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  • 2019 Toyota 4Runner (3" lift, 34" tires)

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2019 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 34"
Fox DSC 2.5 with Tundra rears/ Dobinsons C59-701V/ SPC UCA C4 Lo Pro/ Warn VR Evo 10-S/ExtremeLED 30" X6S C4 Dual Swing Overland Bumper/ ExtremeLED 3" Scene lights LFD Flat Sliders w/ bump outs and fill plates TRD Front Skid ARB Dual Compressor w/ Manifold Sherpa Crestone Rago MSP's Rago Dash Mount ARB Diff Breathers

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Old Fall River Road (09/11/2022)
A scenic alternative route to the Alpine Visitor Center in RMNP. Road is in decent shape and is narrow in spots, some minor potholes and washouts to contend with as well. A lot of bikers and hikers out on this beautiful day. Make sure to stop and take the short walk to Chasm Falls, it's beautiful and highly worth it.
Weston Pass (09/04/2022)
Easy and scenic drive that gets progressively rougher (potholes/small rocks) as you head east. Camped on the east side and slept to the sounds of the creek down the hill. Colors were changing in sparse sections. Fall is here!
Taylor Pass (09/03/2022)
The trail immediately challenges you with the rocks, many of which are embedded in the middle of the trail. Line choices were important, even with decent lines I still scraped in some areas. The creek got pretty narrow in some spots with large rocks to roll over. Climbing out of the creek was moderately technical and required a spotter in the beginning. Once you arrive at the summit, it's a bumpy but picturesque decent into the valley. Overall a great challenging trail to cut your teeth on, especially if your rig is that of the overland variety.
Tincup Pass (09/02/2022)
Bumpy and scenic drive all the way to Tincup. Saw some moose in the willows before the summit push. Mirror lake crossing was low with no water on the trail.
Chair (08/27/2022)
Uneventful shortcut back to Painted Rocks Rd, a lot of campers and staged OHV tow vehicles. Picked up a decent amount of trash here which was annoying.
Lower Rule Creek Spur (08/27/2022)
Ran in reverse, crack hill was washed out and loose but doable. Beware of a massive and deep washout between WP5+6, not too far up after crack hill. I had to winch up after getting stuck in the loose dirt. Take great caution if traveling this trail as the guide depicts as you will be going downhill on the obstacle.
Ryan Gulch (08/27/2022)
Mellow drive through the woods with a nice meadow towards the end. There was a deep muddy hole at WP2 and some minor washouts you must straddle.
Right Trail (08/27/2022)
Scenic ridge top trail that winds its way down into the woods. Minorly washed out on the downhill sections and a little tight in places. Smaller OHV tracks can be seen leaving the trail and trespassing on private property. Stay the trail!
Upper Rule Creek Spur (08/18/2022)
Trail is banked and pretty narrow in spots on the descent to the creek. Badly washed out between WP4 + WP5, tire placement was extremely important. Overall a trail with decent views but has seen severe damage in areas from the recent monsoons. Be wary if wheeling alone, some of the washouts were deep enough to flip a vehicle if navigated incorrectly.
Mine Shaft (08/18/2022)
Tight, weaving trail through the woods. Couldn't find the mine entrance. The end did make a good spot for lunch (and possibly camping) with a nice breeze from being higher up.
Rut's (08/18/2022)
Cleared a downed tree before making it halfway down, then I was stopped by a huge downhill facing washout and decided not to continue.
Rule Ridge (08/18/2022)
Easy thoroughfare to access other trails in the area. Large deep puddles on the road from the big rains we've been having. Lots of people camped out enjoying the beautiful weather. Beware of careless OHV users who speed around corners.
Grouse Road (08/18/2022)
Creek was running high, probably about a foot or so deep. This trail was also hit hard by the recent monsoons, uncovering more roots, rocks and creating deep washouts in places. Southern end was pretty wet with deep puddles and was banked pretty bad, which made driving annoying at times. The steep and loose hill climb after WP2 while avoiding the washouts was the most fun for me. All in all it was a decent drive through the woods with a little bit of everything to keep it interesting.
