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Pennsylvania Gulch (06/13/2021)
We actually ran this "backwards"(downhill) early on Sunday before the crowds. XJ w/ 5.5" lift on 33's and Stock Ranger Tremor on 32's The root is very present in what I'm going to call the gauntlet. I was able to sneak around it by staying high on the right side but too far right started tipping my XJ in to the root("missed it by || that much."). it might be passable if you put your tires over the root and straddle the sides with your tires but a tire slip could make for some nasty trail damage on the vehicle. My buddy in the ranger went around that section. He was hitting some rocks with his rails between the gauntlet and the lower mining operation. Definitely a fun trail to run, will be running it the uphill route next time I'm out there.
Crow Creek Road (05/31/2021)
Memorial Day Weekend Camping. Crowded as usual but were able to find a spot. Trail was in great shape, looks like someone stacked rocks at the shelf between 3 and 4, the off camber "rock garden" after the shelf might be an issue for regular clearance cross-overs without a spotter. Was mostly dry for us unlike years past where it's a boggy mess after waypoint 4 and people just kept shifting more and more to the side of the trail to avoid the mud. I'd imagine this trail will be bone dry rest of the summer, except days following any big storms. The out-and-back(point7&8) leading up to the reservoir overlook has been blocked off, which is a bummer cause that was one of my favorite little off-shoots of this trail. Hopefully people learn to stay the trail out here more as it's definitely an issue I've seen over the years and liekly the cause for the closure at 7&8.
Bunce School Road (05/23/2021)
Always a fun run on this trail. Was myself in an lifted XJ, a buddy in his new Ford Ranger Tremor and brother on his quad. Water is DEEP in spots, not too bad for the trucks but the quad was tricky and we ended up having to rip a water logged air filter off after he bogged it at the puddles near the gate on the South end. The stock Ranger Tremor did well, only kissing the rocks in a few areas(#railswithstepsproblems). Gates still closed to Peaceful Valley however it appears to be open from Camp Dick side as we saw some trucks parked on the other side of the gate.
Ironclads (05/23/2021)
Trail was in great shape, ran it counter-clockwise. Was mostly a test run for a friends stock Ford Ranger Tremor. Truck faired well only kissing the rocks on the rails and skid plates a few times and getting it to about 25 deg off camber on the switch back. This trail has changed a lot since the last time I was up there a few years ago. Erosion has definitely run its course as some of the ledges are way taller than I remember. I had a blast in my XJ and was very impressed at how capable that little Ranger was. Brother was on his 4 wheeler and had a blast with no issues either.