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Oi! My name's Chris and I own a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 named Rocky! She has born with one of the worst four-wheel drive systems Jeep had to offer. (The QuadraTrac I system without a 4 low option, 3.07 stock gears, and no lockable center differential. Pretty much an AWD system from a mechanical perspective and not 4WD). I off road with her to prove that Jeeps are still superior off road vehicles! Rocky and I have done some crazy stuff and have gone places (and still attempt to go places) where many guides have recommended a lift, 31" tires, and 4 low as a necessity in order to run the trail. I've done simple stuff with my beloved Jeep Rocky such as going down beautiful passes here in Colorado with her to getting extreme and getting almost completely wedged sideways in a very narrow canyon. I own a YouTube channel @TheValleyofAwesome where I post all my latest content featuring Rocky my GC whether it's at trails or things at home! Feel free to subscribe and also follow on my Twitter @Chris Li! Cheers!

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Rocky 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Suspension Mods: None Engine Mods: None Tires: Toyo H/T All Terrain Tires 245/65/17 Armor and Skid Plates: Plastic Front Suspension skid plate (stock), Grade I Metal Gas Tanks Skid Plate (stock) Overall Condition: Bone Stock