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John is a Colorado native who's been 4 wheeling since he got his first tacoma. His original goal of 4 wheeling was to get back into the campsites the Subarus couldn't quite get to. One trip after another, and now it's pretty much consumed all of his free time. He is currently living in Laporte, CO. When he is not coding for Trails Offroad or 4 wheeling, he also enjoys hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and mountain biking.

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Temple Mine (09/19/2020)
Another absolute favorite in the area. A bit of challenge and a ton of epic scenery. The mining history is super fascinating as well. I love this part of Utah!!
Hidden Splendor (09/19/2020)
This is a must-do in the area! The scenery here is jaw-droppingly beautiful. I would suggest this trail to anyone looking for an easy stroll through the San Rafael Swell who is looking for a relaxing and scenic drive.
North Temple Wash (09/19/2020)
Unfortunately, the obstacles were graded over when we came this time but this trail is an overlanders dream trail. It is super epic meandering through the wash with towering cliffs on both sides. There are some great camping opportunities as well. This area with Temple Mine, Hidden Splendor, and Reds Canyon are trails I could run over and over again. One of the big reasons I rate all these trails 5 stars is the lack of people. Don't get me wrong, I love Moab, but the Swell is just an area that sees way less traffic, which bumps the ratings up significantly for me.
Coney Flats (Coney Creek) (09/13/2020)
Went out for the shakedown run with the new lift kit and 37s on the JL. The trail was much wetter this time around, so a bit more fun than our previous trip this summer. Overall a fun trail to get flexed out on! The 6 is no joke. We saw a TRD offroad tacoma with a lift kit and sliders (but on 31s) needing to pull line to get up WP 2.
Middle St. Vrain (09/13/2020)
One of my favorite harder trails in the area. I just put on a new lift kit and 37s, what better close by trail to test the new mods!
Bear Town aka Kite Lake (08/29/2020)
This is a great spur off of Stony Pass that I highly recommend if you have the time. Great views, great technical wheeling, and an awesome lake at the top. I only give this 4 stars as it has the potential to be busy, and the camping along the way was not fantastic, at least compared to Stony Pass. Bring lunch and enjoy the top as it is pretty spectacular!
Stony Pass (08/28/2020)
This is one of my new all-time favorite overland routes! Technical driving, epic scenery, awesome (and plentiful camping), and some incredible history! It just doesn't get any better than this!! Can't wait to come back!
Old Flowers Road (08/18/2020)
Old Flowers is temporarily closed due to the Cameron Peak fire.
Hell Creek Road (08/04/2020)
This trail had some great campsites and it was awesome weaving through the big rocks. Definitely go check this one out if you are in the area!
Red Elephant Hill (07/25/2020)
Wow...what a trail! A whole different beast of a trail that I am personally used to. I have done quite a few 6 rated trails in my previous vehicle (Tacoma with open diffs), but I can safely say that I personally would not run this trail without ABSOLUTE MINIMUM 33's, armor (sliders minimum), and at least 1 locker. My JLU Rubicon (not pictured) was fully locked F/R for a good bit of trail between WP 10-18, definitely making good use of skids and sliders. Out of our group, we had a JLU Rubicon, a lifted (and pretty much fully armored besides bumpers) TRD Offroad Tacoma on 33's, and a fully armored/lifted 4th gen 4R on 33s but with open diffs. The 4R needed to use the winch quite a bit and eventually blew up some of the drivetrain trying to bump it (had to turn around shortly after WP 12). This trail is no joke. I would not go alone unless fully built and experienced, and I would personally not take an open diff vehicle up this unless you have a crazy amount of flex and/or a winch.
Middle St. Vrain (07/18/2020)
This is definitely a fun trail in the area with a good amount of challenge as well as extra activities. This was my first ever real 4x4 trail, so it's always fun to come back and see how the trail has changed (or maybe just my skills). I also love how this trail has a ton of cool hiking opportunities (Gibraltar Lakes are awesome - have yet to do Red Deer Lake). There was a surprising amount of open camp spots while passing through Saturday Morning. Met some cool 4Runner people heading up to camp and hike who were a fan of the website. Overall, it was great day. I highly recommend checking this trail out if you have a mildly built vehicle and are looking for a challenge.
Coney Flats (Coney Creek) (07/18/2020)
Coney Creek is one of those trails where I love part of it and really could care less about the other part. We ran MSV to Coney Flats. The best part of this trail is the "beginning" (at pretty much the end of MSV) up to Coney Creek. This trail is no joke - the 6-6 is quite accurate IMO. I had my fiance drive while I spotted her. Fully locked and aired down, the Rubicon scraped its way to the top. Unless you have a ton of flex, vehicles without lockers will struggle on this trail. The picture imaged of the white Jeep is the worst of the trail. If you can get past that, you will have no issues getting up to the creek and through the rest of the trail back to Peak to Peak highway. After the creek crossing, this trail is not scenic with tight trees and stinky mud. It is nothing special IMO.
