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Yankee Hill to Central City (06/13/2020)
Nice long trail to take back to Central City. A few notes: -It can get busy after 9 a.m. mostly ATVs and dirt bikes -Its easy to get lost. Take note of the trail markers, you don't want to take a wrong turn and take a more technical route than what you planned for. -We were in a stock TRD off road 4Runner and there were a few spots where we had trouble getting around large rocks. -AIR DOWN! It really made a difference for us. -There's a fun obstacle at waypoint 13; pick your line CAREFULLY. I would personally consider this closer to 3-4. The last third or so is smoothed out dirt as it's a residential area
Ute Creek Road (06/06/2020)
Nice little trail. A bit on the rough side at some points... Might consider upping the rating to a 2-3 Trail has beautiful views that I'm sure are amazing in the fall with all the Aspens growing around.