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Medano Pass (09/24/2020)
We ran the trail from Hwy 69 into the park. We camped at one of the dispersed camping spots for 2 nights and ran the trail up to the visitor's center and back to our campsite once. We headed out before light on 9/25. No issues, the trail was a little challenging up to the pass but nothing too difficult, just rocky. The trail after the pass was easier, but the first water crossing was somewhat deeper than the rest. The trail was dry during our visit. I can see that if things were wet the road from Hwy 69 towards the pass could be very slippery.
Engineer Pass (09/22/2020)
We ran this trail from Animas Forks to Lake City. This was our 2nd time on this trail and we still loved it. Great scenery. It was wet and raining a little on the Animas Forks end which made it a little more challenging up to the pass but not too bad.
San Juan County Road 2 (09/22/2020)
We ran the road from Animas Forks to Silverton and back. Nothing difficult, but the Animas Forks end was really rough.
Cinnamon Pass (09/22/2020)
We ran this trail from Lake City to Animas Forks. Great trail and great scenery. It was a little rocky right at the end going down from the pass into Animas Forks but otherwise it was pretty easy.