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Colorado native who did everything except for off roading until 2018. I started off roading when I bought my Can-Am Maverick Trail and have been having a blast ever since. I'm finally also a Jeep owner as of 2020 because let's face it, they're cool machines and I don't always want to drag a trailer with my Can-Am every time I hit the mountains.

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2020 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

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Fourmile Area: Lenhardy Cutoff (11/11/2021)
Beautiful day and had the trail to myself. Very cold and windy though. Chubb Park especially had lots of dust devils.
Iowa Amphitheater (09/26/2021)
This trail has been seriously damaged and is going to be undriveable for most vehicles except well built rigs with determined drivers. It should be rated around a 7, although the fact it is crumbling means it’s just dangerous and not a fun 7. Kind of a funny story is that I drove just over half way up this trail and lost sight of where it’s supposed to go. I checked the Trailsoffroad map and it said the trail continued straight but I couldn’t see where. So I find out there is another option behind me and decide to try going up a narrow shelf because although this guide doesn’t direct you to it, my other maps show it makes a loop. I get a little ways up and it turns out this option is undriveable due to extreme off camber from a washout. So I have to back down and park where I couldn’t figure out where the road went. I then hiked where this guide says the road is and finally figure out that it’s just severely disfigured and is completely washed out. It now has like a 3 foot crumbling ledge to begin, (and off camber), and from there it is just dangerous with the large loose rocks that are very unstable, and it’s very narrow. I’d imagine only well built crawlers would try it, but there’s no point because it’s such a short hike from this point. The ledge will crumble under you and the rocks will move. I took pictures but they just don’t capture the depth to show how deep the washout really is and how big the rocks are.
Mosquito Pass (09/26/2021)
This trail is probably a 3 if you carefully selected the easiest lines in the handful of technical spots, but I’d agree with other reviewers that said it feels harder than other 3s. I’d vote for rating it a solid 4. That said I ran it from Leadville to Alma in less than 2 hours with no problems other than long periods of waiting on other traffic with the right of way. I feel like more people probably start from Alma but I would recommend starting in Leadville because the Leadville side is the most technical and it’s narrow of course so backing up would be awful. I chose to go up the switchbacks so I would have the right of way and I’m glad I did. It just made going down the other side annoying because everyone else was coming from that side today. Oh and did I mention this trail is very bumpy?
Peak 10 (09/23/2021)
This trail feels like an easy 4 to me. There were maybe 2-3 spots prior to the switchbacks that either have bigger rocks or deep ruts but either way I was able to drive right through them without thinking much about it. The last switchback going up does have a tight turn with larger rocks right in the middle of it but it wasn’t a problem for me. I will add that on my way down the switchbacks I hit 20 degrees of roll 3 separate times. I’m sure I could have avoided that if I took the turns tighter and backed up to complete the turn, but I instead swung out wider leading into these turns and it got much more tippy than I expected.
Halfmoon Creek (09/17/2021)
Closure extended again until at least 9/30/21
Hagerman Pass (09/12/2021)
I ran the east side to the summit and back down which I found pretty easy. Relatively smooth trail compared to others. It was refreshing to have some actual dirt worked into the trail and not just rocks. There were exactly 3 spots where the ruts were bigger and you need to pick your line carefully. Other than that it was easy. One SxS decided to make his own trail at the summit with driving through the alpine tundra. Wish he could get a ticket for that or something but he got away with it. Saw one broken down car from an earlier review still sitting on the trail. FYI the ruts in these pictures are deeper than they appear in the photos. Probably up to 24” deep at the most. They’ll catch your attention because they’re the only obstacles.
Tincup Pass (09/09/2021)
If you take the easiest lines I would rate this trail a 3. I did not drive Old Tincup which means the hardest obstacle for me today was a group of maybe 5 Jeeps parked in the complete middle of the trail, engines off, drivers hanging out in the gigantic camp site that they should have parked in. The trail was wide enough for 2 cars in this spot, but they parked right in the middle. Had my passenger side entering willows and my driver side 1/2” from these terribly parked Jeeps as I squeezed by. When a trail is this popular I suppose you’re bound to see some people with awful trail etiquette. Other than that it was pretty quiet and took me just under 2 hours.
