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2018 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Bill Moore Lake (07/19/2019)
The trail is wide open and in good condition. We went all the way through to the lake and came back out without issue. We also came down The Chutes on the way out. Just remember to take your mosquito repellent because the Lake is swarming with them.
The Chutes (07/19/2019)
Definitely a nice bonus to the Bill Moore Lake trail. When going down the biggest challenge is that you'll find yourself sliding from side to side a time. There are also some 2' tall boulders on the sides but you should be able to get around them if you don't just go over them. I'm still a bit of a novice so this had a little bit more of a pucker factor than other trails I've done. Still, a lot of fun. I'll try going up the next time.
Rollins Pass East (06/28/2019)
We went up to the Jenny Creek entrance today. we elected to go up Jenny Creek instead of the full distance of Rollins Pass East. There was very little snow up to and past that point. Pretty nice conditions. Lots of campers out today. I don’t know if you can get all the way through, but you can get A LOT further than you could a month ago. Have fun and be safe.
Mammoth Gulch (06/28/2019)
Wide open, up to the Kingston Peak gate, which is still closed. Some bits of snow here and there but nothing serious.
Jenny Creek (06/28/2019)
We were able to get a couple hundred feet past the water crossing when we ran into a 3’ tall snow drift. I and a lifted Rubi tried to go over but wisened up and backed out. A side by side was able to get by it but told us there was an even bigger drift further up the trail.