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John is a Colorado native who's been 4 wheeling since he got his first tacoma. His original goal of 4 wheeling was to get back into the campsites the Subarus couldn't quite get to. One trip after another, and now it's pretty much consumed all of his free time. He is currently living in Laporte, CO. When he is not coding for Trails Offroad or 4 wheeling, he also enjoys hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, and mountain biking.

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Middle St. Vrain (10/02/2021)
I love this trail. I love everything about it. Great camping, fun obstacles, incredible hiking at the end of the trail. The colors were amazing when we went. This is a MUST DO trail in Colorado. I don't give 5-star reviews out very often....but this one is deserving of it.
Coney Creek Road (aka Coney Flats) (10/02/2021)
I'm always torn writing a review for Coney. The first part of the trail is awesome (up to the water crossing), after that, it is really tight and not that fun (compared to MSV). This trail is definitely harder than MSV. I was double-locked going up the obstacle at WP 2 on 35's and had to give it 2 tries. Either way...its a rite of passage to complete the entirety of the MSV/Coney loop, and we all had a great day on the trail. Pictures: Jeep is on 35's, all others are on 33's. All are lifted and have sliders with 1+ locker (that were used to complete this trail).
Red and White Mountain (09/20/2021)
This was a fun trail to run in the Vail area. It's one of those trails that I am glad to say I have done it, but it's not really on my radar to go back. There are a few fun sections and a few nice camp spots. Definitely go check it out if you are close by, but I wouldn't make a destination out of it. If you plan on camping, definitely try to get the spot at WP 9 as its by far and away the best option along this trail
Imogene Pass (09/17/2021)
According to the San Miguel County Colorado Road and Bridge, Imogene is now open again.
Prairie Divide Road (09/12/2021)
This trail is a snoozer. Really quite a boring trail, its only saving grace is that it takes you to Chicken Park, which is actually kind of fun for this area. Giving it 2 stars is a stretch - but since you can camp along the way, see some fall colors and some cool rock formations, and it leads you to some other cool places, I guess it earns a rating slightly above a 1 star.
Chicken Park (09/06/2021)
Went out for a mapping mission on Labor Day and had no idea what to expect. This little network is pretty sweet for how close it is to Fort Collins. Not the most amazing trails, not the most amazing scenery, but it was quiet and calming out here. I cant wait to spend a day/night at the lake and try my hand at fishing.
Kingston Peak (08/21/2021)
This is definitely one of my favorite trails in the area. It showcases the high alpine beauty just 45 minutes outside of Denver. There is an amazing hike to James Peak lake which makes this trail that much better. If you are in the Denver area and you are looking for a scenic day trip, this trail is not to miss!
Imogene Pass (08/01/2021)
Absolutely stunning scenery but the one thing for me personally that drops the rating down from 5 stars is the never-ending shelf roads. I don't mind them in short sections, but trail had me gripping the steering wheel for a majority of it, taking away some of the enjoyment of the trail. Back to the good, this is seriously one of the most scenic trails I have ever done in my life. It also has a ton of history with mine shafts littered along the way. Crazy to see the Tomboy area as it is massive! Do this trail once in your life for sure but don't if you either don't like shelf roads or the people you're with don't like them.
Poughkeepsie Gulch (07/31/2021)
This is one of my new favorites in the area (I haven't ran them all...yet). I loved this trail due to the scenery as well as the fact that this is one of the only trails that doesn't have extended shelf road portions (this trail I cant remember there being any shelf roads whatsoever). I don't mind shelf roads, but when you're doing them all day long, it starts to eat away at the enjoyment of the trail for me personally. This trail had it all. Scenery, technical obstacles, and great camping near the creek. What is not mentioned in this guide is the bypass, which makes the entirety of this trail a 4-8 IMO. This trail how its mapped is a 6, but if you take the bypass, you can complete it in a stock 4wd vehicle with a transfer case. We will address this change soon to reflect that this trail is completely doable with a stock 4wd vehicle. All in all, great trail. I would run it again for sure! The picture of the white Jeep on the rocks was the hardest part, and I am on 35s. The non-mentioned bypass was not challenging.
