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  • 1996 Jeep Cherokee (2" lift, 31" tires)
  • 1998 Jeep Cherokee (Stock lift, 29" tires)
  • 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee (Stock lift, 30" tires)
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1996 Jeep Cherokee

Lift Size: 2"
Tire Size: 31"
Named by kids. Goes by little Jeepy 4.5 RC Lift AX-15 No interior - Floor pans welded in by Stevie Wonder himself D30/8.25 swapped from a AW4 98 for that 29 spline 3:55 goodness JCR DIY Front bumper with HF Winch Smittybuilt rear bumper with tire carrier JCR transfer case skid plate Front door delete mod Big O mud tires Pic not current - Still dicking with lift

1998 Jeep Cherokee

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 29"
Named by kids. Goes by Lady Jeep AW4 D30/8.25 Rear spartan locker Smittybuilt front bumper with winch JCR DIY rear bumper

2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 30"
Named by kids. Goes by the Red Devil Stock WK2 Trailhawk with the 5.7 V8. Tows trailer and hauls family Sometimes has a roofnest hat Collecting Badge of Honor Trails: 4/21 Fins n' Things 9/21 Engineer Pass 9/21 Black Bear. Pass 9/21 Imogene Pass

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Imogene Pass (09/06/2021)
Pass 3 of 3 for Labor day 2021. After camping past mountain village, we took Imogene from Telluride to Ouray. This was probably my favorite trail of the long weekend (1 and 2 were Engineer and Black Bear). I really enjoyed the obstacles above Tomboy (WP 8-9). Stopped a lot to check out waterfalls and the mine ruins on the Ouray side. Honestly the hardest part of the trail was the traffic. We came across a individual backing down at WP 4 because they got freaked out by the shelf road. Side note, I had full cell service from Telluride to the summit (ATT).
Engineer Pass (09/05/2021)
Pass 1 of 3 for the 2021 Labor day weekend. Started in lake city and ran it backward to Ouray, according to the guide. The Lake city side of the pass is really mild and the Ouray side is much rockier and off camber in places. Touched my skid plates a bit right after the cutoff to poughkeepsie (WP6-7). Lots of traffic. Beautiful views and lucky to have great weather. Stock 2018 WK2 Grand cherokee trailhawk
Black Bear Pass (09/05/2021)
Pass 2 of 3 for 2021 Labor day. Decided to go over Black Bear after coming down Engineer pass to get into Telluride for the night. Beautiful clear day and I had the trail essentially to myself (because I started around 2 PM). I spent hours pouring over youtube, reviews on this site and others trying to see if I could make it over in my Grand Cherokee trailhawk. The trail from the start to just before the steps (WP7) is relatively smooth and easy. Just before the steps are two off camber ledges that gave me the most trouble (under the old cable that stretches across the trail) . Being a vehicle with independent front and rear suspension, I do not flex and tip very easily. I really had to line up straight to the second drop off. Past that, the actual steps were not that bad. I really had to hug the wall on adios corner but made it down just fine. The switchbacks went ok but I was on two wheels on the second one (WP10) after the switchback of legend. I had a good time but probably won't run this trail again in my GC.
Rule Ridge (06/05/2021)
Very Busy. We camped off of Manchester creek and took Rule to get home (ran reverse). Too many ATVs - UTVs cutting blind corners and nearly smashing into you.
Upper Rule Creek Spur (06/05/2021)
Spent the weekend camping off of Manchester and hit this trail. I would argue that it is not moderately difficult. Mostly narrow and rutted. Did not see anyone else on a beautiful saturday. The hardest part is the exit near WP5. Steep grade combined with the pea gravel texture of the trail might make some struggle. Had no issues in my WK2 trailhawk.
Manchester (Manchester Creek) (06/05/2021)
Camped near WP 5 for two nights. Found a good spot that was not right on the road. Expect OHV traffic (no where near the amount on Rule!) and random gunfire from others target shooting. Would camp here again.
Boulevard (06/05/2021)
Took this to cut from Rule to Manchester (downhill). Was a bit exciting because I was towing a teardrop camper. Nice way to exit Rule before it get really busy.