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Pearl Pass (07/17/2021)
The trail just opened on 7/13 for this year, so it was thankfully not very busy. I led a group of 7 from North to South. Having never run this trail before, but also having read this review thoroughly, I was caught off guard by the two rocky off camber assents between Waypoints 6 & 7. With the runoff coming down them they were very slick, and quite honestly, dangerous. Choosing your line well with a good spotter, and knowing how and when to use the skinny pedal was critical. Losing traction and sliding off to the low side would have been disastrous. Stock w/o lockers would be even more difficult. Coming down these sections (running South to North) would probably not have been as difficult, but the vast majority of traffic that we did see ran the trail the way we did, so you'd be running against predominant travel. One other thing to note: This guide says room for up to 6 rigs at the pass itself. I would disagree and say 3 at most to retain the ability for others to pass. However, there is an excellent area within sight of the pass just down to the west. It was a great place for us to stop for lunch, and you could have fit a dozen or more rigs there. Beyond those two things I wish I would have known, the trail itself was every bit of amazing. We already can't wait to do it again next year. With little traffic, good weather, and only a few unscheduled stops and slowdowns, it took our group of 7 4.5 hours to complete.