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2018 Jeep Wrangler (2 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
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Upper Geneva (Geneva Creek) (08/15/2021)
Drove up 8/14 and camped at the top. Was completely packed the entire drive up, only a single campsite was available before the top of the trail. Getting too much traffic by people who don't realize this is a Jeep road, so had to wait for about half a dozen SUVs to back up just before the end of the trail. Another Jeep who seemed familiar with the trail said it was rougher than in past years. I'd second the vehicle recommendation for this trail. Top was not crowded in the afternoon. Got hailed on, so plan for that possibility.
Pickle Gulch (Blackhawk) (06/20/2021)
Drove downhill after taking Dakota Hill East up. Didn't realize I had turned down this trail, if I had I would have aired down a lot more. Pretty sure I drove this uphill a couple years back, and the obstacles seem more washed out and rutted now. Would recommend squishy. Some spots might be tight with a wider vehicle, and in the "gradual but rocky ascent" at waypoint 8 a pretty good size boulder rolled onto the side of the trail near the bottom, making it narrower. I chose that path downhill and was happy to have larger tires and clearance. Uphill would be a clincher. Not much water to speak of and no mud. Might be a couple more obstacles now than what's reported on this site. Fun trail.
Dakota Hill East (06/20/2021)
Drove uphill with a first-timer passenger. Was a thrilling ride for them, and kept me on my toes around some of the rocky turns. Basically the whole thing is a rocky climb with some narrow spots and a few rocky switchbacks. Good traction is all you really need to get through it. Don't recall any real obstacles or clearance issues. The shaft house is pretty cool. Had no cell signal about halfway up the trail, and it is tricky to navigate as others have said, so I'd highly recommend downloading whatever you plan on using to navigate.