Baldwin Lake (09/06/2021)
Drove up here with my Jeep for the first time and had no issues. Ive previously tried with my 50” SxS but couldn’t do it without scraping. I would personally recommend a lift for this trail because there are some bigger rocks. I found the trail a bit stressful because of passing. I ran into several other vehicles and it’s not always easy to back up and over some of the bigger rocks while hunting for the occasional small spot to pull over. I enjoyed the lake and views at the top but a lot of this trail is in the trees with no views. Side note: this trail network / the beginning of the Antero trail could really use a typical “high clearance 4x4 only” type of warning sign. Several times now I’ve seen cars that belong on pavement trying out the very beginning of the Antero trail and it’s mind boggling that people think that’s a good idea.
Hope Gulch (09/01/2021)
I scouted out this road just before this guide was written apparently, but I turned around where the MVUM showed the road stop, which happened to also be where a person was camping in what looked like a 100+ year old cabin and several private property signs around. I would stress the point that passing really sucks on this road. It has long sections of narrow road with zero passing until you hit the next switchback. Then repeat that over and over again praying you dont run into someone. You will be in store for pain if you encounter cross traffic. This makes me hesitant to take my Jeep on it because of that. Since my SxS can turn around on a dime I will probably stick to driving that for this trail. Knowing the road is legit to drive to the top I will come back for that.
Mount Antero (08/30/2021)
Made my annual trip up Antero and it was pretty quiet. Road was mostly the same from last year. What I dont remember from last year is bouncing around as much as I did in my SxS in the loose rocky area leading up to waypoint 4. I was in 4L with knobby tires and really spinning out a few times and bouncing around there. I did watch a much more expensive SxS do the same thing as me though. Just super loose rocks and steep in that section. If you see the miners working at the "summit" make sure to thank them for maintaining the road when they bring their excavator up each summer. They really do keep this road open for all of us because there are plenty of areas that would get washed out each year without them doing some work on that road, courtesy of their heavy machinery. And we all know the Forest Service couldnt care less if a road deteriorates and becomes impassible to vehicles. I also saw a Jeep park directly at waypoint 7 which was not cool. There is no passing in that area other than where they parked.
Engineer Pass (08/18/2021)
First time on this trail, picked it up starting at waypoint 11. I was really surprised by how much the road is washed out starting at this point. The pictures on this trail guide at waypoint 11 do not show the road damage that is there now. It’s created a long washout in the middle of the road where you can either try to stay left of the washout and be right on the edge, or you can straddle the washout underneath you which is what I did. Either way it’s not pictured in the guide, and of course I forgot to grab a pic of it too. There are a few more places going up the switchbacks suffering from erosion but not as bad. Overall I enjoyed the section I did, and the Lake City side had no obstacles, just endless bumpy road.
Burns Gulch (08/17/2021)
First time on this trail and I enjoyed being the only one on it. That was actually very useful as well because the trail starts with a long narrow shelf and a blind corner in the middle of it preventing you from seeing the last half of the shelf. There is about no passing in this area and backing up would be miserable. I ended up turning around between waypoints 4 and 5 which is very close to the end. The drive up to that point had a ton of loose rocks that move as you drive on them but that wasnt a problem. Why I finally turned around is because I became annoyed at seeing that my next section of road consisted of driving over large loose rocks like talus, except they were big sharp rocks. They were probably 12" - 18" and jagged. Did not feel like continuing on when this area has so many better trails that are not as unpleasant as this one. The are is pretty but this trail becomes unpleasant for sure.
