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2022 Subaru Forester Wilderness

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 26"
Ironman 4x4 Primitive Racing Skid Plates

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Redskin Road (10/21/2022)
Ran this trail on Friday, October 21, 2022 in a Subaru Forester Wilderness. Easy road accessible to regular sedans. Some interesting rock formations and nice campgrounds make the drive interesting. Crosses the Colorado Trail in several locations.
Wellington Lake (10/21/2022)
Ran this trail on Friday, October 21, 2022 in a Subaru Forester Wilderness. Easy road accessible to regular sedans. Some interesting rock formations and nice campgrounds make the drive interesting. Lake Wellington and The Castle (the mountain behind the lake) is scenic.
Saints John (10/19/2022)
Ran this trail on Friday, October 19, 2022 in a Subaru Forester Wilderness with 2 inch lift. Ran it from Montezuma to Waypoint 8. Nice views from Waypoint 8. Didn't scrape on the berms between Waypoints 8 and 14. Since it was getting dark returned to Keystone. We'll be back next summer to run the entire trail.
Baldy Mountain Road (10/08/2022)
5 stars for the spectacular views of Breckenridge, the Ten Mile Range, the Swan River Valley and Keystone North Peak ski area. The trail was relatively easy except for a couple spots. Aspens were turning gold in several areas. Fresh dusting of snow on top. Worth the trip.
Boreas Pass (10/08/2022)
4 stars for the views of the fall aspen colors, snow capped mountains and lake. Otherwise just a passenger vehicle road. Ran it from Breckenridge to Como on a Saturday morning so it was busier then normal. Lots of rental cars that were probably tourists from out of state. You have to run this road during the peak fall colors at least once. It's like driving through a tunnel of gold in some spots. This year we missed the peak by a week.
Mayflower Gulch (09/25/2022)
Fun little trail with a stream, some old cabins and scenic views at the end. Easy trail except for one spot with a deep rut. We saw a BMW and Honda parked at the end. Lots of hikers that were very polite. The sign at the start says HIGHWAY LEGAL VEHICLES ONLY. I took a photo of it in case any hikers got irritated with us driving the trail. Aspen trees beginning to turn yellow and gold. Worth the side trip if your in the area.
Lead King Basin (09/24/2022)
We ran this loop counter clockwise on Saturday, September 24. This trail is now a diversion dam roller coaster. There must be a hundred of them. Some of them have a steep angle of approach and departure which caused my trailer hitch to drag several times. Very scenic at the top. Nice stream and waterfalls. Aspen starting to turn yellow and gold. As others have mentioned there are some rough rocky sections with no pullouts. We're glad we didn't meet any other vehicles. I see they changed the rating to a 4, which is accurate in my opinion.
Crystal City (09/24/2022)
The Crystal Mill run is one of our favorite Colorado trails. We've been going on the loop to Marble, the Crystal Mill, Crystal City and over Lead King Basin since 1968. We try to do it in the fall when the trees are turning colors. This time the trees were just starting to turn. We stopped for some good BBQ in Marble. We paid the $10 each to go down to the Crystal Mill site for a closer look. Talked to a man that said he was the property owner and he uses the money to make repairs. Since it was a Saturday there were lots of hikers and vehicles. After seeing Crystal City we went on the Lead King Basing loop, which was more difficult then it use to be. See separate review for Lead King Basin.
Dotsero Crater (09/24/2022)
We've seen volcanos in Arizona and Hawaii so we thought we'd check this Colorado volcano out. We ran this trail from east to west as we were driving from Denver to Glenwood Springs. As mentioned in the summary, we ran into one spot between Waypoints 10 and 11 that had larger rocks and ruts. Other then that the trail was easy. We were disappointed by the lack of a view of the volcano and no signage about the volcano. Driving on the black rocks was interesting.
Cumberland Gulch (09/03/2022)
We didn't think this trail is suitable for a beginner. It's rocky from the start. Some big rocks about a hundred feet in took some spotting and careful tire placement for a stock Subaru Forester Wilderness with full skid plates. The lower portion of the trail is mostly wooded, not very scenic. A portion of the trail has large ruts, which took some careful spotting. At the top there are great views include Mary's Glacier.
Yankee Hill to Central City (09/03/2022)
We ran Yankee Hill in a stock Subaru Forester Wilderness (with full skid plates) from Waypoint 9 (Cumberland Gulch) to Waypoint 1. Great views of Saint Mary's Glacier from the top. Very rocky, rough and rutted from Waypoint 3 to 1. Required some spotting and careful line selection in a couple spots. We tested the skid plates a couple times and lost a mud flap. This portion of the trail should probably be a 4.
Rainbow Road (09/03/2022)
We ran Rainbow Road in a stock Subaru Forester Wilderness (with full skid plates) Mostly rock. The upper portion is similar to other trails rated a 3. Walked up to check out the lake. It's a little low this time of year. On the way back down checked out a few camping spots by the stream.
Chinns Lake (09/03/2022)
Fun trail. Lake levels are down this time of year. Still very scenic views make it worth the trip. It's pretty rocky and worth your time airing down. A couple spots on this trail are closer to a 4 than a 3. Since it's Labor Day weekend most of the camping sites were occupied.
Extension Mill Road (08/28/2022)
We ran several trails in the Golden Horseshoe today. Used Extension Mill Road to get from Galena Gulch to Prospect Hill Road. A few mud puddles along the way. Lots of areas where they've been clear cutting trees. No scenic views on this trail.
