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2017 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Old Black Canyon Highway (05/25/2019)
This was a good trail for Jeeps and other vehicles with short wheel base. As states by Tek, there are a lot of switchbacks and very narrow trails. You can access the trail from the top or bottom, just check out all the BLM tails in the area.
Indian Fort (05/25/2019)
A good little run. The view is awesome. If you have any issues with mobility you may not make up to the actual fort. There’s was nothing hard about this trail. It’s be a good idea to have the maps that include the BLM roads in the area.
Mount Lemmon Control Road (04/13/2019)
Excellent roads but the last 6 miles to the top of Mt. Lemmon was closed. We did see some snow at the top. Good up and back trip.
Box Canyon - Wickenburg (04/06/2019)
Great run. Too the trail all the way into Yarnell. Make sure you check the river level. It was very borderline for me. Two weeks earlier people were flooding out their 4x4's in the river. Did this in a stock jeep JK. Had some of the nicest scenery that I've seen in a long time. Trail was easy to moderate.
Broken Arrow (02/19/2019)
Very nice trail. Lots of traffic. If you do this on a weekend be prepared for a lot of traffic. Didn't do all the trail do to time constants. Fantastic scenery.
Schnebly Hill Road (02/19/2019)
Great trail. In the winter come in from Sedona. The upper trail is closed from Dec to Apr. Did the run from Sedona to the turn around (about 4 miles in). Great trail nothing hard but a bit bumpy. Watch for the pink jeep traffic.
Senator Highway (02/08/2019)
Very nice trail. The first five miles out of Crown King was a bit rough. They were doing some grading of the road after the first five miles. Palace Station was really interesting. Good photo op.
Crown King Road (02/08/2019)
Very easy trail to Crown King. A good run to eat at the saloon and see some sights.