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Dirt Roads/Backroads
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  • 2021 Ford Ranger (1" lift, 32" tires)

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2021 Ford Ranger

Lift Size: 1"
Tire Size: 32"

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3N21 – Baldy Mesa Road (11/23/2022)
As easy as it seems connected well to the trails above
2N37 Miller Canyon OHV (07/23/2022)
Came back to this trail today good time but please note there’s a blockage. NOTE - there is a large tree blocking passage. There has been some smaller vehicles that have created a go-around path but it’s not for everyone. The tree is large and there are large branches This is about 2 miles in, probably closest to waypoint 4
1N09 - City Creek (07/02/2022)
Great trail, easier than anticipated. The updated new construction of the road from Bear Creek (waypoint 20) onward is great, smooth, quick to get through. Lots of great places to stop and have a picnic. Incredible views from many parts of the trail. Any 2WD with a little clearance would get through this trail.
2N49 - Bailey Canyon (06/24/2022)
Great trail, some rocky spots, some narrow areas but nothing technical. One word of caution though, there are many spots where the bushes and shrubs crowd the trail and you should expect some light pin-striping The only other thing I’d note is that unlike many of the trails I’ve been on this one lacks any kind of trail markers other than the entrance/exits there’s a few places the trail splits and you just need to know where you’re going
2N02 - Burns Canyon (06/18/2022)
Great rating for this trail, only thing to mention would be its rocky, more than expected but not big boulders, just mostly chunky softball size rocks and some areas to feel good about tire placement but not technical by any means. Scenery and change in topography was very cool, great spots to pull out our picnic and have lunch with the kids.
2N36 Pilot Rock Ridge OHV (06/15/2022)
Would say this is closer to a 2 in most places with 3 rating for some of the washed out ruts. Some of the corners are pretty tight, long wheel base trucks would have an issue but otherwise great little trail to get up to Pilot rock road directly from the 138 and Miller Canyon.
3N34 - Willow Creek Jeep Trail (06/12/2022)
Trail was definitely harder than a 2/3 closer to a 4 in many places. Some of the steep terrain added with the large boulders made it fun but not what I was expecting for sure
2N75 - Ash Meadows (06/12/2022)
Great trail to shorten the Jeep trail. Some of the wash out would make it harder for vehicle without some height but 2WD would be able to get through it without an issue
3N09 - Van Dusen Canyon (06/03/2022)
Great shortcut to get to Holcomb
3N16 - Holcomb Valley (06/03/2022)
Went from Van Dusen Canyon back to Green Valley Lake. Super easy, maybe one or two spots where 4WD is helpful but not entirely needed. So many incredible places to stop and chill and soak in the sights