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Learned to 4x4 in elementary school on back roads in Western NC w/ my father in a '88 stock Jeep Cherokee. Passion continued by hitting muddy fields on the farm growing up, and still exists today. 2020 F-250 Long bed, extended cab isn't so great for offroading due to size. 2.0 Fox Racing shocks and 35" BFG KO2s help make it a little more civilized once off pavement. I primarily run ATVs for the actual trails...if you break your highway rig, you're in a bad spot. If you break your toy, you hike/hitchhike back to the truck and then figure it out, but at least you're not stranded! Currently beating up: '08 Polaris Sportsman X2 (up-sized to 27" UTV tires) '17 Can-Am Outlander stock (26" A/Ts) '20 Polaris RZR Fox Racing edition on up-sized 27" tires and a 1/2" UHMW full body skid. Prefer avoiding the challenges that risk breaking the vehicle and the crowded "Instagram" spots, look more for those access roads that few people use to avoid the crowds and four-wheel at my own pace exploring the back country and dispersed camping. Enjoy testing out trails in winter too, seeing how much different they are once buried in snow, so 4x4ing continues year round!

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Saints John (10/04/2020)
Only ran from Montezuma SB to the rock ledge seen in waypoint #4. Was riding solo in a little trail width SXS, no lift or a-arm extensions, so didn't feel like risking it going too far. Road was rocky, completely manageable. High clearance stock 4x4s (Xterras, Wranglers, 4-Runners, Tacos) should be fine long as you don't act foolish. Some slopes were a little steep, but even a quad should be fine here with an experienced rider with no issues. Minimal traffic on the mountain, saw 3-4 other SXSs, couple of Jeeps, nothing else. Weirdly quiet for being that close to Denver in perfect weather on a weekend. If you OHV it from Montezuma, MVUM suggests you have to go a half mile up Saints John road before it's "legal," though I saw other people who just unloaded at the edge of town. There are a couple of large generous turnoffs on the switch backs you can park and drop ATVs once you're in the legal area. First half is pure alpine forest, really nice. Then once you're above the treeline it's full on tundra. It was ~60F for temps, but soon as the wind picked up I ended up throwing a flannel over my tank. Lots of great places with 360 degree views you can pull over, drop some chairs, and chill out if you don't mind the wind. As mentioned, please don't go off trail or mess with the collapsed mine ruins.
North Fork Swan River (09/13/2020)
One thing to note (I learned the hard way) that Middle Fork has a higher rating here, but the description suggests it's actually the easier. I mistakenly took North Fork thinking it would be easier, and didn't feel comfortable completing it. The rocky hill ascent was very steep/rough and I more than once ended up with both passenger tires in the air with some roll over vibes. Turned back since I was going solo. Already getting some snowfields forming up on top, nothing more than a foot deep as of 13SEP2020, but another good storm and there may be some there for the season. Now aside from calling it early in the favor of discretion, the ride up the mountain to the old cabin up on top was fun and intense, weather was great, views were excellent. Some of the large unavoidable rocks will give any stock full-sized rig a run for their money. I ended up high centered a couple of times for a second or two until I slid off. 1/2" UHMW full body skids were a life saver. Disclaimer on my experience: I was in a little trail-width RZR, so a ~4x8' total footprint and 10" of suspension travel was partially why there were some harrowing moments. Easy to avoid obstacles and pick a nice line, but off-camber and steep slopes get concerning quickly. Only saw other full size RZRs out who also ran the hill up on top without much difficulty. If I'd read reviews about the tree being down, would've brought a chainsaw for it since the bypass is getting used kind of heavily and showing signs of wear. It's not currently safe to bypass in a highway legal full sized rig, and is tight even for SXSs.
Crooked Creek (09/05/2020)
~Note for OHV riders: there's confusing signage and contradictory MVUM information out there. There's an unload/air down area about another mile or so past the cattle guard/gate/fenced area, even though there's national forest signage which can make you think you're already on the OHV legal forest service roads!~ Overall a really nice trail, as noted there are some rock garden areas further in with large embedded rocks that will bounce you all over the place. OHVs can easily just pick around them, but stock vehicles on lower clearance may have some damage or real problems. Stream crossing was long and shallow, nice way to splash through and cool down. On the confusing/contradictory signage note, about the last 1/4-1/2 mile or so, there's another sign that suddenly says OHVs are illegal, even though the MVUM shows you can go all the way up the old road legally on them *past* where the road ends and is blocked off...so may be some legacy of when White River NF wasn't very OHV friendly. Not sure. Views up on top are great, loads to explore. There's a small stream by where the road ends, and some primitive camp sites scattered about, not very heavily used. Seems to be a bit of a local gem, minimal traffic on the trail on Labor Day weekend.
Brown's Pass (09/04/2020)
Hit Brown's Pass and some of Breakneck once it gets into the valley over near Twelvemile creek. Nice road, good for stock 4x4 rigs or lightly built ones. Are some pretty steep slopes/chutes that can be a little exciting on ATVs, but slow and steady in a truck or SUV shouldn't cause much concern. Actually had a mechanical issues with a quad and took my stock long bed (8' box + ext cab) F-250 up via Breakneck to retrieve it with no damage done. Figure a stock F-250 is about the worst you can have on trails like this, so not a bad option for novice folks looking for more off roading experience with low risk. Was able to get a campsite at nearby Fourmile Campground as well, good option if you have a camper or need something w/ USFS approved fire pits during the Stage I ban. Lots of fun easy trails in the area, and super scenic as well.