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  • 2022 Jeep Gladiator (3.5" lift, 37" tires)

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2022 Jeep Gladiator

Lift Size: 3.5"
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Banana Peel (08/14/2022)
Fun, albeit short, little addition. Seemed to be in great condition. Nothing too technical, mostly just loose rock
Ruby (08/14/2022)
Much better views and more fun than the rest of Weston. The last section by MP 5/6 gets more steep, and narrow with significant drainage ruts. Had to cut out a fallen aspen so it's good to go. Highly recommended if you do Weston.
Weston Pass (08/14/2022)
Makes a decent loop with Mosquito pass. Highly recommend adding the short side road if you want a little more interesting wheeling experience. Great views on the main route just don't expect anything technical.
Mosquito Pass (08/14/2022)
Great route! Not a ton of traffic and the trail was in good condition
Topaz Mountain/Wallace Gulch (08/13/2022)
Better than expected. Not a ton of camp sites but enough to let us get away from the big camps on the easy route below.
North Skyline Drive (07/09/2022)
Open, easy, a scenic preview for the south portion. We ran this from N to S before starting the main south segment.
Stony Pass (06/18/2022)
Completely open. Went from East to West. Very little traffic once you get past the campgrounds. More scenic and quiet than expected. Tons of dispersed camping
Engineer Pass (06/18/2022)
So glad we did the full route and didn't take the Alpine cutoff loop from Cinnamon. Nearly all of the technical challenges are below the cutoff. There's little reason to even call this trail moderate if you take the cutoff from Cinnamon. West of the cutoff there are several sustained rocky challenges which made the route much more interesting. Of course the views are great for the entire route. If it gives you some idea, a completely stock Chevy Avalanche attempted the route from the Lake City side and got stopped at the first technical switchback on the Ouray side where they had to turn around. Thankfully we passed them at the cutoff intersection.
Corkscrew Pass (06/12/2022)
Decent connector route. Found it to be more interesting than expected. While only easy to moderate it stays interesting for most of it's length.
Hurricane Pass (06/12/2022)
Nice route connecting California to Corkscrew. Conditions are currently dry but good.
Cinnamon Pass (06/12/2022)
Ran this from Lake City to Ouray. The vast majority is simple dirt road till the last 1/4 of the route. i.e. it's easier than you'd expect and airing down is more helpful than 4WD. A note for those looking for camping there are several campgrounds but what I would call dispersed camping is pretty sparse. Conditions were pretty much ideal on the road.
California Pass (06/12/2022)
As of the day we ran it the pass is open and far more interesting than expected. If you come over Cinnamon like we did then you'll be surprised to find this rated easier. Nothing you can handle with 4low and decent clearance. Early season snow banks did make this pretty spicy and a ton of fun. It's very narrow in the snow fields and not much room to pass but there are some spots near switchbacks. Great trail and probably the highlight of our route.
Los Pinos - Cebolla Pass (06/11/2022)
Completely open and dry. Not much more than a maintained dirt road but it does have great scenery especially on the Lake City side. Makes for a good alternative route into LC
Roll Over Road (06/06/2022)
The logging that has happened in 2022 on this road has made the route significantly easier. There is very little justification for the current trail rating. Only the last 1/4 mile is still 'natural'. The rest of the trail is heavily thinned/logged resulting in a very wide dirt road the only had a little undulation. The rock at the end is cool but otherwise the route has lost most of it's charm. :/
Hell Creek Spur Road (06/05/2022)
I'm going to agree with Emory - the West end is a bit harder now that erosion and traffic have exposed the rocks. We ran this from E to W while doing everything else in the area. In this direction the W end has a short steep section with the rocks that make things just a bit spicier. This actually made it more fun and interesting than I had expected.
Flake Road aka Illinois Gulch (05/09/2022)
Ran this yesterday. Hard to believe just how dry it already is out there.