Manitou Destructor (08/17/2022)
Easy drive through the forest, stopped to check out the smelter. The climb up to Rule Ridge was significantly braided and washed out after WP5.
Lost View (08/17/2022)
Navigating the washouts/ruts were the main challenge of this trail. Got decently flexed going back up the washed out hill. Took some time to block off some new braiding. I wouldn't advise taking a full size on this unless you're very keen on the dimensions of your rig. Soaked in some views at the end on this beautiful day.
Lower John's Gulch (08/17/2022)
Sporadic puddles through the meadow portion and mild erosion damage when you start climbing the hill. Cleaned up a downed tree and met the owner of the property at the end. An easy drive with decent views of Pike's and the surrounding area.
Stevens Gulch Road (08/11/2022)
Ran this to the trailhead to hike Grays and Torreys, pretty bumpy with rutting in a few spots but nothing difficult for a HC 4x4.
Webster Pass (08/06/2022)
Trail was wet below treeline, dry above. Gorgeous views of the surrounding peaks and valleys when atop the pass. The narrows section is no joke, the drivers full attention is needed here. The water crossing at WP6 was about a foot deep. Awesome trail that showcases various aspects of the high country.
Santa Fe Peak (08/06/2022)
Mellow switchbacks until treeline, they then become steeper, looser and off camber. The trail was picturesque the whole way with sweeping views of the surrounding area. The last shelf section is very narrow, loose and off camber, great care must be taken through here. The track tops out just above 13k ft allowing a short scramble to the summit of Santa Fe Peak. It's a cool thought knowing you're higher and can spot the people on Webster Pass, Red Cone and Radical Hill at the saddle.
Halfmoon Creek (07/23/2022)
Fantastic and scenic trail! 110 was in good shape up to the mill with recent water bar work, creek crossings were moderately deep, didn't go up to the mine due to weather. Spent some time admiring the mill, what an impressive structure and hearing about the details of the operation blew me away. 110J was rocky and wet, with good views from time to time. The pictures don't do the obstacle at WP4 justice, it's gnarly so I opted to return the way I came.
Beaver Ridge (07/15/2022)
Stock vehicles beware, at this time there is a deep driver side washout caused by a beaver pond as you make the left turn at WP4. I made it fine but lower clearance vehicles may have issues. This area was our base camp for the weekend while visiting Alma and Breckenridge. The trail has everything from deep puddles, rocky climbs/descents and narrow tracks through the woods. The open meadows are exploding with wildflowers at this time. Fantastic views of the surrounding mountains when you get above timberline. Spent a bit to explore the mine at the terminus of the eastern fork. The western fork was a bit rockier and tighter in spots from the encroaching trees than the east. An awesome spot to camp, wheel and enjoy the great outdoors.
Puma Road (aka La Salle Pass) (07/09/2022)
Trail has seen a beating from the heavy amount of SxS and other OHV usage, larger rocks have been exposed and the climbs are a bit looser as well. Some bonehead created a second road in the grass beside the first half to avoid the rocks and water bars. Not difficult but definitely not a 2 anymore. Beautiful views of the Lost Creek Wilderness and surrounding Tarryall area.
Marksbury Road (07/09/2022)
Easy alternative route to get to La Salle/Puma, minor mud puddles but the washboarding isn't as bad as CR31.
Badger Mountain Road (07/09/2022)
Rougher as more embedded rocks have been exposed. Airing down definitely helped keep my head from rattling. Great views of the valley and the some distant peaks on the way up to the gate.
Twin Cone (07/09/2022)
Ran the trail to the closure gate (which was open), parked and hiked the north peak. A lot of great camping with one site in particular having stellar views. The road has gotten rougher and needs a rating bump to a 3 in my eyes. After the closure gate, the road gets immediately gnarly with huge boulders, deep off camber sections and incredibly steep and loose hill climbs, I imagine a big tire jeep or something of the like with a competent driver would perform fine if it was open. Observed many vehicles not heeding the closure, was able to educate one SxS user and they obliged. Had lunch and enjoyed the scenery by the creek after our hike, overall a great day with perfect weather.
