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2-3 years
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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2019 Toyota 4Runner (2.5" lift, 32" tires)
Loveland CO resident, auto glass tech by trade. I love getting out and exploring new trails with my wife and two kids.

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2019 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 32"

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Aspen Ridge (05/10/2021)
Ran from north to south, camping near the admin trail on the ridge section. Cold and windy but great views across the valley. Trail is thawed with only a small bit of snow and mud up high. Stay the trail - lots of trail widening spots.
Bassam Park (05/08/2021)
A scenic preview of trails that lie ahead.
Peewink Mountain (04/24/2021)
The melt is on! Trail and campsites are sloppy and muddy; stay within the trail to avoid extra erosion.
Pratt Creek (01/10/2021)
Ran during Saturday snow, camped, and reran Sunday with 3” of fresh snow. Many rutty/drifted sections but was passible by my 4Runner on 275/70s and a Tacoma on 265/70s. Gorgeous days!
Gamble Gulch (12/26/2020)
Tried to salvage the day after getting turned away by snow up Rollins. The plow stopped near Perigo WP7; we saw one set of tracks further (I’m guessing they were coming down the hill) so we tried to press on but were stopped by deep snow about 100yards past.
Rollins Pass East (12/26/2020)
Tried a push today with my 5th Gen 4Runner on 32”s and a stock 3rd gen Tacoma. There were deep ice ruts in the beginning where a water drainage crosses the road. Both rigs made it but the Tacoma was on its front skidplate going across. Made it to the incline before WP3 before getting stuck and bailing. The only tracks past us at that time were a pair of ATV/ SxS.
Switzerland Trail (12/12/2020)
Less than 2 inches of new snow on the trail this morning. Airing down is highly recommended. Great views and light traffic; I think we skirted two small groups on the whole run from 120 to Gold Hill.
Pratt Creek (11/28/2020)
Took Pratt on the way to CR 103. Easy run in 2WD. Snow around WP4 and after WP6, but not a problem. Looks like many large trees have fallen and been cleared around WP4 since the summer.