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Hi! I'm Wade. After 43 years as a pilot, split evenly between flying fighters for the Air Force and Boeing 737s for the airlines, my feet are firmly planted on the ground. Seems I spent a lot of my flying time looking out the cockpit window thinking, "Yep, I could drive that trail." My trips range from a few days to a month. Most are solo in my silver 4Runner named Bullit. We range over all the southwest exploring remote places and trying to get as much dirt under the wheels as possible. Occasionally I get in some hiking, backpacking, and bushcraft as well. My most ambitious overlanding plans include a trip to Tuktoyaktuk and Dead Horse. Sharing my experiences as a member of the Trails Offroad crew is a true pleasure. Hope to see you on the trail soon.

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2016 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 1.5"
Tire Size: 33"
OME Lift, Metal Tech Front Bumper, Warn Winch, CBI Rear Tire Carrier, RCI Skid Plates, Metal Tech sliders, Gobi Stealth Rack, Onboard ARB Dual Compressor, LRA extended range fuel tank, Gaia Pro, DeLorme InReach. Goose Gear sleep platform with drawer and kitchen module. Dual battery system with Blue Sea DC to DC charger, shore power, and 120 watt solar. National Luna 50 fridge. Partner Steel cookstove.

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Copper Canyon (05/31/2021)
If you are looking for a rocky challenge along a historical route, look no further.
Dugas Road (05/28/2021)
The history of Dugas and Dugas Road really takes you back to the early days of Arizona's pioneer ranchers. The campsite at Waypoint 3 is fantastic. Made me never want to leave.
Reimer (05/17/2021)
Really enjoyed the open feel of this trail. Was amazed at the views. It's amazing how in just a few miles Arizona can change so drastically.
Squaw Peak (05/17/2021)
The views at the top are outstanding! Camped just below the summit. Windy but made for great stargazing.
FR 747 (04/27/2021)
Camped for 5 days not far off FR 747. The loop is an easy and pleasant drive. Saw lots of wildlife including elk, a fox, ravens out the ying-yang, geese, ducks, and an osprey. Magnificent area to camp in while exploring the Kaibab.
Sycamore Point (04/24/2021)
The payoff on this trail is worth the trip. Lots of side roads to explore. Check out JD Dam. Always some wildlife around there. See if you can spot this tree.
Jerome-Perkinsville Road (04/24/2021)
Drove this one for the first time. That sort of sucks since I have lived in Arizona for about 26 years. Loved it! Great views going in either direction. Beats the heck out of driving I-17.
Perkinsville Old 354 Road (04/23/2021)
Ran the northern 8 miles of this while exploring and camping in the Kaibab. Trail was in great shape. Love being up in the tall pines.
Excursion Mine Road (04/10/2021)
Fun and scenic trail to drive. This makes a great scenic drive between Payson and the little hamlet of Rye when combined with Doll Baby Ranch Road, Rye Cypress, FR 1548 and 1549A, Zulu Mine, and Rye Cypress. Just follow the well-traveled portions of those trails.
Cedar Flat (04/09/2021)
This was an enjoyable trail. I camped at the huge cottonwood tree near the trailhead. Dipping my feet into the cool East Verde at the end of a long warm day was pure pleasure. The trail is scenic up on the ridgeline with great views down into Doll Baby Ranch and the Maztazals Mountains to the south.
FR 1548A (04/08/2021)
Extremely relaxing and pleasant drive!
Crackerjack (04/08/2021)
The first section of this makes a great loop with Cedar Flat and then Doll Baby Road back into Payson. If you are looking for some adventure, the latter half of the trail is for you. It's pretty remote back there.
FR 502 (04/08/2021)
Fun and challenging little trail. The shelf road section is not for the faint of heart or the wide of wheelbase. A river in the desert, what could be better!
FR 1548 (04/08/2021)
Very fun little trail. The views were never-ending.
Rye Cypress (03/27/2021)
This was a very interesting drive through some pretty territory. Met one of the local ranchers who seemed to be enjoying life.
Zulu Mine (03/26/2021)
The road is short but fun with the climb along the final section. The views up top are great. Little remains of the old mine.
Pine Mountain (03/26/2021)
The trail is easy but the views and experience are amazing. This is a beautiful landscape.
Saddle Mountain (03/26/2021)
This little trail has great desert scenery and nice views. But the night I camped here was one of the best campsites I've had in a good while.
Rock Creek (03/26/2021)
This was indeed a serene trail. I camped at the end of the road and enjoyed the peace and quiet.
Hurrah Pass (03/17/2021)
Headed out to Chicken Corners. This is a fun drive with good scenery.
Little Grand Canyon (03/16/2021)
Had the canyon all to myself for the entire morning. Well, not counting the cows down by the river. This is BLM land which invariably means cows. But still, it was a very relaxing, peaceful experience.
Chicken Corners (03/06/2021)
First time on Chicken Corners. A bit crowded, but it was a weekend after all. The scenery was fantastic! Definitely a must-do in Moab.
Indian Fort (02/26/2021)
Southwestern archeology never ceases to inspire me. This is one of many similar Hohokam sites in Arizona and perhaps the easiest one to get to.
Little Pan Mine Road (02/25/2021)
Little Pan Mine Road is a quick and fun little drive that can make a nice loop with parts of AZCO Mine Road. The water crossing is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you are gonna get.
Kofa Queen Canyon (01/13/2021)
Great drive through a very picturesque canyon. Overall it is pretty easy, but the end of the trail is overgrown with brush. I did some trimming, but still got a lot of pinstriping. Camped in the canyon and had a very peaceful and relaxing evening.
McPherson Pass (01/11/2021)
McPherson Pass is one of my favorite trails in Kofa NWR. Besides being very scenic, the trail is only sparsely traveled. Keep your eyes open for desert bighorn sheep.
King Road (01/09/2021)
King Road is a popular camping destination, but its true value is providing easy access to the western side of the Kofa NWR, a truly remote and stark landscape.
Polaris (01/09/2021)
The history of Polaris and the North Star Mine is interesting. Nice view of Kofa Butte as well.
Polaris Mountain (01/09/2021)
Fun little side trail ending with some great mountain views. Loved camping at the end of the trail.

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