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I've been writing for TrailsOffroad since August 2015. Before that, I had been off-road in places like central and northern Utah, east and west Texas, and central and northern Arizona. I've even driven off-road on an island in the Caribbean (the one time I've driven a Jeep off-road). I joined TrailsOffroad because it combines my three favorite hobbies: Off-roading obviously; I've also been blogging for most of my life - even before it was done on the internet (ever heard of a dial-up BBS?) - and even wrote a political column for Examiner.com for a few years; I also have experience with building websites and promoting on social media. These experiences made writing for Trails Offroad a good fit for me, and I've been enjoying it very much. When I'm not working at my IT job, or playing with my kids, I go on runs with a group of people who like to collaborate on [AZFJ.org](http://azfj.org), and run my own online marketing and web content company (my wife calls it my hobby business) [The Rotisory Foundation](http://rotisory.spaldam.com) (named after a BBS I used to run back in High School and College before the Internet became overwhelmingly popular). I'm a big Toyota fan. I've owned two 4x4 Tacomas, an older 4x4 Toyota pickup, and I'm now on my second FJ Cruiser (the first was a TRD SE 6 speed, that I got rid of after my twins were born). You can learn more about my adventures at [SJsAdv.com](http://sjsadv.com).

My Garage (1)

This is an April. 2006 built, 2007 model year, Toyota FJ Cruiser, in Black Cherry; named The Purple People Eater. * I bought it stock in 2013 with a stock e-locker, 2011 revolver wheels, a bull bar, and crappy tires. * I then added an [A-TRAC button](http://trdparts4u.toyotaofdallas.com/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=-7313) and did a wiring hack to make it work with the e-locker on. * I put in a HAM radio for communication, but also have a portable CB in case it's needed. * I upgraded the suspension with Trail Teams OEM suspension (no lift yet). * I then blacked out all the ugly silver trim not only outside, but also on the inside of the rig. * I installed OEM rock rails (ditched the Predator side-steps that were just getting smashed on the rocks). * I had the front body mounts chopped so I could fit 285/70/17 Cooper Discovery ATP tires on the [Method Race Wheels](http://www.methodracewheels.com/) I won at the 2014 Off Camber event. * For off-road lighting I have a 42" [light bar](http://amzn.to/2zd76aw) mounted a [Ricochet Off-road roof rack air-dam](http://ricochet-off-road.myshopify.com/collections/toyota-fj-cruiser/products/aluminum-air-dam-toyota-fj-cruiser?variant=857110631), eight LED rock lights, and a couple old fog lights on the bull bar I had laying around from a previous vehicle that is now burned out. * The Roof rack also holds a [Hi-Lift Jack](http://amzn.to/2ysXE59) and a shovel that will eventually be accompanied by a combination ax and sledgehammer. * I also have a [tablet mount](http://amzn.to/2bwxWC3) for recording GPS tracks and displaying maps, some other electrical add-ons, and a [car DVR](http://sjsadv.com/for/cheapdashcams) for recording video. I'm now focusing more on a trailer build up that is based on a M101A3, and plan to get it looking somewhat similar and color matched to the FJ Cruiser. So far I have matching wheels and tires, and electric breaks for which I installed a 7-pin plug on the FJ. I'm accepting offers for sponsorship on the FJ and the Trailer.

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(within last 6 months)
Schnebly Hill Road (07/18/2018)
Yep, the road is still here! It also looked like it has been somewhat maintained with some of the larger obstacles now having some dirt and rock filled in to make them less of an obstacle. Even some of the man-holes along the lower portions of the road were being re-done. I also hit [Hot Loop](http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1169-hot-loop) and [Jack's Canyon Road](http://www.trailsoffroad.com/trails/1461-jacks-canyon-road) while on this trip.
Broken Arrow (07/18/2018)
I ran this trail in the late afternoon, which was nice with the sun being low in the sky allowed the towering rock formations to kept the sun off me and provided a different kind of scenery as the rock formations were more dramatically highlighted. The traffic was mostly Pink Jeeps driving tourists around, and I let them pass as I was stopping often to take lots of pictures of the beautiful scenery. with four of them in front of me on the trail, once of them decided to break a sway bar link caused the axle to move instead of the wheels when steering. I had to wait for them to transfer tourests, and spend the time talking to them and taking pictures for them. Otherwise it was an uneventful, but fun trip full of awsome scenary.