Engineer Pass (07/31/2021)
FYI from Hinsdale County this morning - UPDATE Saturday, July 31 - 7:30 am CR 20 (Engineer Pass) remains closed due to a rock slide and road wash out above Whitmore Falls. Hinsdale County Road and Bridge are headed up this morning for road repairs. The road is closed by gate at Capitol City. Travel with extreme caution in the back country this weekend. Heavy rains are predicted and washouts and flooding are possible. Expect closures and delays.
California Pass (07/31/2021)
Not the most amazing trail in the area but not bad either. I would bump up the rating to a 3 to be safe. There are a few steep sections where a transfer case would be nice. I wouldn't take a 2wd vehicle on this trail due to steepness as well as the fact the San Juans have pretty consistent rain. Great views of Lake Como from the top of the pass.
Cinnamon Pass (07/30/2021)
Not a bad trail in the area but not as scenic as some of the others. This trail gave us access to the American Basin trailhead to hike Handies Peak, so that bumps up the star rating a to a 4 (I would have rated this a 3 otherwise). This is a great trail with some good hiking opportunities along the way. Camping opportunities are not as good as some of the others if that's what you're into.
Red Cone (07/24/2021)
Red Cone continues to be one of my favorite trails ever. Such a diverse landscape, fun obstacles, great views.
Sand Creek Pass (07/20/2021)
According to the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, this trail is open for the season
Caribou Creek (North) (07/06/2021)
This trail is open according to the Boulder Ranger District
Caribou Creek (South) (07/06/2021)
This trail is open according to the Boulder Ranger District
Cascade North Twin (07/06/2021)
I just called the Ranger District to verify whether this trail is open or not, and the answer I got is that it's open for the season!
Kelly Flats (07/05/2021)
If you are within a few hours of Kelly Flats and this is a trail you haven't done yet, do yourself a favor and go run this trail. This is easily one of the best trails in Northern Colorado and contends with one of the best trails in the state IMO. Amazing scenery, challenging obstacles, varying landscapes, water crossings, meadows filled with wildflowers, thick pine/aspen forests...this trail seriously has it all. I personally wouldn't run this trail with anything less than 33" tires. While there is evidence of the burn from the Cameron Peak fire last year, the trail is in incredible shape. My hat goes off to all those who helped protect this trail and helped get it running again. I try to save my 5-star ratings for trails that are really deserving of them, and this is one of those trails. The video linked below is mostly Kelly Flats (the 4runner scenes are from Old Flowers...)
Old Flowers Road (07/02/2021)
This trail is open for the season. They don't call it Old Flowers for nothing! Right now is prime time for wildflowers.
Kelly Flats (06/29/2021)
According to the Canyon Lakes Ranger District, Kelly Flats is open for the season.
McClellan Mountain (06/27/2021)
I love this trail. I love everything about it. We went out the weekend the forecast was looking ominous and were not disappointed. We had the entire place to ourselves camping off McClellan. We ran this trail all the way to the last 2 waypoints. The snowdrift image is heading out to the mine at WP 17. Talking to a few others running the trail, the section up to WP 18 also has a big drift. It will be a few weeks until this trail is 100%, but it's all clear to WP 16. A stock vehicle will be challenged on this trail, but it's one of the best in this area, especially this time of year. The columbines were out and it was a sight to behold.
Santiago Mine (06/27/2021)
Fully clear and open to the mine! Park at the last WP and enjoy the mine by foot...and respect all signs!
Bear Town aka Kite Lake (06/03/2021)
This trail is open per the MVUM but may be impassable due to snowpack.
Bowen Lake Loop (06/03/2021)
This trail is open per the MVUM but may be impassable due to snowpack.
Montezuma Basin (06/03/2021)
This trail is open per the MVUM but may be impassable due to snowpack.
Adams Lake (06/03/2021)
This trail is open per the MVUM but may be impassable due to snowpack.
Transfer Trail (06/03/2021)
This trail is open per the MVUM but may be impassable due to snowpack.
