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Hi, I'm Ryan! I am a Colorado native and I've been wheeling since I was 16 years old. I grew up with a relentless passion for all things Jeep and off road related, and that passion has never died out. I am a member of the Mile-Hi Jeep Club, Patrol 16 Sasquatch Jeepers and currently own an '06 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited (LJ) nicknamed "Minion". I am a huge supporter of Stay the Trail and Tread Lightly, and have participated and even been in charge of many trail restoration projects. I have been a trail leader several times for events such as All-4-Fun, ColoradoFest, Set Them Free, 14er Fest, and other. I am also the creator of the Unlimited LJ Adventure. My rig is built for extreme offroading, but I love to get my tires dirty on any kind of trail whether it's rock crawling or just scenic high Alpine drives. I've wheeled all over the country including Colorado, Utah, Kansas, the Carolinas, AZ, and I have even ran the historic Rubicon Trail. I love a great adventure, and love even more to share those adventures with others. If you see the "minion" out on the trail, make sure to stop and say hello.

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Black Bear Pass (10/09/2018)
Black Bear is currently closed due to snow. It is likely to remain closed for the season now, but be sure to check with the local district.
Clear Lake (10/02/2018)
For a fall weekday, there was a lot of traffic on the trail. Not many people at the lake up top, but many along the drive. Passing oncoming traffic is not an issue along most of the trail. A few spots might be a bit narrow to pass someone, but overall not an issue. The waterfall was pretty low due to the drought down there, but still a cool sight to see.
Black Bear Pass (09/23/2018)
Trail is still open and very dry. Where there are typically waterfalls on the east side, right now they are nothing but trickling water. Ingram Falls and Bridal Veil are very low on volume also. Beyond the water situation, the views are incredible on this trail, and being my first time on it in the fall, it was cool, but I do prefer the lush green scenary better.
Ophir Pass (09/23/2018)
Great day to be on the trail! The fall colors are amazing right now in the area. Saw quite a bit of traffic, but probably not as busy as peak summer season. I would say the only thing this guide is missing is the historic post office on the west end between the highway and ophir. It's a really cool building to stop and visit.
Last Dollar Road (09/21/2018)
Great dirt route from Ridgeway to Telluride. Strangely enough, the aspens on the north side are not yet changing much, but on the south side, they are spectacular. Incredible views along this trail! It's super easy and we saw a lot of traffic... everything from Audi sedans to pickup trucks and Jeeps. Great trail for Aspen viewing!
Wheeler Lake (08/16/2018)
The trail will be closed this Friday and Saturday, August 17th & 18th for a work project with the Forest Service.
Tincup Pass (07/18/2018)
Ran this as our final trip of the day after running Hancock and Cumberland first. This giant loop makes for a long day, but it certainly is a fun one rich in history. We were running the trail in reverse of this guide. By the late afternoon, there wasn't a lot of traffic on the trail, but there were still a lot of people at Mirror Lake. We came up the Old Tincup route and going uphill on those boulders definitely challenges you. Fun day in the hills as always.
Grizzly Lake (07/18/2018)
Ran the trail as part of the Set Them Free event again this year. We had a small fairly small group, but the carnage was big. The wall claimed a rear axle shaft, a front axle u-joint, and a front outer shaft. Only two vehicles in our group made it up the wall without winching; I was one of them and the other was also an LJ on 37s. For the first time I have ever been to the lake, it was absolutely gorgeous! It was sunny and warm with zero wind! I think this was just the calm before the storm though because on our way out, a massive rainstorm came through and drenched us the entire way back to the highway.
Alpine Tunnel West (07/18/2018)
Came down this trail after running Hancock Pass. The upper part beyond wp6 is still closed, but the history along the open section of road is really cool! The water towers are awesome and I love all the signage in the area giving you the history. The trail is really easy and seems to be very popular as there was a lot of traffic.
Hancock Pass (07/18/2018)
Ran this trail as part of the Set Them Free event. Overall, I think the east side of the trail is a little rougher than the "3 rating" leads on to be, but it's still suitable for a stock high clearance vehicle. The trail was very dry and really no mud to speak of at all. The west side in my opinion has way better views, but that could have also been just because I was facing the views rather than them being at my back. Good trip though for any beginning wheeler or anyone looking for some remoteness.
Alpine Tunnel East (07/18/2018)
Ran this trail as part of the Set Them Free event. The guide is spot on and in dry conditions, any passenger vehicle can make it up to the townsite. Looks like there are a lot of hiking opportunities around there. Dusty and dry, but nice easy trip.
Rollins Pass East (07/12/2018)
For the time of year, the snow is very minimal right now. There were a couple fresh inches at the beginning, but that was it really. We didn't encounter significant snow untill about waypoint 5. It appears there were some large drifts maybe a week or 2 ago, but those had been busted by previous drivers, leaving only a couple inches from the last storm. We made it almost to the lake, but we're stopped by a large, off camber, wind blown drift at 9.3 miles. No other issues or recovery needed except at the 9.3 mile mark.
Webster Pass (07/07/2018)
The snow cornice is not yet melted out. Dirt bikes have made a path through and probably within a week ATVs will get through. With a bit of shoveling, they could start getting through now. I expect another 2-3 weeks before full size vehicles can get through.
Radical Hill (06/19/2018)
The gate on Webster was just opened so we drove up to see how far we could get on Radical. The trail is very wet with a lot of runoff coming down the trail. Many areas are very soft and muddy so please tread lightly. We made it only 1 mile before a large snowfield blocks the trail.
Holy Cross City (06/19/2018)
Trail is open all the way to Cleveland Rock
Webster Pass (06/19/2018)
The gate on the north end has been opened and the trail is mostly snow free to the summit. Just beyond the creek crossing there are a couple remaining snow drifts that shouldn't be an issue for any modified rig. Those should be melted out soon. The south side is still impassable at the very top due to the snow cornice. Going to be several weeks, if not a month before it is melted out. Up to that point, the trail is clear. The washouts just after the first switchback is very narrow. Itncould present a challenge for wide rigs. There is substantial resource damage to the sides of the trail due to illegally driving off trail. Please stay on the trail and do not attempt to drive off reaching mud bogs.
Ophir Pass (06/04/2018)
Per local resources, Ophir is 100% open and dry.
Boreas Pass (06/04/2018)
Gates are open on both ends.
Stony Pass (05/22/2018)
Per Ouray County, Stony Pass is now open.
Iron Chest (05/21/2018)
Trail is still blocked by snow at the avalanche chute at waypoint 6. Until that point, the trail was dry. Beyond that point the trail appeared dry as well. Some determined folks with shovels could make fairly quick work of the drifts, otherwise I expect it to melt out by the end of the month.
Slaughterhouse Gulch (05/20/2018)
Trail is open per the South Platte ranger district. The mud season closure is not a set dates closure. If conditions allow, the road can be opened, like it is now.
Grizzly Lake (05/20/2018)
Spent the first half of the day doing some work on the trail with the guys from CORE and the Forest Service. We installed 2 winch anchors at the wall obstacle and put in some fencing to prevent resource damage from those attempting to bypass the obstacle. After the work, we ran the trail to the end. It is fully open.
Corkscrew Pass (05/17/2018)
Cleared and fully open per local reports.
Twin Cone (05/17/2018)
The seasonal Gate has been opened. Time to go wheeling!