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I've been offroading since 2008. Ran most of the Hammer trails, Calico gatekeeper up and down, Fordyce, Rubicon and most other CA and Moab trails in my Wrangler (currently on 40's). After my son was born my wife and I decided hardcore offroading on 40's with no doors or roof is not the safest bonding time with our child. We purchased a 2019 4Runner and started overlanding on easy trails. However, I still have an itch for the technical stuff. So I kept building and building the 4Runner into what I consider a true capable overlander (35's, Dana 60, RCLT kit, SC, LRA tank...). Now we have a baby girl that is turning 1 in a few days. We realized that a family of 4 (+ a doberman) cannot overland on multiday (or more) adventures in one vehicle. We now own a 2021 4Runner as well which will be built as a capable overlander to keep up with mine.