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John is a Colorado native who's been 4 wheeling since he got his first tacoma. His original goal of 4 wheeling was to get back into the campsites the Subarus couldn't quite get to. One trip after another, and now it's pretty much consumed all of his free time. He is currently living in Laporte, CO. When he is not coding for Trails Offroad or 4 wheeling, he also enjoys hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and mountain biking.

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2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Hidden Splendor (04/12/2021)
We camped at the very end of Hidden Splendor after a long weekend trip. This is still such an amazing spot. Muddy Creek was running pretty good too, so a nice dip in the water after a long few days was extremely welcomed. I love this area of Utah.
Behind the Reef (04/11/2021)
This is THE trail to do in the swell! There are lots of great trails in this area, but this one has it all. Technical driving, incredible scenery, and some awesome hiking right off the trail. The camping at Chute Canyon was a peaceful spot to spend the night. This is one of those trails that I could run over and over and not get bored. So much to see and do, this is a bucket list trail!
Klondike Bluffs (03/07/2021)
This is a great trail with some fun obstacles. Most of the concern you will experience will be off-camber segments. A few spots get rather tippy! The views along the way are awesome, and just enough technical obstacles to keep it interesting. I'd definitely run this trail again!
Eye of the Whale (03/07/2021)
This is a really fun trail in Arches! Lots of fun sections and amazing scenery. A stock 4wd vehicle will have a challenge, but nothing too bad. Great trail if you are in Arches and you are trying to get out for some wheeling.
Tower Arch (03/07/2021)
This is a really fun trail in Arches! Lots of fun sections and amazing scenery. A stock 4wd vehicle will have a challenge, but nothing too bad. Great trail if you are in Arches and you are trying to get out for some wheeling.
Klondike Bluffs Escape via Baby Steps (03/07/2021)
I had a blast spotting my fiance on this trail! I agree that the rating should be bumped up to a 4. Definitely has its challenges! I'd definitely run this trail again heading into Arches.
Chicken Corners (03/06/2021)
This is a great trail if you have never been in the area, or if you are newer to offroading. It has amazing scenery and has a few technical obstacles. We saw a stock Jeep Patriot at the end for reference, so a stock 4wd vehicle will have no issues. An AWD vehicle with an experienced driver should be able to complete this trail. The only reason I don't give it 5 stars is it sees a lot of traffic. Go early or go on a weekday to have a more remote experience.
Vedauwoo Road (01/10/2021)
Fun day exploring this area. Never been, but plan to return this summer to check it out! Easier trail with some awesome rock formations!
Pumpkin Vine Road (01/10/2021)
Basic connector road in the area. Not much to write home about, but it was awesome to do in the winter time when you're feeling the itch to get out!
Crow Creek Road (01/10/2021)
I liked this trail a lot! This area is on my to-do list when the snow melts. Ample camping opportunities the entire way!
Pratt Creek (12/13/2020)
First time checking out this trail, and it was awesome! Great to see it survive the Cameron Peak fire. Cant wait to explore up here when the snow melts!
Cathedral Valley Loop (11/25/2020)
Great trail! It was a bit busy when we came out here, and the lack of camping detracts from the full 5 stars. Absolutely gorgeous and if you are in the area, highly recommended to do at least once. There were a few very deep and gnarly sandpits that I would not attempt in anything without AWD minimum. A 2wd vehicle is just asking to get stuck on this trail.
Left Hand Collet Road (11/22/2020)
This is a must-do trail in the area. At one point we saw a truck hauling a horse trailer up there, so this is an easy 3 (I recommend a 3 simply to have the transfer case as a few sections are steep). Really fun trail if you like water and geology. No camping along the middle portion of this trail but there is some camping at either end, so definitely check this out if you are looking for an overland route through the Grand Staircase-Escalante area.
Alstrom Point (11/21/2020)
Usually very busy and very windy, we managed to avoid both! Great trail for an epic camp opportunity.
Mojave Road (11/16/2020)
This trail definitely lives up to the hype! What an amazing overland route. I can't wait to come back and spend more time. We did 3 days/2 nights along this trail and it was just barely enough time to see a few side attractions. If I had all the time in the world, I would do minimum of 3 nights along the way stopping frequently to see all the cool stuff. Must do if you are in the area!
Diablo Drop Off (11/14/2020)
We visited Anza Borrego for the first time and had a blast. We camped near Diablos Drop, and while it was windy as all hell, it sure was pretty. Great trail, but a ton more people than I am used to.
Fish Creek Trail - Anza Borrego (11/14/2020)
Cool trail with all the geological history but a ton of people on it made it a bit harder to enjoy.
Caribou Creek (South) (10/11/2020)
This was my first time on this trail and WOAH...some of the most exposure I have ever experienced off-roading. Super narrow and off-camber made my heart race more than a few times. My recommendations - have a vehicle with good, proper off-road tires (not bald and aired down properly) and don't go alone. There were a few spots my tires were touching the sharp rocks. With bad tires, they could easily slice your sidewall. We saw one guy who called Colorado Rescue and Recovery. He had slipped off the trail and was just being supported up by a single Aspen tree. We chatted with him for about 20 minutes and made sure he had enough water and food while he waited for them to come help him out. While I had all the recovery gear, I decided not to help him because of my inexperience with the gear. This trail is to be taken very seriously and stay focused. The shelf portions on this trail are "no fall zones".
Caribou Creek (North) (10/11/2020)
Awesome day out in this area! We got some typical Colorado fall weather (sunny morning, snowy afternoon). There is a mudhole between WP 2 and 3 which is the hardest obstacle on the trail (this trail was mapped long ago, and there is no mention of it). That being said, I would not run this trail alone and/or without some sort of recovery gear. It is in the trees and has the tendency to be very muddy with a steep approach/exit. A stock vehicle with road tires would have quite a bit of trouble completing this trail at this point, so come prepared. For reference, the JL is 4" lift on 37s, the Tacoma is 3" lift on 33s.
Barbour Fork (10/04/2020)
Can't believe I have never done this trail until now! What an amazing trail so close to Denver. Great camping opportunities, technical obstacles, and when we went - some gorgeous bands of yellow and orange aspen trees. I highly recommend this trail if you have a lightly modified rig. A stock rig will probably do fine with an experienced driver with good tires. I can't wait to come back!!
Wheeler Lake (10/03/2020)
We went out to re-map this trail. It was my first time out there, and wow, what a cool trail! Flopper is not the hardest obstacle on the trail, but for me, it gave me the most anxiety. The hardest part was just after the start of bowling ball hill IMO. We met some fans of the site right before we started the trail, one in a locked 5th gen 4R on 33s and one bone stock JL 2dr Rubicon. Both made it up fine with just a bit of getting hung up and re-picking lines. For that reason, I think we are going to re-rate this trail as a low 6. Great day on the trail and we met a lot of cool people along the way. Highly recommend if you are into rock crawling. I didn't give it 5 stars personally as it was an out-and-back with limited camping. For an overlander such as myself, I don't typically seek out these kinds of trails, but glad I did it at least once!