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Love the mountains, flying drones, and offroading. Started offroading a couple years ago with my Kia Sorento, and recently traded it in for a Jeep.

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Ptarmigan Pass (08/27/2022)
I drove the Wearyman Creek connector between Shine Pass and McAllister Gulch yesterday right after it had been reopened by the Forest Service. It was super overgrown with brush and I was bashing willow branches out of the way pretty much the whole time, but the road is otherwise in good shape. It's still rocky and fairly challenging but not super difficult. The Forest Service built up the banks at the creek crossings to prevent water from leaving the creek bed and flowing down the road, so everything except the actual water crossings was dry. I talked to a couple Forest Service rangers on ATVs parked at the junction with McAllister, who were out there talking to people about the work done to reopen the road. They mentioned they will be doing an environmental study soon to explore options for improving the road to prevent sediment runoff into the creek, including potentially re-routing it. I don't see how that would be possible given it's at the bottom of a steep gully and you'd basically have to build an entirely new road somewhere else. But the off-road community needs to keep an eye out for that process and be involved in it.
Bald Mountain (07/04/2022)
The Forest Service partially reopened this road in the most recent closure order for the Cameron Peak burn zone. It is now open between waypoints 1 and 11 at the intersection with Roaring Creek Road. I drove it on July 4 coming in from Roaring Creek Road and out to Manhattan Road and found it passable but challenging. I got a cut sidewall on one of my tires getting through it. Most of the challenging middle portion of trail is in the Cameron Peak burn area. The fire really did a number on it. While the rocky middle portion of the road has always been challenging, you will now have burned logs and erosion from the surrounding terrain devoid of vegetation to contend with. On the lower portion of the trail, the Forest Service has been doing heavy salvage logging. The road between waypoints 1 and 4 is graded smooth for logging access. The non-MVUM route at waypoint 2 described as the original route appears to no longer exist, as it has been blocked off during the logging work. This trail will likely need a complete re-write as it is now very different. Overall this trail has a good amount of technical challenge while providing a fascinating look at the devastation of the Cameron Peak fire. I'd definitely recommend it now that most of it has reopened.
Miners Gulch (06/20/2022)
I ran Miners Gulch yesterday. It was clear of snow and passable all the way through. Fun trail. Just hard enough to be challenging without being dangerous. Lots of fun boulder crawling. The section in the creek reminded me of Taylor Pass.
McClellan Mountain (06/12/2022)
I ran this trail on June 12 and found it snow blocked between waypoints 15 and 16. The 248.2H spur just above it was clear to the end and was the highest point I was able to make it to in the area. The spur to the Santiago Mill was also open and clear to the new parking area at the mill. The creek is higher right now for spring runoff but was still easily passable.
Argentine Pass (06/12/2022)
I ran this trail on June 12, and found it still snow blocked between waypoints 9 and 10. I didn't actually go all the way to the snow block but talked to a group coming down, who also said there was a landslide blocking the trail as well. Some trail work may be needed to clear that later in the season before the trail is fully open to the top.
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (06/11/2022)
I ran this trail on June 11. The seasonal gate was open and the trail was passable to just past the intersection at waypoint 7. There's a big snow drift blocking the trail just up the hill from that intersection. I also discovered that there is an official designated campsite a short distance down the road if you go straight and to the right at that intersection, so it is legal to go that way for a short distance. The unauthorized route up the mining road is clearly signed as closed, so there's no danger of going the wrong way. There were several designated campsites in that vicinity that I think I think might have been recently added, bringing the total number of designated sites along this road to around 45. All of the lower ones were occupied this weekend, but the ones at the top were empty.