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2015 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

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Lost Canyon (10/01/2020)
Agree with previous post. A great trail with only one rough section which high-clearance is recommended. At 4.1 miles when you pass the private property, there was a sign indicating the road was closed in 0.8 miles. We kept driving and did not see and further signs or closures until 7.4 miles where the Forest Service indicates the remainder of the road is closed. There were several tire tracks past this point which will eventually cause the entire route to get shut-down so please stop at the closure.
Mosquito Pass (09/29/2020)
Currently on Mosquito Pass coming from Leadville. At 2.8 miles there is a Jeep on its side blocking the road. Might be able to pass but "might" isn't very comforting. Backed up to a fork and trying to determine if this road is an alternate route to the pass. Rolled Jeep has temp. tags so driver probably didn't know what they were doing. I'll update again soon (10:40am Tues.). Alternate route leads to cell phone towers and deadends. We are turning back to Leadville (11:35am).
Schofield Pass (09/26/2020)
We drove this trail on Saturday after driving the Eastern half of Paradise Divide. We drove to Crystal and turned around and drove back up the Punchbowl. I would recommend driving this trail on a weekday to avoid the congestion we experienced (a Saturday during fall colors!) which required us to back-up several times. There are several very rocky sections and several throughout the Punchbowl which require precise tire placement and the Punchbowl is not for inexperienced or easily nerved drivers. We thoroughly enjoyed the trail and only were nervous (terrified) watching two vehicles that were not in 4 low, riding their brakes and "bouncing" down the Punchbowl. I would recommend upping the difficulty rating primarily to deter novice drivers from attempting it. Also, the giant warning sign at the start should be enough but it was shocking watching some vehicles go do the Punchbowl. We drove Black Bear early in the week and I would rate this as more difficult. Overall, I recommend for the challenge and the scenery but would suggest saving for a weekday!
Paradise Divide (09/26/2020)
We drove Paradise Divide on Saturday and we started with the Eastern half out of Mount Crested Butte. It was insanely busy so I would recommend this trail for a weekday. We drove the Western half in the late afternoon after finishing Schofield Pass. The Western half is much more scenic and I would recommend driving it first if you want the best photo opportunities. It was busy but not nearly as bad as the Eastern half in the morning. I hope to drive Paradise Divide again, but on a weekday and maybe not during fall colors.
Medano Pass (09/19/2020)
One of my favorite trails. Started at Highway 69 and drove through the back entrance into the National Park. A few rocky spots but nothing tricky. Very narrow in spots so be cautious around several blind turns. The trail was very busy once we entered the park but the are plenty of wide spots. The sand was soft but not an issue. Highly recommend Medano Pass!
Pass Creek Pass (09/19/2020)
Can confirm Pass Creek Road remains closed. From US-160, the concrete barriers are about 4 miles in. Someone had definitely drove around the barriers which is a terrible idea.