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Salt Valley Road (09/23/2022)
mainly flat boring road that connects to other trails. The entrance by the 70 can become excessively muddy even days after a rain. Good way to bypass the entrance drama to arches
Tower Arch (09/23/2022)
Fun little out and back trial. This trail is a firm 4, nothing too hard. There's a little dug out whole at the entrance that could test some flex, but you can also navigate around it with a different line. took 30 min out and back.
Mineral Bottom Road (09/23/2022)
great views, trail could be done in a Prius tho. Don't park under the trees at the river, they are full of gross silk worms that hang.
Gemini Bridges (09/23/2022)
Couple of descent views, well marked trail. 2 is a fair rating,