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Little Canyon (11/27/2020)
I ran this trail backwards from the waypoints on this page. The north gate keeper was pretty tough to get up. I would say that single obstacle is harder than a "5" when coming from that direction. I had to stack rocks and I still bashed my muffler and scratched up a drive shaft. I had just run Gold Bar without issue for perspective. Otherwise, it's an interesting trail. Be sure to download the GPX. I had trouble following the trail in some spots. I took one star off because I think there's more interesting trails around.
Gold Bar Rim (11/12/2020)
I ran this trail in my XJ on 31s with lockers front and rear. We had a good time. The waterfall is a trip, but we made it down and back up without issue, although I couldn't make it up the hard line. We didn't see another vehicle the entire day which was pretty nice.
Red Elephant Hill (09/06/2020)
I took my Cherokee on 31s and a 4.5 inch lift up this trail today. It was a real challenge. I would recommend upvoting the 6 to a 7 or even an 8. Lots of rocks to hook diffs onto and the soil is very soft. Any wheel spin at all and you’ll find yourself in a hole. I rarely have to use my winch but this trail made me pull rope a few times.
Red Cone (08/09/2020)
This is a fun trail. I did it without issue in my Cherokee on 31’s with a rear locker and 4 inch lift. Great views and lots of fun. Don’t freak out on the descent and try to use your engine braking as much as possible. It’s not that bad.