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Colorado native who did everything except for off roading until 2018. I started off roading when I bought my Can-Am Maverick Trail and have been having a blast ever since. I'm finally also a Jeep owner as of 2020 because let's face it, they're cool machines and I don't always want to drag a trailer with my Can-Am every time I hit the mountains.

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2020 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Fourmile Area: Lenhardy Cutoff (11/08/2020)
The road had a few patches of snow and mud on the eastern section that I definitely felt when driving through it. This road is more notable than the others in the area because of the fact that it has 1 or 2 sections with bigger rocks compared to the usual easy dirt trails around here.
Fourmile Area: Sevenmile Creek (11/08/2020)
This is a fun and easy road, had a good time on it today. The east half had some snow and mud on it which requires paying more attention than compared to the rest of it. Sure did muddy up the Jeep!
Fourmile Area: Chubb Park (11/08/2020)
Drove this as a connector to make a loop and it was super muddy! It took quite a while to pressure wash the mud off when I got home.
Black Bear Pass (10/23/2020)
Saw this crash in the news from October 10th:
Bald Mountain Gulch (10/17/2020)
Easy and smooth road. Had a good time on the SxS and enjoyed going over the bumps and whipping around corners. A much needed break from the rougher roads I've driven recently. There are also some 50" trails in the area, although in typical Forest Service fashion, some of the 50" gates are clearly 49" or less and people have started driving around them.
Bald Mountain Loop (10/17/2020)
Fun trail with nice views over Buena Vista. All the obstacles are on the east half of the loop. Trail doesnt have many passing spots.
Jones Mountain/Ptarmigan Lake (10/12/2020)
Trail is still open after the light snow last night. The top however was freezing cold and extremely windy so it wasn’t worth hanging out for long!
Mineral Basin (10/12/2020)
The views at the end were nice, but the trail itself is pretty long with nothing spectacular to see. Super cold and windy out there today and it won’t be long before it becomes impassable.
Tincup Pass (10/10/2020)
Trail is open and was busy today. The road to St Elmo was a mess with the large number of tourists doing their site seeing and picture taking from their cars at 15mph. Tincup Pass itself had a fair amount of traffic but all the drivers I encountered were very courteous and the views were great.
Baldwin Lake (10/10/2020)
Tried this for my first time with my SxS and didn’t complete it. I’m sure the end would be nice but the beginning is pretty rough; just a long steep hill with large loose rocks all over it. I finally came up to some rocks that were too big for the amount of clearance I had. Gave them my best shot trying different lines but as soon as I scraped my skid plate I decided to stop. Might come back with my Jeep but I do find other trails in the area more appealing.
Mount Princeton (09/29/2020)
This trail is interesting in that the first half is an easy smooth dirt road, and then there is a complete switch to a rougher, rocky road for the remainder of it. You can pretty much pinpoint exactly where the switch occurs. Overall it's an easy road but I did this on a weekday and could not imagine doing it on a weekend with more traffic. This trail attracts inexperienced drivers with no off-roading knowledge, and cars that should be staying on paved roads. I would say what makes this drive tough is that you can go for a long time before finding a spot to allow passing. Then you have the hikers with no off-road etiquette parking their stock crossovers and trucks in the passing spots, so your pullover spots are even more limited. I definitely enjoyed the views and the easy drive, and it made for a much easier hike to the Princeton summit. And although I say the drive is "easy", the trail has some considerable exposure at the top. It doesn't take much in that narrow section at the top to take a fatal plunge down the mountain, and the road is narrow up there.
Billings Lake (09/22/2020)
Ran this for my first time and I really didn't enjoy the drive itself. It's rocky and bumpy the entire time, and not rocky like it's a fun challenge. Rocky like it's almost a dirt road in which you think you can go faster, but you actually cant because of how many small rocks are jammed in the dirt that you're constantly driving over. Definitely want to air down for this one. One way drive time was just over an hour for me. Aside from the drive, the views at the end were very nice and I enjoyed hanging out at the lake. It's a real trade off in my opinion between crappy drive but great views at the end. Views along the drive are mostly in trees with nothing to see.
Corkscrew Pass (09/15/2020)
Trail is still open and in good shape. Fair amount of snow on the surrounding mountains but luckily road has stayed clear.
