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Broken Arrow (11/26/2020)
Visited on Thanksgiving Day. Lots of traffic, side by sides, hikers, and pink Jeeps. I can see why the trail is so popular, the scenery is unbelievably amazing. There are some fun obstacles to be found. Overall a great short trail.
Smiley Rock (11/20/2020)
This is a really fun trail! It has some steep hills with loose rock and some sections with big boulders. With some good spotting the trail can be done with a stock height Jeep, or in our case, stock height FJ Cruiser with 33" tires. The wash is surprisingly green and it's really a beautiful trail!
Moss Wash Trail (11/18/2020)
This was a really fun trail, good obstacles, great scenery. Watch out for the drop off near the mansion! It's hard to see coming, I unexpectedly hit it... Don't go wheeling by yourself like I do.
Mineral Basin (10/13/2020)
Super fun trail. Lots of big rocks an a couple places you can challenge yourself and your vehicle. It wasn't crowded when we were there, but this is a pretty popular area for local valley dwellers. There is a $6 day use fee that you are supposed to pay to use the trail, which is good for 3 days of use.
Rattlesnake Gulch (10/07/2020)
This trail is a nice break from the sandstone and sand of Sand Hollow. Tons of water on the trail, sometimes the trail is the creek. You'll definitely want to have some underbody rock protection as the boulders can be pretty large. An amazingly beautiful trail though!
Poughkeepsie Gulch (09/29/2020)
This is the most technical trail in the Ouray area. If you avoid "The Wall" this trail would not be difficult for many 4x4 vehicles. Rock protection would be good to have, but if you're careful you might not even need it. The Wall is a fun obstacle that is surprisingly slick. It isn't grippy sandstone like found in Moab. On my visit some Jeeps made it up without even spinning a tire, others, including me had a bit of a time, but made it. Being on the right line is critical. Don't be afraid of doing Poughkeepsie, it is not a severe trail.
Grizzly Lake (09/29/2020)
Beautiful Colorado trail and a lot of fun! Like Iron Chest, the start is the hardest part. Big rocks and very steep after the gatekeeper. After the first quarter mile or so the trail isn't very difficult. There is a good mix of landscapes, going from forests, rock fields and a little mud. Have fun!
Sidewinder Exit (09/22/2020)
This is a great trail, very steep climb and big rocks. I did this trail along with Rattlesnake gulch and most of Constrictor in a single day. Tons of fun, and optional lines for any vehicle.
Constrictor (09/22/2020)
I did this trail in conjunction with Rattlesnake and Sidewinder in a single day. Constrictor is hardcore. Huge obstacles for big builds. I made it to Eagles Nest but did not attempt it, especially being solo. The path to the left before Eagles Nest IS NOT A BYPASS.... And it's a pain to back down!! This is a great bunch of trails!
Iron Chest (09/16/2020)
Iron Chest is another fun Colorado Trail. The first quarter mile is a long gatekeeper! These big rocks are intimidating but are surprisingly navigable. There was a little bit of snow on the rocks the day I went, which made it a little extra difficult, but I made it. After the rocks it's a pretty simple trail with some shelfy spots. There was a small rock slide and deeper snow toward the top which prevented me from making it all the way up. Have fun!
Chinaman Gulch (09/08/2020)
Chinaman Gulch is classic rock crawling fun. There are obstacles to satisfy every itch, from mild to crazy. It's just a lot of fun!
Blanca Peak (09/04/2020)
This another great Colorado trail with a little bit of everything. Great scenery, scary cliffs, tough obstacles, lakes, streams, and cell signal most of the time... All the way up to Como lake you can still see the valley below, it's one big climb! There were A LOT of hikers (hundreds) on this trail, be courteous, most of them were very friendly and entertained by us driving up the trail. A great trail to spend a night on!