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FR552 Lockett Meadow (06/01/2020)
Tried the trail but was still closed.
FR420 Schultz Pass (06/01/2020)
The trail was in good shape on the beginning and the end. The middle got a bit rough (locations 5 to 9). I'd think twice if your doing this is a car. My feeling is the middle section needs a higher clearance vehicle. A few camping spots. The bottom of the trail was easy but it was crowded. There are a lot of hiking and mountain biking trails on the lower half.
Hart Prairie (06/01/2020)
Easy trail on the east side of the SF peaks. Some dispersed camping.
Behind the Peaks (06/01/2020)
Easy trail. This was one of the trails that get you around the mounting. Several camping spots. Watch for private property.
Malapais Loop (05/31/2020)
Nice easy trail. Most any car can do this. Several spots for dispersed camping.
Jerome-Perkinsville Road (05/17/2020)
No change in the trail from what's been reported. Has several scenic views that beautiful. There are several trails that brake off from the main road that should be worth exploring. If you looking for a dip this trail ends at the Verde River.
Sycamore Canyon Cliff Dwellings (Henderson Road) (05/17/2020)
Trail conditions were good. They had just graded the trail. Had to watch of a lot of loose debris. Marker 14 (Lonesome Pocket) is a good place to stop for a break. Close to the half way point. The trial offered some good scenic views but not spectacular. We traveled to the ruins but it was mid afternoon and the temps were up so we didn't make the climb up to the ruins. If you want to do the ruins hike in late spring and summer I would suggest that you hit the trail early and bring lots of water.
CR 70 (05/17/2020)
Trail is open and trail conditions were great. Started at the Verde River and traveled north. Nice trial be it was had been very dry in the area. No water running in any of the creeks except the Verde River.
9014 Brooklyn Mine and Aqua Fria Ruins (04/20/2020)
A very good trail. I didn't go down into the Brooklyn Basin due to being alone. I think I could of probably done the section going down into the basin on FR14. This is a really interesting run and the ruins are fantastic.
FR593 Aqua Fria (04/20/2020)
Nice easy little trail. There are several ruins that are really cool. There are several campsites on this trial but they are really exposed to the wind.
Rolls OHV FR 13 (01/26/2020)
This was an OK trail but be prepared to deal with a lot of ATV/Motorcycles. I didn't find the trail that hard but I think there's a lot of trails in the state that are more attractive.
Bulldog Canyon FR 10 (01/26/2020)
Great easy trail run. There we only one spot that required any real thought. We came in on FR 3554 (Point 11) and entered the trail at Point 10. There's a small hill that was a little tricky but not to bad. This was the only hard spot I found. There are many great camping spots on this trail. I'd make sure you look at the weather and make sure that you don't get caught up in a thundershower. I'm sure the canyon floor will flood quickly. Great trail and lots of good scenery.