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  • 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser (2.5" lift, 33" tires)

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1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 33"
Rocky Road Sliders, TJM Skid Plates

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Perigo (09/06/2020)
About halfway up, there is a tree someone attempted to chop down making this trail impassible. Unfortunately, the tree is still mostly upright. We struggled to back out of the location and had some serious body damage as the result. Very frustrating
Park Creek (08/16/2020)
I've spent a fair about of time in the Bunce School road area as it's a relatively short drive for me. This weekend we ran Park Creek for the first time with some friends from out of town (Leaving T-33 as the only trail to check off here). This is a little gem as far as getting some technical practice and pushing your rig a little. We drove a 98 Landcruiser 100, with 2.5-inch lift on 33's with sliders and armor. We completed only the main (and reportedly more challenging) of the two spurs before deciding it was getting late and we needed to head back. The trail up to the triangle intersection is relatively docile. This changed almost immediately when entering the right side spur. Most of the dirt that used to exist in the rocky climb section seems to have been washed out. Essentially, it's now a rock field. While it looked like rocks would be sliding and flipping everywhere, it was quite stable to drive on. Further on there were some rocky areas that pushed us close to the limit; we cleared a few with light scraping. A long stretch of trail beyond here is extremely narrow. Pin-striping chances are no joke, but I think that "no full size" should also be added to the concerns list. By my guess, full size pick-ups and other larger vehicles simply won't be able to sneak through the twisty, tree-lined upper section. We had to tuck the mirrors in to squeeze through a couple places. I did require a spotter several times to get through the tougher parts. The turn around area is very tight and will also require spotter assistance with larger vehicles. I'd guess more than 3 or 4 vehicles would require some serious shuffling to get front ends point back downhill. This was definitely a fun trail to navigate if you like a bit of a challenge. (I was torn between 3 and 4 stars . . . consider that a .3.5 rating) On the downside, the area is rife with rental ATV drivers with little or no experience. For the most part they are OK, but with the numbers you see here, there are always a few with no understanding of off-road etiquette. As such, expect to eat a lot of dust and encounter impatient and sometimes rude drivers. The other downfall of this area is that scenery is rather bland (for Colorado). This particular trail is heavily wooded, and while it's nice to be in the forest, the stunning vistas are simply nonexistent here.
China Wall (08/08/2020)
I ran this my Landcruiser 100 (2.5" lift) along with a stock Wrangler Sport and Grand Cherokee Overland. This is definitely a good trail to push stock or lightly modified rigs close to their limits. The Overland struggled climbing back up the first rock obstacle, scraping skid plates, exhaust and dining a wheel. All three of us needed spotters to get through in both directions. The Wrangler and Landcruiser both climbed the wall with no troubles. The Overland driver wisely chose to bypass that element. Unfortunately, we missed the turn off for waypoints 9 through 14 due to navigation difficulties. The trail was not terribly crowded, through there were a number of motorcycle and ATV users. It was a great day nonetheless.