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2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (07/04/2020)
Went up in the rail and sleet. It was passable but turned around just after the big avalanche. The weather was not getting better. I will return to get to the summit.
Devil's Canyon (06/21/2020)
Some nice camping at the summit with great views. The trail is short with one difficult spot. Nice weekend with the family.
Pierson Park South (06/20/2020)
Had to cut some small downed trees/branches but it's open and in fine shape.
Mammoth Creek (06/13/2020)
Ran into some snow towards the end. It was a bit wet but some AWD Subaru made it.
Mammoth Gulch (06/13/2020)
Really a connector trail, full of AWD Subaru type vehicles. Kingston was closed.
Yankee Hill to Central City (06/13/2020)
Busy trail late morning. No trouble in stock JLUR, conditions were mostly dry.
Nebraska Hill (06/13/2020)
Short trail with some camping in the trees. Id say get there early not a lot of room to pass on this one.
Moon Gulch (06/07/2020)
Open, it's narrow and off camber. I would caution anyone with a tall and or long wheelbase vehicle. Due to the off camber and the narrow trail you will probably scrape the top of your vehicle on the trees. I have a JLUR that barley squeezed through. This one would be beautiful in the fall, lots of aspen trees.
Switzerland Trail (06/06/2020)
More Subarus than Jeeps.
Vedauwoo Road (06/05/2020)
It's a dirt road, more Subarus than 4 wheel drives. Very crowded.
Bunce School Road (05/09/2020)
It's a zoo.