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Corkscrew Pass (09/07/2022)
Corkscrew Pass (09/07/2022)
California Pass (09/07/2022)
Hurricane Pass (09/07/2022)
Engineer Pass (09/06/2022)
Cinnamon Pass (09/06/2022)
Black Bear Pass (09/05/2022)
Amazing views and awesome trail even before the one way section. Just fine in a DCLB 3rd gen Tacoma.
Imogene Pass (09/05/2022)
Amazing views. Found an awesome camp site. Had a moose stroll through camp!
Rimrocker (09/04/2022)
We did the western half last October and decided to come back and do the whole thing this year. We were super disappointed to find the eastern "half" is 80% graded gravel (or paved) road, which definitely explains how people get it done in a day, as we did. As is this should be split into two trails to at least make that more apparent. Had a blast in south West Colorado out of Ouray after this though so the trip was super worth it.