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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2019 Toyota 4Runner (2.5" lift, 32" tires)
Loveland CO resident, auto glass tech by trade. I love getting out and exploring new trails with my wife and two kids.

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2019 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 32"

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Pearl Beaver Road (09/19/2021)
Many hunters in the area this time of year - be visible if you plan on venturing off the roads on foot.
Mendenhall (08/29/2021)
Ran in reverse to get home from North Sand Hills. Logging operations are underway in the area and as a result, the trail from around WP3 all the way to CR8 have been recently minidozed to allow machinery to enter the area. All mentioned obstacles have been replaced with loose dirt and equipment ruts. No one was working today (sunday) but dont know if the trail closes when they are. Would definitely be nasty in wet weather.
North Sand Dunes Road (08/28/2021)
Descended into the Sand Hills area via this trail. Awesome views and pretty easy, just watch your angles on the switchbacks.
North Sand Hills (08/28/2021)
Quiet weekend before Labor Day. Plenty of room to roam without worrying about what others were doing. Open dunes were fun but loved cruising around the trail system just as much. The kids LOVED playing in the sand!
Cascade North Twin (08/07/2021)
Fantastic trail! Pretty mellow up to Dipper Lake then gets more difficult/slow moving as you travel north. Some of the washouts have produced some pretty steep cuts to be negotiated if you dont take the “bypasses” that have been made.
Big Meadows (07/03/2021)
Ran East to West as part of a larger loop for the long weekend. Would definitely be more challenging to ascend from the west rather than riding brakes down from the east, but still a fun run. A couple nosediver mudholes left that may hang on a while - be cautious upon entering. Many occupied spots but pretty quiet for a holiday weekend. Will definitely come back to the area in the fall.
Silver Creek Road (06/20/2021)
Ran as far as we could this morning and confirm the downed trees near WP8 are still there. Consider taking a short recon hike up the hill once you cross the creek as turning around is difficult. As Jared eluded to, the trail above the 1st crossing on is tight and overgrown with few chances to pull off if you encounter another vehicle. Very fun run with all the water coming down right now.
Acme Creek Road (06/06/2021)
Gates are still up on both Acme Creek and Pearl Beaver Roads.