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New River Canyon (09/11/2021)
Rode this trail on 9/11/21 after the recent rains. The trail is much rougher than it was 1-2 months ago. The boulders in the washes have moved and one wash on the trail is completely impassible with large boulders and trees having come down the mountain. Also, what was the trail is covered with said debris and there is a 5' ledge where it used to be. We were able to back track and head into the main wash and get back up on the trail ~0.5 miles later by climbing 3' dirt ledge. Would currently rate this trail as hard as opposed to moderate. Recommend large tires and a lift and rock sliders. Saw a group of three Jeeps on the trail along with another UTV so somewhat remote. Scenery is top shelf. Rode in Two Seat Honda Talon R UTV with 32" tires
Backway to Crown King, Arizona (08/21/2021)
Went on 8/21/21 and wanted to check trail conditions after all of the recent rain. Trail is in good shape with all of the typical obstacles at the higher elevations. Very beautiful with the blooms due to the recent wet season. Would rank this trail as moderate for a larger side by side as there are only three somewhat challenging spots. Note that the saloon in town has a very limited menu currently but was good.