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  • 2011 Toyota 4Runner (2" lift, 31" tires)

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2011 Toyota 4Runner

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Imogene Pass (09/19/2020)
This trail was amazing! I stopped every couple minutes because there were more pictures I had to take. I was in a 4Runner with a 2” lift and that was helpful. The trail was moderately technical and a decent challenge, it would have definitely been more challenging at stock height.
Mosquito Pass (08/30/2020)
Pretty cool trail, starting from Alma, we were above tree line before we knew it, didn’t even put it in 4 wheel drive until then. Just past the mine it gets a little interesting, lots of rocks and some offset holes that will challenge open diffs without a traction aid. The mines are cool and the scenery is amazing.
Red Cone (08/15/2020)
We ran this trail in my 2011 4Runner w/ 2” lift and 31.6” tires. I feel like the descent is a little over-hyped, I didn’t feel my anxiety level go up at all as we went down. I did scrape pretty good at the gatekeeper and on a few boulders in the rock garden; rock sliders and skid plates are a beautiful thing. One of the last switchbacks was a pretty decent challenge as well, I watched another vehicle struggle through it for a while but I pulled right through, I think I found the right line.
Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (08/03/2020)
I ran this trail with a few family members, they were driving a Toyota Highlander, Chevy Suburban w/o 4 low, and a Chevy Yukon w/ 4 low. The Suburban was the only vehicle that struggled at both the stream crossing and what I’d call the one rock obstacle on the trail. He took a few attempts to get over each. The Highlander took some damage to the ‘skid plate’ underneath. It looks like it is made of fiberglass. Everyone loved the views and the mines at the top.
Santa Fe Peak (07/11/2020)
This trail was less crowded than others around which is always a plus, it's got some boulders and tight switchbacks to negotiate but nothing too crazy. I was looking for an excuse to hike so we actually stopped about a mile short of the peak and walked the rest. The off-camber shelf road at the top would have made me nervous to drive but it was definitely doable. Great views at the top, you can watch vehicles descend Red Cone, it also overlooks Geneva Creek, Saints John, Webster, Deer Creek, and mountains galore.
Georgia Pass (07/03/2020)
I enjoyed the trail, nothing too challenging as long as you're a little careful, I wish I'd gone the other way, I went from South to North so I was going downhill through the obstacles, it's always a lot more fun to climb up. 10/10 for scenery.
Hackett Gulch (06/13/2020)
This was a fun trail to run, the obstacles were a little challenging but nothing too crazy, it has a couple strep rock climbs. I do wish it was clearer where the trail is supposed to end, our group stopped just before the creek but some others went past us, all the way to the river, I suppose. I have a 2011 4Runner with a 2” lift, I scraped up the back bumper a little coming back down but otherwise it handled fine. The scenery is pretty good but still suffers from the fire.