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2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 1.5"
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Mojave Road (03/17/2021)
Started the Trail on a Wednesday and finished Friday! The Mojave Road is a wonderful trail I would do again only in parts to see certain attractions. During the middle portion of it after the penny can tree it got a bit boring until you reach the Wash Drop In and Bert G Home. Beautiful area for sure. From Bert G Home to the Mojave Camp and Mojave Sign in .... the whoop de doos were horrible LOL. The highlights of the trip were definitely the Lava Tubes, Afton Canyon, Triangles, and the Borax Mine. Most of these highlights are on the east side. Good to do it once in my lifetime. I’ll be back to hit the west side more.
Sandstone Canyon (02/13/2021)
Sad to say that this trail has been closed to Vehicle Traffic starting at Waypoint 7! Camped a bit to the front of the canyon and jogged in. There’s a sweet Canyon Slot Hike which does not show up in these waypoints provided. Followed it in and it goes on for miles!! It’s a little further ahead of waypoint 7 and I’m curious to where it ends. Definitely get GPS when venturing in. Sad to see this closed. I still think it it’s worth it to visit this beautiful canyon! Just no rock crawling anymore :(
Diablo Drop Off (02/12/2021)
Did this as a part of an Overland Trail and I must say it was a huge let down. Any stock Jeep can do this obstacle if your coming down on it. If you are scared the easiest line is closest to the wall on the right side to avoid the ruts. If you want to Flex you can.. my friend did it in his Willys JL 4 door with 32s... and I ran a Sahara JL on 33s. This Stock Jeep Wrangler literally came up the drop off before we went down hauling SPEEED and got up without lockers. Also I think this is a 2 WAY trail now..... unofficially. Keep in mind if you go on the weekend or holidays there is usually a ZOO of people drinking Beer and hoping for someone to roll OVER or that’s the vibe I got from it. I have nothing against it but I know some people get shy and hate that stuff. From talking to them before going down I noticed they didn’t have any intention in taking the drop.. damm Toyota’s.....
4N16 - Grapevine Canyon (11/15/2020)
Not a trail for people afraid of heights. Some of the off trails had me going “ holy fuck some people have balls to take their cars up those trails”. Good pucker moments on some of the washes filled with sand. Horse spring camp was nice and we found some hidden swings!!!! SHHHHHH... Will be back to camp at some spots we passed. Didn’t see anyone out there