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Strawberry Ridge (10/03/2021)
Excellent views abound, however as noted it's much more challenging than a Trails Offroad 2/10 for the first two miles. 4WD, high clearance and low range is required. We had the unfortune of having to pass people on the climb up to the ridge and found it difficult to get two full size vehicles side by side and the consequences of messing up were very high. Due to the climb, loose rock, narrowness and the shelf road the first two miles would be better rated at a 3-4 for Trails Offroad with the rest of the road being a 2. It's probably better to break this trail up into two on the site, someone could easily get in over their head in an under equipped vehicle.
Left Fork Hobble Creek (10/03/2021)
Peak foliage made this a really awesome experience. Definitely take the time to drive this road. The trail is pretty bumpy but nothing very challenging in terms of obstacles. We aired down for comfort and I was glad we did. One thing to note: the rockslide at Waypoint 2 is no longer there. USFS must have fixed it at some point as the road went right through this area with no issue.
Ruby Christensen Well Site (10/03/2021)
We took this detour because it was on the map. There's a nice viewpoint at the end but that's about it.
Elk Mountain (09/05/2021)
The road is in fine shape currently, no issues for stock rigs. High clearance is probably best due to some of the dried up ruts in some sections. Going through the Bears Ears was pretty cool.
Valley of the Gods (09/05/2021)
Fantastic views galore on this drive. I think we enjoyed it more than the drive through Monument Valley. The road is in good shape, not too much washboard and only a few spots that require high clearance. Keep an eye out for inexperienced drivers on the many blind rollovers.
5318 Manti-La Sal (09/04/2021)
We decided to camp on this little offshoot of Elk Ridge road. We were close enough to cattle grates that it sounded like gunfire as SxSs and other rigs drove over them. They quieted down overnight though. The view was excellent and was a great place to see the sun come up.
Colorado River Overlook (09/04/2021)
I had a blast on this trail. The ranger said this had just opened up two days prior since the monsoon season had been particularly wet. We found a few muddy spots in the first couple miles but it was manageable. The technical sections near the end were very manageable and would be fine for a stock vehicle, just keep in mind the pace is very slow since it's so bumpy. The view at the end is well worth it and you can get a great vantage point to the Colorado river below.
Beef Basin East (09/04/2021)
Great access to the higher elevation of Bears Ears NM from Canyonlands. You can see the terrain change as you gain elevation. Evidence of the recent monsoons were abound, several deep ruts were in the steeper sections of the trail. No issues though, just careful line choice was needed.
Elk Ridge (09/04/2021)
What a cool place. At the higher elevations this reminds me of the High Uintas with aspen forest and big meadows. There's dispersed camping galore up here, I'm surprised at how far up some people go their 20-30 ft. camp trailers. There was some mud on the trail in a few spots but the main mud bogs seem to have dried up.
Murdock Basin Road (08/07/2021)
Ran this trail on a busy Saturday. There was water in the typical mud pots but nothing more than a foot deep. We took the Marshall Lake loop, this was pretty tight, pinstriping is possible in a few spots. We also took the offshoot up to the south side of Hoover Lake which is much more technical than this main road with a couple rock gardens (probably goes at a Trails Offroad 4-5). We didn't catch any fish in Hoover Lake but heard people had some luck in Marshall. Agreed that you could do this with 2WD so long as you have high clearance. We saw a Honda Pilot scraping their undercarriage low on the trail.
Iron Mine Lake (07/04/2021)
Went up to Iron Mine Lake for some trout fishing. The road is in good shape and it’s accessible to most vehicles.
Iron Mine Lake A (07/04/2021)
Great camp spot at the end right on the lake. Very busy though due to the easy access.