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Shrine Pass (06/27/2020)
Open from Vail to Red Cliff. Beautiful easy drive. Gate on left to Mccallister Gulch and Wearyman Road/Ptarmigan Pass looked to be closed.
Georgia Pass (06/26/2020)
Ran from Breckenridge and back. Trail is open all the way to the summit.
Mayflower Gulch (06/25/2020)
Really easy trail to add on after hiking down the road. As mentioned above, there are a TON of hikers on this. A lot of people gave us bad looks and questioned why we were driving when they were hiking it.
Dakan Road (05/24/2020)
Nice easy trail. Quite crowded on the Sunday we drove through. ATVs enjoy this area and Rampart Range Road, I would stay away of this area in the future for camping.