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Colorado native who did everything except for off roading until 2018. I started off roading when I bought my Can-Am Maverick Trail and have been having a blast ever since. I'm finally also a Jeep owner as of 2020 because let's face it, they're cool machines and I don't always want to drag a trailer with my Can-Am every time I hit the mountains.

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2020 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Pomeroy Lakes (07/06/2021)
I ran this trail in the morning and the ground was still very wet from rains that night. I can confirm that the obstacle at waypoint 8 is definitely difficult when wet like the guide says. With the mud and moisture I wasn’t able to get up the obstacle. Clearance was not a problem at all, just traction. Each attempt had me sliding right off the rocks and I didn’t want to keep trying and risk eroding the obstacle with spinning tires. So I opted for the bypass which was no problem. I would also agree with another reviewer who noted there is one tree very close to the road in an off camber section, shortly before waypoint 8. You’ll want to watch your roof as the trail leans you very close into that tree.
Billings Lake (07/05/2021)
Drove this for a second time and grew to like it a little more than my first experience. Still took about 50 minutes for me but if you’re aired down a lot I’m sure you could go slightly faster. Myself and 3 other vehicles did get stuck behind an extremely slow moving stock SUV with fully aired up street tires trying to dodge every single rock in the road. They also refused to pull over and stop jamming up the road. Although I was able to make it happen anyway and pass them, I think this trail does attract vehicles that probably shouldn’t be on it, and you may get stuck behind one. There are maybe 2 places where scraping is guaranteed in such a vehicle.
Hancock Pass (07/03/2021)
Ran east to west and took just over an hour. East side is much more rocky than the west side. Some bigger rocks to navigate through.
Alpine Tunnel West (07/03/2021)
I think this took me just around an hour to drive and there was a ton of SxS, ATV, and dirt bike traffic. Cool valley below you but didn’t see any wildlife in it unfortunately.
Mineral Basin (05/29/2021)
Open to waypoint 9 then consistent deep snow.
Bald Mountain Gulch (04/25/2021)
I’ve previously driven the east side to Bald Mountain. Today I drove the whole trail for the first time and was surprised by the rocks around waypoints 16 and 17. They are definitely a “gatekeeper” on that end of the trail, and are a stark contrast to the rest of the trail which is mostly smooth dirt. There is one rock ledge you have to go over that’s at an angle and also on a tight turn because of a much larger boulder on the side. Although I didn’t measure, the rock ledge is probably 1.5’ tall.
Bald Mountain Loop (04/25/2021)
Trail is open and dry. Had it to myself which was nice because there are very few places to pull over on this trail. The whole trail is a narrow shelf road and passing spots are usually 100 yards spread apart.
Fourmile Area: Natural Bridge (04/24/2021)
Overall the trail was fun and quiet. Trail was dry. The biggest obstacle on this trail network is other vehicles. Dirt bikes and OHVs tend to go fast here, and there are plenty of blind hills and turns. I’d recommend keeping a window down to listen for them. I hiked to the bottom of the arch and it was just about 1mi and 500’ elevation gain round trip. Some scrambling is required.
Fourmile Area: Eagles Roost (04/24/2021)
Trail is open and dry