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6+ years
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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • (Stock lift, 33" tires)
I've been writing for TrailsOffroad since August 2015. Before that, I had been off-road in places like central and northern Utah, east and west Texas, and central and northern Arizona. I've even driven off-road on an island in the Caribbean (the one time I've driven a Jeep off-road). I joined TrailsOffroad because it combines my three favorite hobbies: Off-roading obviously; I've also been blogging for most of my life - even before it was done on the internet (ever heard of a dial-up BBS?) - and even wrote a political column for Examiner.com for a few years; I also have experience with building websites and promoting on social media. These experiences made writing for Trails Offroad a good fit for me, and I've been enjoying it very much. When I'm not working at my IT job, or playing with my kids, I go on runs with a group of people who like to collaborate on [AZFJ.org](http://azfj.org), and run my own online marketing and web content company (my wife calls it my hobby business) [The Rotisory Foundation](http://rotisory.spaldam.com) (named after a BBS I used to run back in High School and College before the Internet became overwhelmingly popular). I'm a big Toyota fan. I've owned two 4x4 Tacomas, an older 4x4 Toyota pickup, and I'm now on my second FJ Cruiser (the first was a TRD SE 6 speed, that I got rid of after my twins were born). You can learn more about my adventures at [SJsAdv.com](http://sjsadv.com).

My Garage (1)

Lift Size: Stock
Tire Size: 33"
This is an April. 2006 built, 2007 model year, Toyota FJ Cruiser, in Black Cherry; named The Purple People Eater. * I bought it stock in 2013 with a stock e-locker, 2011 revolver wheels, a bull bar, and crappy tires. * I then added an [A-TRAC button](http://trdparts4u.toyotaofdallas.com/Scripts/prodView.asp?idproduct=-7313) and did a wiring hack to make it work with the e-locker on. * I put in a HAM radio for communication, but also have a portable CB in case it's needed. * I upgraded the suspension with Trail Teams OEM suspension (no lift yet). * I then blacked out all the ugly silver trim not only outside, but also on the inside of the rig. * I installed OEM rock rails (ditched the Predator side-steps that were just getting smashed on the rocks). * I had the front body mounts chopped so I could fit 285/70/17 Cooper Discovery ATP tires on the [Method Race Wheels](http://www.methodracewheels.com/) I won at the 2014 Off Camber event. * For off-road lighting I have a 42" [light bar](http://amzn.to/2zd76aw) mounted a [Ricochet Off-road roof rack air-dam](http://ricochet-off-road.myshopify.com/collections/toyota-fj-cruiser/products/aluminum-air-dam-toyota-fj-cruiser?variant=857110631), eight LED rock lights, and a couple old fog lights on the bull bar I had laying around from a previous vehicle that is now burned out. * The Roof rack also holds a [Hi-Lift Jack](http://amzn.to/2ysXE59) and a shovel that will eventually be accompanied by a combination ax and sledgehammer. * I also have a [tablet mount](http://amzn.to/2bwxWC3) for recording GPS tracks and displaying maps, some other electrical add-ons, and a [car DVR](http://sjsadv.com/for/cheapdashcams) for recording video. I'm now focusing more on a trailer build up that is based on a M101A3, and plan to get it looking somewhat similar and color matched to the FJ Cruiser. So far I have matching wheels and tires, and electric breaks for which I installed a 7-pin plug on the FJ. I'm accepting offers for sponsorship on the FJ and the Trailer.