Blair Mountain (06/03/2021)
This trail is open per the MVUM but may be impassable due to snowpack.
Halligan Reservoir (05/25/2021)
This trail is open
Rimrocker (05/25/2021)
According to, as of 5/10/2021 "It’s official . . . The Rimrocker Trail is now open for adventure!"
Turkey Roost (05/25/2021)
This trail is open
The Catacomb Spur (05/22/2021)
Great place to camp near Chicken Corners. We were out here in the wind advisory and were very thankful we got a protected camp spot out here.
Lockhart Basin (05/22/2021)
Ran this trail again in 2021, and we had a great time. IMO, still a solid 6. We had to winch a stock rubicon over WP 10 as the undercut was a bit gnarlier than last year. If you go solo, make sure you go prepared. This route is not for the faint of heart. I scraped pretty good on in my JLUR with a 2.5" lift on 35's, but successfully made it over with a bit of spotting.
Onion Creek (05/22/2021)
I had an absolute blast on this trail. I would definitely run this again as I love water crossings. I got lucky and ran in it a rain storm which was a super atmospheric experience. Definitely one of my favorites in Moab!
Chicken Corners (05/21/2021)
Ran Chicken Corners out to Lockhart Basin during the wind advisory for San Juan county. This is still one of my favorites.
Pennsylvania Gulch (05/16/2021)
For me, a very type 2 fun (think not so much fun in the moment but gratifying after it's all done) trail. I am top heavy with an Ursa Minor (add 250lbs on the roof) so I was extra tippy on the off-camber shelf portions of this trail. This style of wheeling is not my cup of tea personally. The rocky portions were fun, however. I don't think I would do this trail again for how unstable I felt going up (again, this is for someone who is top-heavy).
Boulder County Road 68J (05/16/2021)
We ran this trail today. Just before the first obstacle there is a massive mud pit. I am in a lifted JLU Rubicon on 35s. Fully locked I could not get up it. Another Jeep and a lifted 4Runner turned around as well. To protect the trails resources I would consider this trail impassable until further notice. The mud pit swallowed my 35 instantly.
Switzerland Trail (05/16/2021)
Pretty cool trail for either having an easy day out in the woods, if it's early season and nothing else is open, or if you are a beginner. A few fun optional obstacles that truly give this trail the upper 5 rating. I had fun testing out my JLU Rubicon with a 2.5" lift on 35's. Otherwise, it's more or less a dirt road with some rocks.
Halligan Reservoir (05/14/2021)
Went up tonight to go camping at Turkey Roost and the gate was closed. Assuming the closure is due to all of the moisture we have had recently. If you plan on going up, give the Colorado parks and wildlife a call before you do just to verify.
Turkey Roost (05/14/2021)
Went up tonight to go camping and the gate was closed. Assuming the closure is due to all of the moisture we have had recently. If you plan on going up, give the Colorado parks and wildlife a call before you do just to verify.
Cherokee Park Road (05/14/2021)
We took this all away to waypoint 14. There was not a lot of mud but the road was in rough shape in a few spots (still easily passable by a 2wd vehicle). There was a moose and a baby along the way which was pretty cool to see!
Halligan Reservoir (05/10/2021)
This trail is open for the season.
Camaan Springs Road (05/10/2021)
A friend checked this trail over the weekend and this is what he saw. This is just after WP 2. Make sure you have the right recovery gear if you are going out in early conditions! Apologies for the small photos but apparently this guy needed recovery.
Turkey Roost (05/08/2021)
This trail is open for the season.
Hidden Splendor (04/12/2021)
We camped at the very end of Hidden Splendor after a long weekend trip. This is still such an amazing spot. Muddy Creek was running pretty good too, so a nice dip in the water after a long few days was extremely welcomed. I love this area of Utah.
Behind the Reef (04/11/2021)
This is THE trail to do in the swell! There are lots of great trails in this area, but this one has it all. Technical driving, incredible scenery, and some awesome hiking right off the trail. The camping at Chute Canyon was a peaceful spot to spend the night. This is one of those trails that I could run over and over and not get bored. So much to see and do, this is a bucket list trail!