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Rocky Point (09/05/2021)
There are a few downed trees roughly 1 mile from the third way point if you run it in the suggested direction making it impossible to complete this loop.
Beaver Creek (09/05/2021)
Really pretty trail. Could be completed with any stock vehicle.
Little Muddy Creek (09/05/2021)
Seems like a lot of trail work has been done on the first mile of the trail. I only completed the first 3 miles but daylight ran out and we turned back. Would love to visit again.
Kingston Peak (09/05/2021)
This was an extremely fun trail. Most of the trail was easy however the incline was intense and very fun. Tire placement is very important on this section. I would not suggest this trail for the novice driver, the incline has very real consequences if mistakes are made. I ran this in the suggested direction and glad I did. I would not run this trail without a lift and good off road tires, again most of it is very easy however the incline parts can be deadly if a novice driver or an ill-equipped vehicle tried something out of their league. Overall this trail was amazing and I cant wait to go back!
Keyser Creek (08/23/2021)
Dirt road basically but really beautiful. Any stock vehicle can pass this.
Chinns Lake (08/21/2021)
This trail was rougher than it was last year, many areas have washed out quite a bit but still very manageable for most 4x4 vehicles. Sadly the upper lake was almost completely drained.