Owl Creek Pass (09/13/2020)
Took this to access West Fork for the first time. Overall a nice area. Lots of hunters. The west half of the Pass sure is dusty! You’ll want to stay way far behind anyone in front of you. The East half of the Pass was in trees and not dusty for me
Silver Jack Reservoir (09/13/2020)
Drove this for the first time to access some hiking. There are some nice views and interesting mountains for sure. It was a nice break from driving the highway. I did get stuck behind a truck going under the limit and not pulling over for the entire drive while we were the only 2 cars on the entire road so that was unfortunate. It is a long road.
Mount Antero (08/17/2020)
The road seems a little more degraded from the last time I drove it in the sense that it looks like dirt has eroded from around some of the rocks and exposed them more, just making it more of a rougher ride the whole time. One other spot I dont remember from last time I drove this is in the middle of the switchbacks there is a spot that has suffered from erosion, making it a tight squeeze and off camber as some of the land from uphill has slid down onto the road. Nothing crazy, just makes it more uncomfortable and requires your attention to where your tires are in relation to the soft edge in that spot. Several sections have no passing room and would be uncomfortable to back up on for opposing traffic, so you really have to look ahead and make sure nobody else is coming. The last set of switchbacks to the very top are harder with their tight turns and general narrowness. This drive is definitely not for those who are uncomfortable with being on the edge of a shelf with a deadly drop!
Picayne and Placer Gulches (08/02/2020)
Most of this trail was fun to drive and I enjoyed the views. Beware of the crowds though. I stopped at the Sound Democrat Mill and found that’s where the crowds congregate. During my 5 minute walkthrough of the building I got mostly blocked in. I was lucky to get out of the parking area with a 20 point turn, and got out just before another group of 5 full size vehicles made their way down the hill with no idea of the fact there was no room left to park or turn around at the bottom.
San Juan County Road 2 (08/02/2020)
I take this road all the time to access random trails off of it, but for the first time ever I decided to go all the way into Animas Forks. I’ve been avoiding it because I figured it would be a circus, and it sure was! The ghost town is far from a ghost town in the sense that it’s like an ant hill with the number of people crawling all over it. The drive took forever because of a handful of very slow drivers with no trail etiquette. Most drivers were respectful but this area attracts drivers that have no idea what driving is like without pavement, paint, and stop lights. There was nowhere to park at Animas Forks it was so busy, but when it’s like that why would you want to park there anyway. If you’re like me you probably don’t want to drive far away into the mountains to be surrounded by more tourists than you can count. I’ll go back to what I always did and stay away from the ghost town at the end of this road.
Boulder Mountain (07/19/2020)
Finally made it to the top and got some cool views. This is one of those roads that really sucks when you find oncoming traffic. It's mostly a narrow shelf road with no areas to pull over for long stretches. I had the pleasure of coming head to head with a group of 4 vehicles in one of these areas on my way down which meant a ton of backing up uphill. Lots of off camber sections. Some of the switchbacks have the tightest turns I've seen. My SxS made easy work of them but actual cars/trucks will struggle with a few of these. The trail is rocky the entire way up, feels like it just goes on and on, and it climbs the entire time. When you're close to the top do yourself a favor and watch out for nails. I found a few old boards with nails in them on the trail and loose nails all over from century old ruins sliding down the mountain.
Chihuahua Gulch (07/12/2020)
First time on this trail today. Took the SxS and found it to be a little technical in a few places. Just had to stop and pick a good line to get around some of the larger rocks. Some areas are pretty rutted out and the rocks are getting exposed more. The lake was really cool to see. Then on my way down there were very few vehicles but a ton of hikers.
Webster Pass (07/11/2020)
I was in the area today and another driver reported that Webster Pass is still impassible due to the lingering snow drift at the top. Be careful if you have to leave a trailer on the Highway 285 side and then drive red cone expecting to use Webster to return. You won’t be able to make it back.
Deer Creek (07/11/2020)
Drive this and Saints John. Both were dry and very busy. There’s some deep tire tracks on the top of Saints John where someone really tore deep into the alpine tundra to illegally go around snow at some point. Very disappointing to see people do stupid things like that.
Radical Hill (07/11/2020)
Still blocked by snow in several spots
Yankee Hill - The Actual Hill (07/06/2020)
The hill was fun to climb and the views were great. Quiet day out there today.