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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2012 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (2.5" lift, 37" tires)
  • 2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door) (1.5" lift, 33" tires)
  • 2020 Jeep Gladiator (2.5" lift, 39" tires)
  • 1946 Jeep CJ (2.5" lift, 31" tires)
I got started off-roading before I was 16. All my friends were a little older and had Toyotas, Jeeps, etc. I lived in Eastern WA, less than an hour from Little Naches and I would head up there after work in the summer to do some wheeling. I have always had at least one Jeep, current fleet is up to 4.

My Garage (4)

2012 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 37"
2.5" Rockcrawler coils, 5100 Bilstein shocks. 4.56 gears, Grizzly front, Powertrax LS rear. Full skid plates and rock rails, ARB rear bumper, Rugged Ridge stubby front bumper. Warn 9.5XP winch, Winchline synthetic rope. 37" BFG AT, AEV Pintler wheels. Curry steering linkage, Yukon shafts, JKS disconnects. Just swapped in the 6.4 HEMI kit from America's Most Wanted, work done at Northridge 4x4.

2019 Jeep Wrangler (4 door)

Lift Size: 1.5"
Tire Size: 33"
1.5" budget boost, 33" Firestone MT's, Black Rhino Wheels. Wife's rig, mostly daily driver but some trails so far!

2020 Jeep Gladiator

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 39"
2.5" front, 1.5" lift with Icon coils and 5100 Bilsteins. 4.88 gears, ARB lockers front and rear on Max Tow D44's. 39" BFG KM3's, Rugged Ridge Venator bumper with winch. Quake LED fender chop brackets, rugged ridge inner liners. Oracle headlights and tail lights. NFab side steps, JCR bed rack.

1946 Jeep CJ

Lift Size: 2.5"
Tire Size: 31"
Work in progress. Has later model 134 I4 swapped in. Still 6v system, 3 speed transmission, PTO t-case.

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Cabin Creek (09/17/2022)
Ran this trail in my Gladiator. Trail description is accurate, although as stated and pictured there is a large tree across the road that may prove impassable for taller vehicles. Just barely cleared with RTT on, otherwise wouldn't have had any issues. Creek is really low, probably only about 6" deep right now with how dry it's been but I could see how that varies greatly depending on time of year! Made it to the end, went down to the creek and across to see how far that went. I could see tire tracks connecting the trail past the whole washout but wanted to confirm if it was allowed to access the end of the trail before proceeding.
Goat Peak East (09/17/2022)
Nice, easy forest service road with good views! Brush is a little overgrown in some spots, expect some NW pinstriping if you go all the way to the end. Expect to see views of both Lake Kachess and Lake Cle Elum if you make it to the top!
Elbe Hills OHV - Mainline Extension Trail (09/15/2022)
Trail is a little confusing but the GPS on the app helped out a lot. Lots of little spurs and optional obstacles between Mainline and Mainline Extension and the Busy. Nothing too hard but it was extremely dry this summer.
Elbe Hills OHV - Alder Loop Trail Upper (09/15/2022)
It's been a few years since I've been to Elbe so I wanted to see how the trails were. Ran this one in the listed direction. It's actually longer than the map shows, trail is the whole way from Mainline Extension to the end of Busywild. There are bypasses to the harder obstacles but plenty of stuff to play on if you want! It's also very easy to get lost/sidetracked at the end so just pay attention to the GPS. It's not bad if you do go the wrong way, just have to turn around or head off on one of the side routes to get back to Mainline.
Elbe Hills OHV - Sunrise Trail (09/15/2022)
Ran this trail last week. It's been 3-4 years since I've been to Elbe. This trail was actually a little easier than I remember. No issues for my JKU on 37's but it was completely dry. If it was slick, it may be another story. As previous reviewers have said, good warm up for the rest of the trail system out at Elbe Hills.
Elbe Hills OHV - Mainline Trail (09/15/2022)
Ran this right after getting off Sunrise trail. No issues for my JKU on 37's but it was completely dry. Might be a little more difficult in the rain. I also did not play around on any of the optional lines/obstacles/play areas but they do look like fun! Good connector trail/road to get to a lot of the trails or fun places to watch! (Boat Ramp)
Elbe Hills OHV - Rainier Vista Trail (09/15/2022)
Ran this right after running Gotcha Trail. Gatekeeps did test my sliders even on a JKU with 37's. t has been a dry summer, so not much of a challenge on the hill climb either. Most Difficult rating is certainly when it is wet but I was able to head up the trail without any issues. I did not hit any of the optional obstacles though.
Elbe Hills OHV - Gotcha Trail (09/15/2022)
Ran this right after Mainline Trail. Just about as fun as I remember it, but since we've had a dry summer there was almost no mud even in the deep pits. No issues for my JKU on 37's but I do know it's a different story when it's wet!
Elbe Hills OHV - Swamp Trail (09/15/2022)
Trail is certainly very easy when it's dry, I had no issues at all. However, I have run this in the winter time when the water and mud is the deepest, so that certainly impacts the trail conditions. Ran this after hitting the play area at the end of the 9 Road, so kinda ran it backwards. No issues for my JKU on 37's.
Fortune Creek Trail (07/21/2022)
Love this trail! Views are always incredible, trail is always changing a little so you never know what to expect exactly. Perfect trail to let my step-daughter get some seat time in.
Hawkins Mountain Trail (07/21/2022)
I always love hitting this little spur after making it up to Gallagher Head Lake. Amazing views of Mt Rainer and the surrounding valleys. Not too hard, really only challenging at the very beginning and the very end.
Van Epps Pass (07/21/2022)
Hit this trail on the way back from Gallagher Head Lake. I had hoped it only take an hour or so, but it ended up taking a little longer. Definitely more challenging, lots of rocks to navigate around the whole way up. This trail doesn't get a whole lot of traffic, so be prepared for northwest pinstriping.
NF-7030 to Stampede Pass (06/19/2022)
I came in from the I90 side to see if this was open yet. I was able to make it all the way to waypoint 11, but the side hill snow was forcing me to slide off the side of the trail so I turned around. Can’t wait to come back and finish the whole trail!
Roaring Ridge (06/19/2022)
Trail is accessible now but there are some deep drifts. I cleared some downed trees and made it to the end of the trail. Very scenic and it did have a difficult section to navigate! Looking forward to coming here again this year for camping!
Roaring Ridge Lookout (06/19/2022)
Trail is not quite accessible all the way. I cleared the trails and made it all the way to Waypoint 6 but turned around in the snowfield. From there to the top, there were still a lot of downed trees. Snow was difficult in spots to make headway, even with 37’s, lockers and aired down to 8lbs.