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Mill Creek (07/31/2021)
Fun trail. Tight and Rocky. Skids came in handy a time or two..
Kingston Peak (07/11/2021)
Gate closed till 7/16
Miners Gulch (07/11/2021)
Easy but rocky until Just before you cross the second steam down by waypoint 8 the trail gets tough. Came up on a YJ hung up on a Boulder in the stream. After moving a huge Boulder and getting a sxs to give him a yank he got off the rock. I have a Tacoma on 33’s with all the armor and decided to turn around because it was late in the day and I was by myself. Will go back for another go at it eventually.
Clohesy Lake (07/03/2021)
Fun trail. Creeks were maybe 15 inches deep in their deepest places. Coming out of the 2nd creek is probably the most challenging aspect of the trail as it has gotten fairly rutted out. Lockers would make this section easier, but I got up without using any.
Bill Moore Lake (06/19/2021)
Tacoma on 33’s 3” lift, no lockers. Made it fine. Fun trail