Cascade North Twin (07/16/2020)
The FS gave me a call today to tell me they opened the gates to 103
Green Ridge Trail (07/16/2020)
According to the Canyon Lakes Ranger District road status table, the gate is open
Red Cone (07/12/2020)
Red Cone is one of those trails you have to do at least once if you have a capable rig. I was in a bone stock JLU Rubicon, my buddy was in a 2020 Tacoma TRD Tacoma with 33s. Both of us used our lockers to get up WP 2. After that, a few hairy spots but nothing too bad. At very minimum, I would recommend at least 33's and a vehicle with a decent amount of flex to get through - ideally a locker. This trail definitely deserves all the 5-star ratings. Truly epic area of Colorado!
Johnny Park Road (07/05/2020)
We ran this trail the Sunday after the Fourth of July, and was a ghost town! There are active fire bans in place, which is my guess of why it was so empty. Anyways, I love this trail. It has great scenery and has some fun obstacles. I had my fiance drive the entire time and made her do the hardest lines to boost her confidence. We had a great time taking in the sights and playing around in the rocks. This is one of those trails I can run several times a year and not get bored. Always something to see and always provides a fun challenge!
Rimrocker (06/30/2020)
There is currently a fire burning part of this trail. Moab, Utah, June 30, 2020- Despite high winds on the Roc Fire the last two days, no growth occurred. The fire acreage held at 210 acres, and is at 20% containment. From - "THE RIMROCKER TRAIL IS CLOSED FROM HIGHWAY 141 TO BUCKEYE CAMPGROUND THROUGH JULY 8TH. BUCKEYE CAMPGROUND IS CLOSED UNTIL JULY 8TH"
Diamondback Gulch aka Greasy Spoon (06/27/2020)
What a fun trail! Just a little bit of everything to keep it interesting. Awesome scenery, some technical obstacles, and some great places to take a quick break in the shade and enjoy some lunch. We saw a few pink jeeps and some RZRs, but traffic was not too bad while we were out there.
Loy Butte Road (06/27/2020)
This was a pretty cool, easy trail just outside of Sedona. This area was much less populated than some of the other trails in the area. Not only are the other OHV trails around here fun, but the camping opportunities are also pretty decent as well. I wish we could have checked out the Honanki/Palatki cliff dwellings, but we missed our time window on those. I'd definitely come back to check those out, go on a hike, and spend some time exploring this part of Arizona, it's well worth the drive to check this area out.
Schnebly Hill Road (06/27/2020)
Not sure why Jeep picked this one as a Jeep Badge of Honor trail honestly. Clogged with UTVs, not technical, and just bumpy the entire time. Tons of people made this trail hard to enjoy. Sure the scenery is beautiful in parts, but once was enough for me.
Boynton Pass Road (06/27/2020)
This is merely a connector trail out to the Loy Butte area. It is nothing special, but I guess if you are looking to stay on dirt instead of the highway to get out of Sedona, its a pretty good choice.
Broken Arrow (06/26/2020)
Broken Arrow is not my scene personally. This is the offroad tourist trap of Sedona. While the scenery was impressive, that's about all this trail has going for it. For me, I'm glad I did this trail to say that I have done it, but once was enough for me. If remote trails are your thing, this is not the trail for you - it is Pink Jeep/tourist hell.
Old Flowers Road (06/20/2020)
I love this trail for many reasons - it's close to Fort Collins, it has great scenery, and it connects you to the Pingree Park area, which has lots of cool hiking and other camping opportunities. Overall, it is just a great adventure in Northern Colorado. I reserve 5 stars for the truly epic trails - this trail is great, but not stunningly amazing. There is a very good reason they call it Old Flowers! June is prime time for wildflowers along this trail!
Old Flowers Road (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Old Flowers Road is officially open
Bald Mountain (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Bald Mountain is officially open
Sevenmile Road (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Sevenmile Road is officially open
Salt Cabin Park Road (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Salt Cabin is officially open
Sand Creek Pass (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Sand Creek Pass is officially open
Deadman Road (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Deadman Road is officially open
Pearl Beaver Road (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Pearl Beaver Road is officially open
Acme Creek Road (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Acme Creek Road is officially open
Moody Hill (06/17/2020)
According to the MVUM, Moody Hill is officially open
Johnny Park Road (06/15/2020)
According to the MVUM, Johnny Park is now open.
Pole Hill (06/15/2020)
According to the MVUM, Pole Hill is now open.
Panorama Peak (06/15/2020)
According to the MVUM, Pole Hill is now open.
Solitude Creek (06/15/2020)
According to the MVUM, Pole Hill is now open.
Pierson Park North (06/15/2020)
Both Pierson Park North/South are open according to the MVUM.
