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1998 Toyota 4Runner

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Slaughterhouse Road (aka Slaughterhouse Gulch) (11/21/2021)
The washouts & dips have gotten deeper over the season with plenty of rocky sections throughout. This trail is typically stock-friendly, however at present some stock trucks might run into issues, especially in winter conditions. I agree with the previous review from Trint; the baseline difficulty for the trail should be bumped up to a 4 rating.
Saxon Mountain Road (09/01/2021)
I'm glad the trail was repaired and allowed to re-open, my only comment is on it's current 7-7 rating. Saxon used to carry a 4-5 rating prior to 2021. We ran it twice with its 7-7 rating prior to the recent repairs and once after. In our opinion, the 7-7 rating was inflated even during its worst condition this year. With the recent repairs and changes, experienced high-clearance stock 4x4s should be able to navigate this trail without difficulty. The squeeze sections have been significantly widened and many medium-large boulders removed. Suggest dropping it to a 4 or 5 at most.
Radical Hill (07/22/2021)
7/22/21 a rock slide has blocked the trail at the upper switchbacks section above the cabin. [Update 8/10/21 this section has been repaired]