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2020 Jeep Gladiator

Lift Size: 2"
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Top of the World - Utah (11/26/2021)
The view is definitely worth the trip! My nephew in his stock Gladiator Rubicon made it with only a few scrapes on the skid plates and rear bumper. Went up and down the west side of the loop.
Imogene Pass (08/21/2021)
Busy as expected. Left Grand Junction at 8 am and ate lunch at the summit at noon.
Ophir Pass (08/21/2021)
Coming from Grand Junction over Imogene, then Ophir back into Ouray just in time for dinner. Great day loop trip from Grand Junction. The shelf road is always fun and I love the sound of the loose rocks on the self section.
U.S. Basin (08/14/2021)
I think the Yankee Girl Mine is the most facinating old mining structure in the San Juans. Any high-clearance, 4WD should be able to handle this fine. I never had to go into 4WD except to gear down going down the steep grades.