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Main Divide - Middle Section to Saddleback - 3S04 (12/27/2020)
Trail was open and crowded. Easy, dirt road all the way up to the towers. There's a small rutted section that drops down to a spot with great views that needed 4WD but it's optional. We got up there early and spent about an hour at the peak before the crowds showed up. My favorite spot in Orange County.
Maple Spring Road - Silverado Canyon - 5S04 (12/27/2020)
Trail was open and super busy. Made it up early and beat the crowds but saw a ton of traffic going up when we were coming down. Lots of people driving way too fast so keep a look out.
Titus Canyon Road (10/05/2020)
Saved this trail for the end of our Death Valley trip. Easy, graded dirt road that recommends high clearance but we saw a stock VW Tiguan do it with no problem. Stopped for dinner in the canyon and had the most epic views. It was dark by the time we got into the slot canyon which made for a very different experience with the lights shining off the canyon walls. This is definitely a must-do trail and super accessible for even stock 2WD rigs.
Goler Wash / Canyon (10/05/2020)
Ran this trail after Pleasant Canyon on our way to Butte Valley. Relatively easy trail for most stock 4WDs. There was a lot of water damage that caused some ruts but nothing super crazy. Going to the Barker Ranch has been on my list for many years and finally made it out there. Just one of the many pieces of history in the area.
Pleasant Canyon Loop Trail (10/05/2020)
Ran this clockwise starting at Ballarat. The lower section on the way up is very overgrown but made for an interesting drive, expect some pinstriping. The entire trail is super scenic but the smoke was pretty heavy making the views from Roger's pass not as great as we had hoped. We had originally planned on camping in the South Park area but decided to push on to Butte Valley. There is a washed out section just above Chicken Rock that was, in my opinion, even sketchier. Chicken Rock is definitely an experience but not all that difficult. We were glad to get down off the shelf road and stopped at the cabins for lunch. One of the cabins was occupied and one was not. Overall, a great trail that has great views and a ton of history. Definitely worth the trip.
Mengel Pass (10/04/2020)
Started our day in Ballarat and after Pleasant Canyon and Goler Wash ended up in Butte Valley via Mengel Pass. A semi-technical trail with mild rock crawling that will keep you paying attention. Ran this as part of a longer trip through the backcountry of Death Valley with a GX470 and 5th gen 4Runner each with a small lift and 33s. Tagged the sliders a couple times but that was probably more to due with being impatient after a long day of bouncing around trails and seeing our destination so close. Doable with a stock Wrangler or 4Runner 4x4 type vehicle. Butte Valley provided a great place to camp for the night just watch out for all the wild burros.