expect to leave some paint behind on this trail; my 4Runner has seen better days after leaving here… All in all, fun trail with beautiful views and I would love to go back when there’s a little bit of snow on the ground as the scenery would be awesome.
Webster Pass (08/06/2022)
Easy trail with killer views. The shelf road on the south side is narrow in spots but I never felt nervous. Very fun trail to spend a day on and link with Red Cone if your vehicle can handle it.
Devil's Canyon (07/30/2022)
Fun trail that's close to Denver that makes for a solid few hours of exploring. There is also some good dispersed camping with good views of the surrounding mountains and most of the sites are far enough away from others that you won't have to worry about hearing your neighbors if you have any. As for the trail itself, the only real challenge was at Waypoint 13 but it's easy to get around the rock/drop-off if you so choose. I went right over it and didn't have any issues after spotting it and having good tire placement.
Shrine Pass (07/09/2022)
Short trail that has a few good campsites and some good views. If you're trying to decide on a place to camp for a weekend, I wouldn't make this trail a priority as, like I mentioned, it's very short and the likelihood of getting one of the good campsites is slim to none unless you arrive on a Thursday or something. For the most part, the trail is smooth with some rough sections but airing down would be unnecessary.
Chihuahua Gulch (07/03/2022)
Super fun trail that seems to have a little bit of everything from big rocks to open meadows to water crossings. The trail had a lot of hiking traffic on it from people wanting to hike up to Chihuahua Lake but it wasn't a big deal. There are some amazing campsites on this trail so if that's what you're looking for, you're in luck. As for the trail itself, there are some areas where choosing the right line is important; even with 33s and a 2.5" lift, I scraped a couple times (I felt like I was rushing it though because I was wanting to do more exploring in the area after running this trail so it was definitely my own fault). I'll definitely be back!
Warden Gulch (07/03/2022)
Fun little spur off of Peru Creek that takes you up pretty high and provides amazing views of the surrounding mountains.
Peru Creek (07/03/2022)
Very easy dirt road with some really good views driving through the valley. Having a few spurs (Warden Gulch, Chihuahua Gulch & Cinnamon Gulch) makes this area a lot of fun and I spent two days exploring/camping and had a good time. It was also pretty cool seeing some cars parked on top of Argentine Pass knowing I've been up there a few times and am usually looking down on the Peru Creek area!
Georgia Pass (07/02/2022)
Ran this trail on July 4th weekend opposite of the trail guide above (I started on the Jefferson/Fairplay side and made my way into the Golden Horseshoe area). There's a lot of camping on the south side of the trail but none of the spots were all that great. Once I got up to the top of the pass, the views were awesome and the trail got more fun once I started descending (I decided not to do SOB Hill because it was pouring rain). After making a pretty steep descent at Waypoints 14 & 15, there were some pretty cool campsites that unfortunately were already filled up. All in all, fun trail that I would do again if in the area!
Johnny Park Road (06/17/2022)
Fun trail! The obstacles weren't necessarily challenging but still provided a bit of fun (33" tires with a 2.5" lift for reference). I didn't need to use my rear locker but had a good time crawling around in 4LO. There was plenty of dispersed camping with some sites being barely large enough for a single vehicle and others being able to accommodate small groups. Overall, it is a trail I would definitely do again if I'm ever in the area and looking for something to kill some time on.
Pierson Park South (06/17/2022)
Fun trail to spend a couple of hours on but nothing too fun about it in the way of views and obstacles (given, I was out on a cloudy/rainy day so Meeker and Longs were a bit hidden unfortunately). Because the trail was just recently opened, I had to do some clearing of trees on the way in but unfortunately, the saw I keep with me was only large enough to remove one of the trees. I was able to cut a portion of the other tree and then had to drive over it. On the way back, I turned right at Waypoint 3 to do some exploring on USFS 325 and found a couple of nice campsites that could accommodate 3-4 vehicles. Overall, it's an easy trail and fun to kill some time on if you're in the area.
Gateway – Castleton Route (06/02/2022)
A very fun and scenic way to get from Utah to Colorado (or vice versa)!
Long Canyon (06/01/2022)
Fun, short trail with some really cool views and of course, the fun "tunnel" obstacle. I ran it the same way the trail guide shows and just after making it through the tunnel, I saw a Chevy Equinox coming the opposite way looking like they were probably just exploring the area. Not sure if they made it through the tunnel but if they did, they probably left some nuts and bolts behind... The tunnel has a couple rocks that are fun to drive over with no real way to bypass them (see Waypoint 5 pictures above) so I wouldn't attempt if you're not at least in a stock 4x4.
Gemini Bridges (06/01/2022)
Easy trail but man, some sections were super rocky and annoying (not difficult, just annoying). Stopped to go to the Gemini Bridges which is a cool area with some good views.