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Coney Flats (Coney Creek) (08/01/2020)
IMO the Gatekeeper on Middle St. Vrain is primarily for Waypoint 2 on this trail, which was heavily rutted and even the large rocks were loose. Several vehicles had problems with this obstacle and needed to take a number of tries at it. Rock stacking was common. A spotter was almost required. That being said... an older Stock JKU with street tires and low tread made it through in front of us. It was apparent he had little regard however for the damage occurring to his vehicle. Several people from the group in front of us said it gets worse every year. Who knows what next year will hold. The water crossing at Waypoint 4 had a large area to park and was a popular spot to stop for lunch, and watch everyone else cross the water. Pack accordingly! :) I would suggest that Mild Off Camber (for the rocks at Waypoint 2), High Water Crossing (possibility at Waypoint 4), and Pinstriping (in general) be added to the ARS above.
Middle St. Vrain (08/01/2020)
After (if) you make it over the Gatekeeper obstacle at the start, the rest of this trail is quite pretty down in the trees and fairly chill. Still plenty of rock-and-rolling, but not bad in comparison to some other trails. We completed it in the rain with no issues. A Jeep in front of us did lose his drive shaft, so still be aware. (It was modified for the street, with no lift, and he took the hard line on one of the bigger rock outcroppings, so... idk.) Slow and steady won the day. At least a small lift and a little bit bigger tires would probably be preferable, but not necessarily required.
T-33 Plane Crash (08/01/2020)
Every bit of the 5 Difficult rating, especially in a JKU with a Roof Top Tent. Got tricky a couple times, but no rock stacking or winching was necessary. Very Heavy SXS traffic and very few areas to pass for the larger groups. Many are rentals with inexperienced drivers. Suggest running on a week day if possible. Personally believe that Pinstriping and at least Mild Off Camber should be added to the ARS above.