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(within last 6 months)
Chinns Lake (10/08/2020)
Nice day trail to run went up to have lunch. trail was not difficult at all just a bit rocky. The lakes were very low due to no rain and little snow pack last year.
Rainbow Road (10/08/2020)
Fun little trail , we did chinns lake also in one day, The lakes were low
Shelf Road (09/30/2020)
This was a nice trail we see why it is called shelf road narrow is some places but all in all a fun afternoon trail. Nothing too hard did it in my stock nissan frontier
McClellan Mountain (08/05/2020)
We did this trail in one day, it was a great trail. We did not see any construction at the waldorf mine so there were not any trucks on the trail. We will be going back up as there are lots of other trails to explore.