Josh McDermott

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2-3 years
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  • 2005 Nissan Xterra (2" lift, 32" tires)
I am new to offroading in cars but I have been riding dirt bikes since I was five, I love to go out and explore Colorado and typically try to go offroading as much as possible in the summer. I also love to camp on my time off to explore my state even further.

My Garage (1)

2005 Nissan Xterra

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 32"
rock sliders, arb bumper, Extreme LED light bar, level 8 mk6 rims, bfg ko2 tires

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Caribou Creek (North) (08/16/2020)
Ran Caribou creek with another member, looks like all the deep water has dried up and the stuck truck has been moved however there are a few obstacles that you may bottom out on, go slow and all should be good.
Mammoth Gulch (08/16/2020)
ran this trail after I finished kingston peak, pretty bumpy and plenty of space to pass, there are a few spots with views but the big reason to come here is to camp, I was just passing through but it still looked like there were plenty of spots (all of which were taken). watch your wheel placement when you move to the side to allow others to pass, I ended up pulling two vehicles back up onto the road after they had slid off. I give this trail four stars because there isn't that much to see and there are a lot of people (As per usual in colorado).
Kingston Peak (08/16/2020)
Great trail, typical for Colorado loose and rocky. I ran this backwards from how it is shown and would advise you do the same if you doubt the capability of your vehicle. if you run it as shown there are a few steep, loose, rocky ascents that could easily stop you. I give this trail 4/5 because there are very few places to allow others to pass without pushing one of you uncomfortably close to the edge of a steep hill. I'm sure the views are great but current fires didn't give me the chance to see it.
Argentine Pass (08/08/2020)
Just finished the pass, this was a great trail to get to some incredible scenery. There was only one spot (point 11) that caused me any concern or made me take a specific line, I was still able to complete it with open diffs and 265 tires. sliders would definitely be a comfort item. we hit the summit around 10:30, there was only a few hikers and one motorcyclist, on our way down we ran into TONS of people, I would highly recommend you get an early start if you want to avoid crowds.
Caribou Creek (North) (08/01/2020)
Fun trail, not all that technical. there were a few water holes that initially caused me concern but they weren't very deep and seemed to consistently have a sand bottom rather than mud. I ended up turning back between points two and three (I ran the trail backwards) because of a large mud hole that I didn't want to attempt while my winch was down. not much scenery but it does open up in a few places. The large ruts that were mentioned by someone previously have been filled in and it is now passable.