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6+ years
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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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I Jeep and use my ATV and UTV all over Southern Colorado. Found some great little used trails in New Mexico as well.

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Iron Chest (07/14/2021)
This trail grabs you from the get go! The boulder field at the beginning of the trail is not to be dealt with lightly. We did in our side by side in the pouring rain. Tried to run a few years ago on our quads and gave up. Glad we finally were able to do. No traffic until we went all the way up and got into the boulder field at the bottom on the way down before we met any traffic. There is literally no place to pull out if you meet on coming traffic, so got lucky. Even with the rain, the views were pretty amazing.
Tincup Pass (07/14/2021)
Great as always! Ran the trail in the pouring rain so no traffic. Great improvements to the trail on the Taylor Park side as you near the top. Fun day!