Pierson Park South (06/15/2020)
Both Pierson Park North/South are open according to the MVUM.
Santiago Mine (06/15/2020)
Definitely add this to your day if you go check out Argentine. The history is so cool behind it! They have recently put up quite a bit of fencing to protect this area. Please respect all fencing and signage you see so others can enjoy this special area for years to come. This was open all the way to the mine.
T-33 Plane Crash (06/15/2020)
Per the MVUM, T-33 Plane Crash is now officially open.
Argentine Pass (06/14/2020)
Did Argentine and McClellan yesterday. Argentine is still impassable all the way to the top. A snowdrift that no one has yet tackled was present about 1.5 miles to the summit. We had a blast checking out the area. As always, stay the trail, avoid the bypasses, and clean up any trash you see.
McClellan Mountain (06/14/2020)
First time up here - what an absolute blast of a trail! I much prefer this to get up to the Waldorf area than Argentine. Such fun water crossings! This trail had awesome camping opportunities also. As always, stay the trail and clean up any trash you see. This trail was not open to the summit - not even close.
Kelly Flats (05/30/2020)
Ran Kelly Flats today. It was busy! I would recommend going on a weekday. Overall the trail is in great shape! This trail is a great test for a stock or mildly built vehicle.
Rimrocker (05/23/2020)
If you are looking for a multi-day overland trip near the SW Colorado/SE Utah area, this is the one you'll need to put on your list. This trail has it all - absolutely incredible scenery/wildlife, awesome camp spots, and lots of cool history and other activities to do as you travel along it (hiking, fishing, kayaking, etc). This is a great trail if overlanding is a new activity for you, or if you are introducing it to someone, as its not a hard trail. From the lush, green forest, to the arid, yet vegetated desert, Rimrocker will make you feel extremely grateful to be experiencing these sights and sounds in the present moment. I give this trail 5 stars for that reason. It is just a special trail - it is hard to put into words. Go run it and see for yourself. If I was to do it over again, I would completely bypass WP 58 to the end (travelling from east to west). In my opinion, it is not an enjoyable section of trail. Everything else before WP 58 is spectacular, however.
Turkey Roost (05/17/2020)
We went out today for a quick drive. This a super fun trail close to town with some awesome camping opportunities. WP 4 is pretty much the gatekeeper obstacle. If you can make it up this obstacle, you can do the rest of the trail. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - STAY THE TRAIL. We placed some larger logs on the sides of the trail to block the bypass, because people are driving around this waypoint. If you cannot make it up, this is a sign your rig is not capable enough, and you should not proceed. Please do not ruin the sensitive ecosystem that surrounds the main trail. Pictured is one of the amazingly beautiful cacti that was just feet from the recently created bypass. WP 5 has a pretty gnarly rut that is getting bigger and bigger, so you will need some flex to get through it.
Rimrocker (05/12/2020)
According to the Facebook Page - Rimrocker Trail, this trail is now OPEN. We are planning a full rewrite of this trail soon. Stay tuned. From Rimrocker FB page... The Rimrocker Trail is OPEN! Please keep these things in mind: The Tabeguache crossing on U19 near Uravan (pictured) has extremely high water, but there are ways to bypass this water crossing. Visit for additional information. Signs have been added and the missing link portion of the highway has been widened. Expect muddy conditions as we have melting & runoff.
Chicken Corners (05/12/2020)
This trail is amazing. Let me tell you. As I explore more and more of Moab and Utah, it starts to fall a bit on the list for a few reasons. The amount of usage it gets, the amount of new bootleg off-trail tracks, and the amount of trash. If you haven't done this trail, definitely go do it. I would recommend going on a weekday as it can be overrun with other adventure seekers. And as usual... pack it in - pack it out, and stay the trail!
Hellroaring Canyon North Rim Overlook (05/11/2020)
"Must do trail in Moab" - I know that verbiage gets thrown around a lot. But seriously, this is one of those trails. The view at the pictures or words could sum up the feeling one will experience. If 4 wheeling is your transportation of choice to access beautiful places on earth, the end of this trail will take ahold of your human sense and make you go...WOW - am I lucky to be here right now.
Lockhart Basin (05/10/2020)
Lockhart Basin is a must-do trail if you have the rig to do it. I would plan on at least a full day (if not 2 - camp along the way), to take it all in. It is sensory overload the entire way. Every turn along the trail - you could get out and take the best picture you've ever taken. If you like challenging, remote, and scenic - this is a technical overlanders dream trail. The campsites along the oh may never want to leave.
Hell Creek Spur Road (03/14/2020)
This was a fun little trail with some great aspen stands. Would be a real treat in the fall when the colors are changing!
Schubarth Trail (03/14/2020)
Great views of the area! This is a fun little trail weaving through the tight trees.
Hay Creek East Road (03/14/2020)
While this trail is short, make sure you get out and do this one. The views from the scenic overlook are incredible!!