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Rock Crawling
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  • 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser (2.5" lift, 33" tires)

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1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 33"
Triple-locked, Rocky Road Sliders, TJM Skid Plates, custom front bumper, Smitty Built XRC 9500 winch, Dissent aluminum rear bumper.

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Griffin Mountain and Woodchuck Spur (09/04/2022)
We ran this short section with a built 100 series Landcruiser and mostly Wrangler. It's a short out and back jaunt off of Cascade Creek that makes for a decent detour. It's not terribly exciting, but worth checking off. The lower section is pretty tame (about a 3), but at Woodchuck things become more adventurous earning the 5 rating. The road is very tight on the upper section as evidenced by the many scarred trees. I suspect more than a few mirrors fell victim as well. Tire placement can be a little challenging as well with the width in play. The views are mostly obscured by trees, but there is a pretty nice vista at the top of Woodchuck.
Cascade Creek (09/04/2022)
We ran this with a Built Landcruiser 100 in combination with Saxon Mountain and Griffin/Woodchuck. This was by far the most challenging part of the day. The upper portion of Cascade Creek was washed out in many places, leaving large rocks and difficult lines in several spots. There were definitely places that exceeded the 4 rating. Conversely the lower section of the trail would rate a 2 to 3 tops with areas running from gravel to smaller rocks. This provided a nice challenge for the end of the day. Scenery is minimal, with the exception of peeking through a fence at the treasures held by a mountainside junkyard while driving through. Gotta say, there were a few old trucks were super cool to see. High clearance is definitely a must in the current state of this trail and should be added to the concerns in my opinion.
Saxon Mountain Road (09/04/2022)
We ran this trail with a Built Landcruiser 100 and a mostly stock Wrangler. Whit the exception of a couple spots, this wasn't an exceptionally technical trail by any means. There are certainly a couple clenchers with a tire position required right at the edge of an off-camber shelf road and a few tricky boulders crowding the trail. The only trouble we ran into was a tire eating rock . . . which of course got us right where the trail became too narrow for anyone to pass. There are occasional glimpses where you can see the staggering altitude gain above Georgetown and I-70. But until you get to the top, the views are intermittent. With the tire's death, the day became a little longer and hotter than we'd hoped for, but it's still a nice run with truly remarkable views and plenty of parking at the top.
Owl Mountain (06/13/2022)
Trail was blocked by numerous fallen trees near waypoint 3 (and my chainsaw was a hundred miles away, oops)