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2-3 years
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  • 2005 Nissan Xterra (2" lift, 32" tires)
I am new to offroading in cars but I have been riding dirt bikes since I was five, I love to go out and explore Colorado and typically try to go offroading as much as possible in the summer. I also love to camp on my time off to explore my state even further. I have taken a trip to Utah and California but hope to add many more states to that list.

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2005 Nissan Xterra

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 32"
rock sliders, arb bumper, Extreme LED light bar and pods, level 8 mk6 rims, bfg ko2 tires, skid plates (all but gas tank), and a rear locker.

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Cedar Mountain Road (06/05/2021)
Only ran this trail to Hackett gulch, but it was super beautiful and had some fun puddles. I think a Subaru might be the minimum I would take down it. Plenty of space to pass people. The only reason it gets four stars is because there are some pretty rough sections that just beat you up.
Hackett Gulch (06/05/2021)
By far the hardest trail I have run in Colorado. With that said I am running a 2005 Xterra with full skids/sliders, a small lift, and 32" tires. I certainly struggled in several spots, and I had to use the winch twice, and locker more times than I can count. I also used my rock sliders several times. I came across two people driving lifted XJ's with open diffs, they said they were able to make it all the way down and back without issue. There was no snow on the trail but a decent bit of water on the way in. There was enough points to pull off at to let people go by. In total we passed eight vehicles, three cars and five rzrs. Everyone was super respectful.
Confirmed Road (06/01/2021)
Great trail, enough obstacles to keep your attention but no threat of serious damage, my Xterra has about 12" of clearance between the frame and ground, and I am running 32 tires. I ended up catching the sliders pretty good twice, once was as I rolled over a loose rock it kicked up, the second I came down a rock step and caught it. I didn't have to use my locker but I tried the optional obstacle and it won. It ripped off the tire valve so I had to throw on my spare. Be aware that this trail is pretty narrow and a little overgrown in places, I wouldn't recommend a full size rig and any vehicle will probably end up with some pin striping. There was zero snow on or off the trail, but it did get a little slick in places, no problem with all terrain tires. DOWNLOAD MAPS BEFORE YOU GO there is no signal on the trail, it can make finding your way back a little interesting, not a serious threat of getting lost but still not something you want to worry about.
Figure 9 Road (06/01/2021)
Fun trail, not too difficult but it will keep your attention, there was no snow on the ground but it did get a little slick with mud. DOWNLOAD MAPS BEFORE YOU GO there is no signal.
R.I.M. Road (06/01/2021)
Trail was fully open, no snow on or off the trail but did get a little slick with mud, not challenging but a few steep up and down hills, I turned around just shy of the end, DOWNLOAD MAPS BEFORE YOU GO there is no signal when you get there.