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2019 JLUR 2.0 Turbo on 35s, Metalcloak 3.5 gamechanger lift, full skids and metalcloak fenders/inner fenders. Love exploring the world in a Jeep!

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2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 3.5"
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Elephant Hill (09/17/2021)
We loved this trail! Well worth the drive from Moab... the scenery is indescribable. Go and see for yourself. It's in a national park so there are some extra rules versus a backcountry trail but this one is fun. The initial climb is easier than the subsequent decent. There is an obstacle at the top of the first climb, do it and see if that is comfortable for you. If not, turn around and go back down. No shame in it, just don't continue where you might get stuck. After the first climb and decent the trail is pretty easy until SOB hill.. that is an SOB!!!! Good thing we had skid plates, no issues at all just some scrapage on the skids. Highly recommend this one, maybe our favorite near Moab.. although Poison Spider had an amazing overlook... We will be back.
Hells Revenge (09/15/2021)
Embarrassing to admit but... we tipped on the escalator! It drops about halfway up and you need to keep a hard passenger line. We were able to fix it without winching by backing up and finding a new line. We did Mickeys Hot Tub and Hells Gate as well. All are fun! If you cannot do Hells Gate, don't try the Hot Tubs, if you cannot do the Hot Tubs don't try the escalator. The end of the trail had a few shelves and rocks to keep things interesting as well. Highly recommend as a gatekeeper trail to the harder back country trails near Moab. Lot of traffic but the groups around us were respectful (minus one group of SXS rentals...)
Fins and Things (09/14/2021)
Great trail to test some easy obstacles and become used to the amazing traction on "slickrock"! We hard lined everything and did all obstacles to gain confidence for other trails. Fun with amazing views but very bumpy compared to the neighboring Hells Revenge. Will definitely visit again!!
Middle St. Vrain (07/26/2021)
Fun trail with some great hiking at the end. If you continue to Coney Flats be prepared... Middle St Vrain should be considered a "low 5" rating and Coney is a "high 5". We tickled the skid plates in a few spots with an 8 arm 3.5 inch lift and 35s... probably recommend minimum of 33s and a 2 inch lift with skids and a winch in case you miss your line and turtle.
Coney Creek Road (aka Coney Flats) (07/26/2021)
Ran this after Middle St Vrain. This is a fairly technical trail. Nothing too hard really just take it slow and watch your line. Good skid plates help keep the mind at ease, some of the rock gardens might tickle your tummy. The water crossing is very cool! Overall worth the trip to the area. Don't forget to check out the T-33 crash I'm the area.