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  • 2018 Toyota 4Runner (3" lift, 31" tires)

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2018 Toyota 4Runner

Lift Size: 3"
Tire Size: 31"

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Slaughterhouse Road (aka Slaughterhouse Gulch) (10/09/2022)
This was my first time on this trail. It was a fun 2 hours. Not too much imbedded rock, which was nice for CO. I am marking this harder than a 3 as there are just enough larger rocks (plus the mudhole) that a stock vehicle may really have some trouble. It gets pretty steep in places and I used my locker twice which I rarely ever need. I was worried I was going to get stuck when entering the mudhole based on the approach angle as my front skid and bumper started sinking in (once I got passed the entrance it was no problem). I would give it a 3.5 or 4 for difficulty. Funtreks marks it as difficult. Bringing traction boards is probably a good idea. I am sure I will return.
McClellan Mountain (08/28/2022)
I only ran this from WP 15 down to 9 as part of our Argentine Pass day after checking out Santiago Mine. I agree with others here. That section was very tight and added pinstripes to my 4Runner. Coming down to WP 9 there is a huge rock right in the middle. We managed to barely make it down but a a large vehicle may not like this section section. This is one of the few times I really appreciated and needed my rock sliders.
Webster Pass (08/26/2022)
Ran this from Montezuma to the summit and back. Is is easy except for the water crossing-which was not bad in August. I have run the other side a couple of years ago. I’d say this trail is really a 3 (the 4 may apply in early season). Absolutely beautiful drive. We saw 2 moose that were the biggest we had ever seen.
Lininger Cutoff (08/18/2022)
Fun easy area to explore. However, the water crossing was the biggest I have ever done. I spent some time scoping it out and finally decided my 4Runner w 3 inch lift could make it. Ran all of the connecting trails too which I think should be rated 2’s, not 1’s.
Long Canyon (06/03/2022)
Ran this downhill. Pretty easy in our 4Runner. Beautiful scenery. I did use 4 low just to help with braking as it is pretty steep.
Gemini Bridges (06/03/2022)
Fun trail. Not very hard but it is a pretty bumpy ride. We checked out the side trails too.
Bull Canyon (06/03/2022)
Ran the easy portion out to the hike, which is definitely worth doing.
Four Arches Canyon (06/03/2022)
Fun side trail from Gemini Bridges. We only ran this to the arches. The first part is fun and easy (but narrow). There is a short side road at the arches. Be sure to take it and get out to find the arches, which are not quickly identifiable. There is a tougher obstacle right after that which we hit but then turned around. It required some clearance (we have a lifted 4Runner).
Fins and Things (06/02/2022)
Ran the first 75% today and took the radio tower bypass out (which is still a 3). Ran a 4runner with 3 inch lift and sliders. I would not do it without a lift and experience. There are several spots that are fairly scary. I would rate this a 5 (which is the rating on the map they provide where you pay your fee). Used my locker once to get up to waypoint 7 (which could be by-passed at the campground). I spent a lot of time scouting routs/lines. Dragged my hitch twice on some very steep descents. The northern spur off of the main trail is not special. Fun overall but be smart.
Hurrah Pass (06/01/2022)
Did this with Chicken Corners today. Amazing views. It does have a few challenges and shelf roads. Highly recommended but not necessarily for a standard AWD SUV.
Chicken Corners (06/01/2022)
May be my favorite trail ever?? Awesome views the entire way. Not too tough but lots of interesting terrain. I ran 4 low most of the way in my 4runner (3 inch lift). A 3 rating seems right and and a 2 rating for the pass seems correct too. I would probably not recommend either trail for a standard AWD SUV as they there are a few tough spots. We ran it out and back from town in 6.5 hours and stopped at Catacomb Rock-recommended.