Hurricane Pass (08/17/2021)
What a mess this trail was today. Even though it’s a Tuesday and a lot of families have kids back in school, etc, this trail was a zoo when I drove it. I think at one point me and 3 other cars going downhill were pulled over waiting on 3 SxSs, 5 ATVs, a couple cars, and a Jeep towing a trailer way too big for this trail. This is not a trail to stop and hang out on, just too many people.
Prospect Gulch (08/17/2021)
Drove this for the first time and unfortunately got rained out. I was halfway up when it starting dumping rain and hailing. Waited 45 minutes until it stopped and then continued further up the mountain. Tires were getting real muddy and there were streams of water on the road which made me a little nervous about washouts because if you drive this trail you’ll see the damage from run off everywhere you look. I went to waypoint 6 and turned around because of the conditions with the very soft ground and plenty of water running across the road in places, and the threat of being up higher when the rain started again. I will come back to poke around some more some other time.
Cinnamon Pass (08/15/2021)
First time on the trail and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was expecting it to take a long time based on the trail guide saying 4 hours. I drove this in 2 hours and was not going very fast. I pulled over for anyone behind me and got passed several times. I’ve also seen several people use the word “boring” in their review of this trail but I did not find it to be boring. I thought the views going east to west were excellent. There are some other side trails you can drive but I didn’t. Overall an easy road and full of side by sides.
Eureka Gulch (08/15/2021)
There is a road closed sign and construction cones at the beginning of the trail
Clohesy Lake (08/08/2021)
This trail guide says the road ends at the orange gate (waypoint 8) but there are 2 signs at waypoint 7 that say no motor vehicles allowed. I looked at the MVUM which seems to support that. Please park at the meadow where there is a rusty regulations sign and do not continue past that. You will see the signs I’m talking about. Overall the trail was easy for me and took 40 minutes one way. Unfortunately both on my way up and down I encountered cross traffic in the exact same spot which was difficult for passing, but we figured it out. The trail is pretty tight in places so I wouldn’t recommend a full size. You’ll also get some pinstriping most likely. One last note is the county road to get to this trailhead is notably worse than just 2 months ago when I drove it. The county road is becoming an off-road trail itself with the number of pot holes on it.
Pomeroy Lakes (07/06/2021)
I ran this trail in the morning and the ground was still very wet from rains that night. I can confirm that the obstacle at waypoint 8 is definitely difficult when wet like the guide says. With the mud and moisture I wasn’t able to get up the obstacle. Clearance was not a problem at all, just traction. Each attempt had me sliding right off the rocks and I didn’t want to keep trying and risk eroding the obstacle with spinning tires. So I opted for the bypass which was no problem. I would also agree with another reviewer who noted there is one tree very close to the road in an off camber section, shortly before waypoint 8. You’ll want to watch your roof as the trail leans you very close into that tree.
Billings Lake (07/05/2021)
Drove this for a second time and grew to like it a little more than my first experience. Still took about 50 minutes for me but if you’re aired down a lot I’m sure you could go slightly faster. Myself and 3 other vehicles did get stuck behind an extremely slow moving stock SUV with fully aired up street tires trying to dodge every single rock in the road. They also refused to pull over and stop jamming up the road. Although I was able to make it happen anyway and pass them, I think this trail does attract vehicles that probably shouldn’t be on it, and you may get stuck behind one. There are maybe 2 places where scraping is guaranteed in such a vehicle.
Hancock Pass (07/03/2021)
Ran east to west and took just over an hour. East side is much more rocky than the west side. Some bigger rocks to navigate through.
Alpine Tunnel West (07/03/2021)
I think this took me just around an hour to drive and there was a ton of SxS, ATV, and dirt bike traffic. Cool valley below you but didn’t see any wildlife in it unfortunately.
Texas Creek (06/12/2021)
I would only recommend driving this trail if you want to fish, or are accessing the hiking trails at the very end of the road. Those hiking trails are very lightly used and can be harder to follow.
Mineral Basin (05/29/2021)
Open to waypoint 9 then consistent deep snow.