Box Road (aka China Wall - North) (06/25/2022)
Ran this in reverse after doing China Wall. Some smaller rocks and shelves to contend with up to WP4. The downhill section at WP4 has gotten pretty tore up, tire placement is key here. Overall a great way to extend your trip in the Tarryall area.
China Wall Road (06/25/2022)
Tough obstacles followed by scenic meadows and a river made this trail quite enjoyable. I was glad to have a competent spotter on all of the large obstacles. Had lunch by the river and exited via Box Road.
Little China Road (06/25/2022)
Easy and scenic alternative to taking 77 to the trailhead of China Wall.
Michigan Hill (06/22/2022)
Rough and slow going in spots, the trees at WP3 are no longer an issue. The trail opens up briefly at WP4 allowing sweeping views. Noticed evidence of moose as most of the willows had their tops chewed off. Continued to the summit and explored the old mine.
Oh-My-God Road (Virginia Canyon) (06/21/2022)
Beautiful drive up this mellow but bumpy dirt road. Views of Mt Evans and it's subordinate peaks in the distance. Tons of mining and ghost town history along this route. Be sure to check out the spurs for an up close experience of the old structures and abandoned equipment. Awesome alternative from the highway to Central City.
Dutch’s Hair (06/19/2022)
Tight trail that winds down the hillside. The descent is loose and quite steep so be mindful of traction going and returning. Once down the hill you are greeted by a beautiful aspen grove. The ruts are no longer present, but there is a very sharp and steep water bar that was constructed towards the very end, long wheelbase vehicles beware. Explored the up hill closed section on foot to a great view of the area atop a large granite outcropping.
Mistletoe (06/19/2022)
A little rocky but with non stop views along the way. Stopped short of the actual end due to the fear of no turn around room. Continued on to Dutch's Hair (FS 244E).
Fish Creek (06/19/2022)
Very scenic - aspen groves, mature ponderosa and huge granite rock outcroppings are abundant throughout the trail. Stopped at the lake (Joe Wilson Reservoir) for a few moments to enjoy the scenery. Explored the 878 "spur" and found it fun with the moderate ruts and tight squeezes between trees. Talked to a resident coming out his driveway, he mentioned he seldomly sees anyone coming up or down the road.
3 Bears (06/19/2022)
Straightforward drive through the woods. Very popular for camping, all of the sites that I observed were full. Continued on to Fish Creek (FS 877).
Boletes (06/19/2022)
Smooth and scenic, stopped for lunch at one of camping areas with a great view. Explored 875A, while more rutted than the main route it didn't pose any difficulties. The camping opportunities are plenty with most having level surfaces and nice views.
Borrow Pit (06/19/2022)
Mellow but doesn't lack on scenery. Stopped to admire the large aspen grove and interesting rock formations. The occasional large water bars will make you aware of your speed if you're going too fast.
Great View (06/04/2022)
Mellow for the first mile or so, then immediately gets rough with some ledges, off camber washouts and several steep downhills which turn into gnarly hill climbs on the way out. The views are incredible at the apex campsite. Doing the return trip in the dark made for an especially fun evening.
What (06/04/2022)
Great views along the ridge, trail was in decent shape with the usual banking and small ruts from OHV's. Picked up 80 lbs of trash left by careless target shooters. Enjoyed a snack at the weather station and watched the birds on this gorgeous day.
Fern Creek (05/07/2022)
The top of this trail is steep and rocky, a lot of fresh fallen babyheads from above were scattered about. The bottom mellows out and is fairly smooth. Noticed a lot of new waterbars cut into the trail as well. Make sure to roll your windows down and listen to the creek as you follow it for most of the way.
Hotel Gulch (05/07/2022)
Several rocky climbs, open meadows and a marsh made this trail very enjoyable. Repaired a no vehicles sign that appeared to be run over. Drove 931 to hike Mt. Deception and enjoyed some views at the top.
Illinois Gulch (05/07/2022)
Rough with larger exposed rocks mostly in the bottom portion. Quite narrow in spots with the willows encroaching on the trail so plan on some pinstriping. SxS crowd have seem to put the beatdown on this trail and it shows.