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  • 2022 Ford Bronco (Stock lift, 33" tires)

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2022 Ford Bronco

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"
Badlands, factory KO2s, factory bash plates

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Top of the World - Utah (11/24/2022)
Tough trail, incredible views, amazing photo op! Make no mistake, this trail will challenge a stock rig. That being said, if you’ve got a locker or two, a reasonable lift and decent tires, you can make it. Just go slow, pick your lines and be prepared touch a few times when you mess up. We had the amazing good fortune to meet up with a bunch of highly experienced rock crawlers and that made a big difference for our success rate. (Big shout out thank you to Shane & his Rushmore Rock Crawlers family!)
Shafer Trail (11/23/2022)
Wow - amazing incredible must-do trail with views views views but definitely not for the faint of heart! Almost entirely graded and well maintained with no concerns other than the side-of-cliff roadway. This trail is popular and because some parts are narrow and inhabited with less experienced drivers, you may find yourself backing up in places where you’d rather not. But all in all a definite can’t miss if you are visiting Canyonlands NP.
Potash Road (11/23/2022)
Great scenery combined with a little film history and potash evaporation ponds - what more could you want in a 4x4 trail?! This is another fun back road route up from Moab to Canyonlands NP or Dead Horse SP. Plus old movie buffs will recognize the wide portion of the trail where the movie Thelma and Louise filmed it’s last scene. A fun easy trail that was definitely easier and smoother than the 3 rating it currently has (but there are a few parts that could be impassable or very difficult in wet weather).
Long Canyon (11/22/2022)
Fun trail that offers quick(er) access to Dead Horse and Canyonlands parks from Moab. Beautiful scenery, super cool rock tunnel, and an all-round easy trail. I ran the whole thing in 4H with no need for a locker. At the moment, this trail is easier than some 1-2s.
Salt Valley Road (11/21/2022)
Sandy, rocky, gravel and hard pack 2H trail that offers a northern route into Arches NP. Not particularly scenic but gets you away from the crowds and into the Tower Arch area quickly from Hwy 70.
Tower Arch (11/21/2022)
Definitely a medium-hard trail. Rocky hard packed, some sand. Shelves up to 12-18” that cannot be by-passed. Lockers (at least one) recommended. That being said, Moab Adventure Tours traverses this route regularly (we passed them twice), so the trail is challenging, but quickly passable with a good a line. Worth the effort for up close with Tower Arch and no crowds.
Eye of the Whale (11/21/2022)
It’s a trail in Arches NP. :-D. Kind’ve hard to recommend this route, although Eye of the Whale is a cool arch and worth seeing. If I had to do it over again, though, I’d skip the north-south routing and come in from the south to do an out and back to the Eye. The vast majority of this trail is only marginally scenic and definitely delivers its medium-low rating with plenty of rocks, shelves, and generally tiresome bumps that go on and on without a lot of scenic reward. I accessed the northern entry via the more challenging Tower Arch trial and I should have gone back the way I came in (ie. out and back on Tower Arch). Nonetheless, as much as we were beat by the end of the day, we had fun and Eye was a really cool spot.
3N69 – Gold Mountain (06/10/2022)
Wow. What a great experience. This was the first difficult trail I’ve done and I’m really glad I did it with a group of experienced off-roaders (thanks SoCal Broncos!). This trail is pretty much all rock and all obstacles - like non-stop. Ran almost everything in 4L with both lockers used frequently (I’m a newb :-). The first shelf was definitely easier than the second one. The rock garden was fun, but not particularly hard. The hard corner was by far the most challenging part of the trail, at least for my ride. Anticipate that while you may be able to avoid the really hard lines (6s), you’re going to be running solid 4/5s the whole outing. There’s also a difference between running this on 35s+ vs. anything smaller. My Bronco on 33s touched way more than the guys with 35s who really didn’t. That being said, our group included a Base model Bronco on 35s (no lockers) and he did just fine.
2N02 - Burns Canyon (06/09/2022)
Great day run trail. Started in Pioneertown with tacos and beer at the Red Dog Saloon, ended in Big Bear with pine trees and a lovely lake view. Lots of Joshua Trees (more here than in the National Park!). Definitely an easy trail, more bumps than a 1, pretty much a spot on 2. You could probably get through it just fine in your Subaru.
2N70Y - Sidewinder Canyon (06/09/2022)
Great trail. Good way to add a little difficulty to a Burns Canyon run. Having done this trail the day before I ran Gold Mountain, I’d say the trail rating is spot on. There are a few challenges that will require 4L and preferably a locker. I had passengers do some spotting, so I agree that this isn’t a trail to run solo. But if Gold Mountain’s rating is accurate as a 4-6, this trail is definitely a 3.
Azusa Canyon SVRA (06/04/2022)
Fun little park that can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. Get stuck in mud, have fun with water crossings, run up or down shallow or steep hills, Baja run through sand. There’s a little bit of everything here.