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2015 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Imogene Pass (09/05/2021)
Drove through on a Friday morning and it wasn't too bad. Had a few oncoming vehicles at narrow places but overall a good run
Black Bear Pass (09/03/2021)
The trails climbs pretty steep right out of the gate. I used 4-low for the climb just to take some strain off of the transmission and engine. The top was scenic but we had lots of cloud cover so the immediate area was most visible. The descent from the top to the switch backs has lots of tight turns and small obstacles to get your ready for what's to come. When you reach the stairs it looks really bad from the top but once rolling down you can see you have plenty of room. After that the switchbacks required a three point turn for the most part until we reached the falls. From there it was a bumpy road full of hikers down into town. When we hit town we drove through the middle of a film festival until we were able to cut up to the start of Imogene Pass. Maybe it's not always so bad but be careful of people walking into traffic between cars and bikes doing whatever they want on the road. I had on pair riding down the wrong side of the road coming at me and another swerve around my passenger side as I was making a right turn.
Engineer Pass (09/02/2021)
Drove out on Wednesday and made it into Lake City where we spent the night. With the closures on US-50 it was a better option than trying to get through the traffic to Ouray. Traveling west the road follows the river for quite a ways before heading up in elevation. We took a side trip up to the Golconda mining complex that was well worth the ride. With the side trip up to the mine we spent about 6-8 hrs on the trail and enjoyed every minute of it.