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Silver Jack Reservoir (09/25/2021)
Well-maintained dirt road with gorgeous views of the nearby mountain sides and all the changing colors of fall. I’m still learning how to drive my husband’s jeep, which is a manual, so this was a perfect road for me. Did side trips on the Cimarron trails and exited via Owlpass. Great road for a total novice. Probably only passed eight or nine other vehicles. Plenty of people camping here and there. But the views in the color were amazing. And there didn’t appear to be any water in the reservoir. Sad.
Pierson Park South (09/18/2021)
Fun trail and busy as the morning worn on. Got there around 9am and saw 1 other Jeep but passed several caravans of trucks and Jeeps on our way out. Stock Jeep running 33’s, scraped once otherwise no issues on the steep decent or climbing out unlike the classic Jeep in front of us. We weren’t sure they were going to make it. Some fall colors, great meadow at the bottom to stop for lunch and the dogs to stretch their legs and Longs Peak seemed unbelievably close.
Phantom Canyon (06/06/2021)
After a bit of a detour trying access the road (bridge was closed for repair) we got into the canyon around 8am. It was cool but quiet and just beautiful. I really expected more of an arid environment but it was lush, green, lots of wildflowers and water in the creek. We really enjoyed the scenery, rock tunnels and bridges. Definitely want to return and try and snag one of those camping spots near the creek! This was our weekend to explore parts of Colorado we hadn't been too before and we weren't disappointed with any of our choices. The road was easy, well maintained and scenery couldn't be beat!
Cedar Mountain Road (06/06/2021)
We ran this from the south and except for taking a wrong turn somewhere and ended up WAAAAY off course it was a fun road. And you DO have to air down. The road, while not terribly rough, had enough ups, downs, gully's and craters that not doing so would result in a much less fun ride. We got there right after the rain went through leaving plenty of large puddles to splash through. The south end parking area was filled with about a dozen Jeeps, some Razors and a handful of dirt bikes. Except for the initial group that passed us we hardly saw a soul - especially when we got off the main road and ended up meandering the long way to Westcreek. We want to go back and find out where we went wrong - somewhere between way points 2-5 - and try out a few of the gulch side trips
Matukat Road (aka Goose Creek Road) (06/05/2021)
Once you got past the Cheeseman entrance (where we stopped for lunch) all the weekend warriors disappeared. Even with minimal trees it was still a beautiful drive. Only passed a few other vehicles although there tons of people camping. It started out pretty warm, near 90, but the clouds built in before we were through cooling it off which the dogs were happy for.