Georgia Pass (08/27/2022)
We ran most of the trails in the Golden Horseshoe today before going over Georgia Pass, then continuing on to Jefferson and Highway 285. The north side Georgia Pass was by far our favorite trail of the day. Scenic view from the summit. The south side is just a 2wd dirt road. We did stop and have a picnic next to a nice little stream.
Galena Gulch (08/27/2022)
We ran several trails in the Golden Horseshoe today. A few mud puddles along the way. The most fun on Galena Gulch was the steep hill with the loose rocks. Lots of areas where they've been clearing trees. No scenic views.
Prospect Hill Road (08/27/2022)
We ran several trails in the Golden Horseshoe today. Used Prospect Hill Road to get from Galena Gulch to Brewery Hill. Easy road . Great views of Breckenridge Ski Resort. The Brisbane Mine cabin and outhouse were interesting. Stopped to check them out. Lots of areas where they've been clear cutting trees.
Georgia Gulch (08/27/2022)
Fun little trail, dense woods and a fantastic scenic meadow. We didn't meet anyone on the trail. Made the loop going up American Gulch-Humbug Hill and returning on Georgia Gulch.
American Gulch/Humbug Hill (08/27/2022)
We ran most of the Golden Horseshoe today. The trails are all open, mostly dry with a few mud puddles. Tried this trail on the way to Georgia Pass. Lots of ATV's, UTV's and dirt bikes. Fun little trail. Some scenic views at the top.
Brewery Hill (08/27/2022)
Loved Brewery Hill. Tight trail with lots of challenges for a Subaru. Not many pullouts to pass. Fortunately we didn't meet anyone. Forest was really thick and green from all the rain this summer.
Rollins Pass East (08/21/2022)
We ran Rollins Pass West last month where we looked down on Yankee Doodle Lake, So we had to check out Rollins Pass East and the lake. Lots of potholes and very rocky. It took us two hours to get to the top where it's blocked. Enjoyed a picnic overlooking Yankee Doodle lake.
Mammoth Gulch (08/21/2022)
Easy trail. Scenic view on top. Ran it from Elk Creek to Tolland. Scenic view of several lakes and the yellow school house on the lower end. We used it as a short cut over to Rollins Pass East.
Mosquito Creek Road (08/21/2022)
On the east end the gate is closed with a PRIVATE PROPERTY sign, which can be confusing. We entered and closed the gate behind us. Nice little trail that runs beside a pretty little stream. Most of the trail is a 2 and a few spots are 3. Recent rains have created some wide washouts. Not much scenery until you get to the top. Fun little trail.
Peru Creek (08/14/2022)
Easy trail with lots of potholes for the first mile or two. Stopped for lots of photos of a pretty little stream next to the trail, beaver dams, mines and scenic mountains along the trail. Sorry to see the trail doesn't go to Horseshoe Basin anymore. We used to really enjoy it back in the 1980's when it was open.
Cinnamon Gulch (08/14/2022)
Nice little trail up to some mines. Very scenic views. Worth the side trip if you're going up Peru Creek.
Deer Creek (08/14/2022)
Nice trail out of Montezuma through the trees to the top. Beautiful 360 degree views. Made it all the way to top and checked out some of the connecting trails. Overlooked Radical Hill and Webster Pass. Could see Red Cone in the distance.
Saints John (08/14/2022)
Beautiful 360 degree views on top. We came up Deer Creek then took Saints John over to waypoint 2 before the rain and hail moved in.
Jones Pass (08/06/2022)
Easy dirt road trail with some rocky spots here and there. Beautiful views on top. West side you drive through the fire damaged area.
Mad Creek (08/06/2022)
I've driven through Empire many times and didn't know this trail existed until I subscribed to Trails Off Road. Nice little trail. One rocky stretch. A couple stretches with no turnouts. Luckily we didn't meet anyone on the trail. There weren't any great views on this trail, but it was fun.
Woods Creek Road (08/06/2022)
Very easy road for anyone to traverse. A lot of potholes and some mud puddles. We thought we'd check it out on our way back from Jones Pass. It looked like mostly hikers and people going fishing at the lake. The parking lot at the end was full.
Corona Pass aka Rollins Pass West (07/31/2022)
Nice trail ! 4 stars for the scenic view at the top. As you head up there are some good views of Winter Park. First 10 miles or so aren’t that exciting. Once you get above timberline there are some great views of three lakes and a waterfall. The best part is at the top. Turn right before you get to the main parking lot. It’s the upper road that is the most challenging, fun and scenic. Drove it in a stock Forester Wilderness with skid plates.
Bunce School Road (07/23/2022)
Tried it from both ends. Didn't make it very far from the Peaceful Valley end. Turned around and tried it from the north end. We got a lot further. Too many larger rocks in the middle for a Forester Wilderness.
Switzerland Trail (07/23/2022)
Nice fun trail for Subaru Forester Wilderness. Not busy at all. Met a few Jeeps, sxs and motorcycles.
Lamartine Road (AKA South Spring Gulch) (07/17/2022)
Fun trail close to Denver. Forester Wilderness does good on this trail.
Beaver Creek (06/20/2022)
Easy trail. A little narrow in spots where the bushes will provide you some pinstripes. Several beaver ponds. Great camping spots. Fun little side trip when your visiting Hall Valley.
Upper Hall Valley (06/20/2022)
Love this trail. I first ran it in the late 1960's. Nice stream, beautiful views of snow capped mountains and really nice campsites.